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2022 Second Chance competition week 1, semifinal game 1.


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Jessica Stephens, a statistical research specialist from Nashville, Tennessee

Aaron Gulyas, a community college history instructor from Grand Blanc, Michigan

Cindy Zhang, a user experience designer from New York, New York

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Jeopardy! Round

(Ken: You'll name the artist or band in question.)
(Michael: I'm Michael Strahan. In honor of my new men's skin care and grooming line, I'll present an "A" to "Z" of skin care clues.)
    $200 29
It contains the opposite of its title in "I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills"
    $200 20
This rhyming word refers to any time of great success, not a specific 24-hour period
    $200 17
This ocean reaches its maximum depth, over 24,000 feet, in the Java Trench
    $200 21
Mussorgsky's mountain
    $200 30
"All the moves like Jagger... I've got the moooooooves like Jagger"
    $200 28
(Michael Strahan presents the clue.) Made from an Asian root vegetable, a contact sponge is helpful in this cleansing process of removing dead cells from skin surface--gimme an "E"!
    $400 1
"1984" begins, "It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking" this very odd number
    $400 19
A hand-held optical instrument lends its name to this adjective referring to a mix of shifting colors
    $400 5
Geographically, this largest island in the world is part of North America
    $400 9
a deceptive "flag"
    $400 23
"You keep on shoutin', I... wanna rock & roll all night, & party ev-er-y day"
    $400 27
(Michael Strahan presents the clue.) "T" is for tea tree--a drop of its oil in your moisturizer can reduce swelling & let the moisturizer be used as this, the "A-I" in NSAID drugs
    $600 2
This novel begins, "It was love at first sight. The first time Yossarian saw the chaplain he fell madly in love with him"
    $600 18
"O" is for this unfriendly word; in ancient Greece, it was a way to vote you out of the community
    $600 6
France's overseas possessions include this one in South America once known for its penal colonies like Devil's Island
    $600 12
a cruel & unfeeling person's blood
    $600 15
"I can't feel my face when I'm with you, but I love it... I can't feel my face when I'm with you"
    $600 26
(Michael Strahan presents the clue.) Sebum protects your skin--"J" is for this oil from another plant that balances your complexion by mimicking sebum, adding & decreasing production as needed, & honestly, it's just a fun word to say
    $800 3
"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect" in this tale
    $800 11
Latin loqui, "to speak", gives us the words loquacious, meaning talkative, & this adjective, meaning well spoken
    $800 7
It's the oldest existing freshwater lake as well as the deepest
    $800 13
Grape jelly,
your wings,
    $800 16
"They say in heaven love comes first... ooh heaven is a place on earth"
    $800 25
(Michael Strahan presents the clue.) Used as a remedy for skin ailments by Native Americans for centuries, this plant filed under "W" is still used as an astringent or a toner
    $1000 4
"The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" starts, "Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund &" her
    $1000 10
Adventurous artists are described by this hyphenated French word, which used to refer to the leading body of an army
    DD: $2,800 8
Much of this tiny country that's surrounded by another is located on Mount Titano
    $1000 14
    $1000 22
"Bad & boujee... still be playin' with pots & pans, call me Quavo Ratatouille"
    $1000 24
(Michael Strahan presents the clue.) Unlike the Turk, the guy who sends football players to the coach who will cut them from the team, this similar-sounding "T" is much more popular, said to clear up acne scars & decrease UV damage to the skin

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Cindy Aaron Jessica
$2,000 $800 $2,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Cindy Aaron Jessica
$2,000 $3,000 $5,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 28
Once a desperate shaved-head Frenchwoman, things began to look up once I found out I was the heir to Genovia's throne
    $400 6
Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg wrote this classic tune sung by the Scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz"
    $400 23
Sia wanted to swing from one:
    $400 29
The 2021 Einstein Prize went to Clifford Martin Will & Saul Teukolsky for "contributions to observational tests of general" this
    $400 30
Done in 1808, his sixth symphony, nicknamed "Pastoral"
    $400 14
The tough guy born Temüjin got this new name at a meeting of Mongol representatives in 1206
    $800 1
Here I am, just a lowly Hobbit from the Shire who finally took the field for Notre Dame; hey! I got a sack
    $800 5
In computer programming, this 2-word "statement" means that when a specific condition is met, a specific action follows
    $800 8
One of man's best friends:
    $800 22
Frederick Sanger is the only 2-time winner of the Nobel Prize in this, for work on proteins in 1958 & nucleic acids in 1980
    $800 16
"The Calf Bearer" from the 500s B.C. discovered on this Athens elevation in 1864--sad that parts are missing, but now we can show it
    $800 13
In what's now the city of Sovetsk in 1807, Napoleon & the ruler in this job met on a raft so it wouldn't be on anyone's home turf
    $1200 7
Despite being brittle-boned Elijah Prince, I'm still firmly in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    $1200 4
In "Field of Dreams", Kevin Costner first hears this phrase while walking through his corn
    $1200 9
A chef's finishing touch:
    $1200 19
The Gonin Medal is awarded every 4 years for outstanding work in this medical specialty of the eye
    DD: $3,000 17
From Rubens & his workshop, "The Lion Hunt", "The Tiger Hunt" & this Roman goddess "& her Nymphs on the Hunt"
    $1200 12
On May 30, 1593 4 men met in Deptford: 3 were associated with the Elizabethan spy service & 1 was this playwright, who ended up dead
    $1600 26
Formerly an assassin & the boss of the Crazy 88, I've also branched out to practice law in Boston
    DD: $2,500 3
The Department of Homeland Security designates Sept. 25 as awareness day for this 6-word reminder to report suspicious activity
    $1600 24
It's got a West Indian vibe:
    $1600 20
The 2016 Turing Award, the "Nobel Prize of computing", went to this hyphenated Brit "for inventing the World Wide Web"
    $1600 18
This bandleader's classical-influenced 1940s compositions "Black, Brown & Beige" & "Liberian Suite"
    $1600 11
Dormant since its last meeting in 1669, this trading league started meeting again in 1980 in Zwolle, the Netherlands
    $2000 27
Being half of a legendary Wild West outlaw duo gave me the courage to take the ice for the Charlestown Chiefs
    $2000 2
In a rousing 1765 Patrick Henry speech criticizing Britain, these 4 words preceded "make the most of it"
    $2000 25
It can have a beach on both sides:
    $2000 21
Winners of UNESCO's Kalinga Prize for popularizing science include this knighted narrator of BBC's "Life"
    $2000 15
"Child with Toy Hand Grenade" from 1962, a famous image by this woman who often photographed social outcasts
    $2000 10
An ostensible duck hunt in 1910 was actually 6 guys meeting to plan this central banking authority of the United States

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Cindy Aaron Jessica
$6,800 $2,800 $17,100
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In September 1964 the New York Times announced the passing of this pet, a gift, "used as symbol of honesty in 1952"

Final scores:

Cindy Aaron Jessica
$6,800 $5,600 $20,100
2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000 Finalist

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Cindy Aaron Jessica
$9,600 $5,800 $16,200
14 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)
15 R,
6 W
(including 1 DD)
18 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $31,600

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Game tape date: 2022-09-14
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