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Susan Poorman, an editorial assistant from Anaheim, California

Don Mennella, a postal clerk from Westfield, New Jersey

Abraham Aig, a banker from Jamaica, New York (whose 3-day cash winnings total $33,000)

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Jeopardy! Round

THE 1950s
    $100 1
The first city to have a subway, its system is called "The Tube" or "The Underground"
    $100 7
The 22nd Amendment adopted Feb. 26, 1951, limited presidents to this many full terms
    $100 2
Dijon is the main French center for making a condiment out of this plant’s seeds
    $100 12
His "Ropin' the Wind" album won a 1992 Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance, Male
    $100 13
Of Coloretto, Paintoretto or Tintoretto, the one who was a famous artist
    $100 14
Chop after dinner candies into small pieces
    $200 3
In 1896 the first motor truck was built by Gottlieb Daimler in this country
    $200 8
This Wisconsin Republican was condemned by the Senate Dec. 2, 1954
    $200 21
The corns of this spice are red when picked & turn black when dried
    $200 19
Sam Shepard got an Oscar nom. for Best Supporting Actor for playing Chuck Yeager in this 1983 film
    $200 23
Pissarro's painting of "The Boulevard Montmartre at Night" depicts a street scene in this city
    $200 15
It’s financial gain for Isaiah or Muhammad
    $300 4
In 1785 Congress initiated mail service using these horse-drawn vehicles
    $300 9
Dogfights between jet fighters first occurred in the 1950s in this war
    $300 22
The curly-leaved variety of this herb is the most popular garnish in the U.S.
    $300 20
In 1977 Lindsay Wagner won an Emmy for playing Jaime Sommers in this TV series
    $300 24
Diego Rivera specialized in this type of large wall painting
    $300 16
A swank & stylish Arabian prince
    $400 5
Some American Indian tribes carried goods on this A-shaped drag
    $400 10
Using his antipolio vaccine, inoculation of schoolchildren began Feb. 23, 1954 in Pittsburgh
    $400 27
Jamaica produces the finest of this root spice found in Chinese food & pumpkin pie
    $400 29
James Earl Jones won a 1969 Tony for his role as boxer Jack Jefferson in this play
    $400 25
A shield was put up around this statue in Florence in 1992 to stop people from knocking off its toes
    $400 17
Sells foot levers for bicycles
    DD: $500 6
In 1991 this Fort Worth-based airline led all U.S. carriers in passenger miles flown
    $500 11
In 1950 he was named the greatest horse of the first half of the century by the Associated Press
    $500 28
Swedes marinate salmon with the leaves of this "pickle" herb to make gravlax
    $500 30
In 1951 this "Pogo" creator won the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year
    $500 26
This artist gets all wrapped up in his work; he draped the Pont-Neuf with 440,000 square feet of fabric
    $500 18
A bold preface to a novel

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 13):

Abraham Don Susan
$600 $800 $200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Abraham Don Susan
$2,400 $1,600 $1,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 19
In 1980 the island of Tobago was given considerable autonomy from this larger neighbor
    $200 14
Since 1962 this Massachusetts senator's lowest winning percentage was 61% in 1982
    $200 26
A hygrometer is any of various instruments for measuring this in the air
    $200 1
2 years in a row, this comedian topped the bestseller list with "Fatherhood" & "Time Flies"
    $200 3
Bobby Seale, co-founder of this militant group later wrote a cookbook, "Barbeque'n with Bobby"
    $200 2
The folklore of this religion inspired Jerome Robbins' ballet "Dybbuk Variations"
    $400 20
This U.S. commonwealth is the easternmost of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean
    $400 15
This famous showman served 2 terms in the Connecticut legislature in the 1800s
    $400 28
The anaconda is considered this type of snake because it kills its prey by squeezing
    $400 6
"The Origin" by Irving Stone is a biographical novel of this naturalist
    $400 4
In 1964 he quit the Nation of Islam & founded the Organization for Afro-American Unity
    $400 5
Calliope, Polyhymnia & Terpsichore, who are 3 of these goddesses, appear in the ballet "Apollo"
    $600 21
Add an X to the end of this English isle's name & you get a language spoken there
    $600 16
In 1991 Lynn Martin replaced this woman as Secretary of Labor
    $600 29
Meaning "glowing with heat", it's the type of light given off by a light bulb
    $600 9
"Of Time and the River" was Thomas Wolfe's 1935 sequel to this novel
    $600 12
Hubert Gerold Brown was better known as this
    $600 7
Choreographer Auguste Bournonville has been called the father of this Scandinavian country's ballet
    $800 22
In the 1942 battle for this atoll, the Japanese lost 4 aircraft carriers & a heavy cruiser to the U.S.
    DD: $1,500 23
In 1896 this Ohio governor became the first presidential candidate to campaign by telephone
    $800 25
Formed by hundreds of single light receptors, it's the type of eye found in insects & crustaceans
    $800 10
E.M. Forster set this novel in the city of Chandrapore, on the banks of the Ganges
    DD: $1,000 17
In 1954 he was named an undersecretary of the United Nations
    $800 8
This ballerina who originated the role of the Coquette in "La Sonnambula" in 1946 is part Osage Indian
    $1000 24
He founded the New York Tribune as a Whig daily, helped form the GOP & was the Democrats' 1872 pres. candidate
    $1000 27
Named for a Russian, these Alaskan islands are famous for their fur seal breeding grounds
    $1000 11
His last novel "The Winter of Our Discontent", was published in 1961
    $1000 18
It lasted from December 5, 1955 to December 21, 1956
    $1000 13
The Moor in the ballet "Petrouchka" is one of these playthings, like Petrouchka himself

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Abraham Don Susan
$4,700 $1,600 $5,400

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Final Jeopardy! Round

The Klickitat Indians referred to this peak as Tah-One-Lat-Clah, meaning "fire mountain"

Final scores:

Abraham Don Susan
$9,200 $2,200 $10,101
2nd place: trip on TWA to New York & stay at Radisson Empire Hotel 3rd place: Sanyo 27" TV & Wheel of Fortune + Jeopardy! for Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis New champion: $10,101

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Abraham Don Susan
$6,700 $1,600 $6,400
21 R,
4 W
(including 2 DDs)
9 R,
2 W
19 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $14,700

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Game tape date: 1992-12-02
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