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Emma Henke, a writer from Madison, Wisconsin

Armand Sanchez, a high school teacher from San Jose, California

Joe Feldmann, a technology professional from Bethesda, Maryland (whose 1-day cash winnings total $22,900)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Mayim: Responses start with "E".)
    $200 26
The Monaco Grand Prix is said to be among the "Triple Crown" of autosport with the 24 Hours of Le Mans & this U.S. race in May
    $200 1
The line "I speak for the trees" comes from this favorite by Dr. Seuss
    $200 16
Last name of brothers Ernest & Julio, who founded a California winery in 1933
    $200 19
It's a festive Fourth of July in South Carolina, where consumer-grade these are legal to use if you're over 16
    $200 15
Concern, or a sum charged for the use of money
    $200 8
Around week 7 of pregnancy, it's called this; after, it's a fetus
    $400 27
After driver complaints, turn 10 at Marina Bay was made less "brutal & bumpy", as it had been called this Asian city "Sling"
    $400 5
This New England resident often spoke for the trees, with poems like "Birches", "After Apple-Picking" & "The Sound of Trees"
    $400 17
As CEO of this company, Mary Barra helps drive up sales of its Buicks & Cadillacs
    $400 14
A Maine festival celebrating this creature has lasted 75 summers after a money-losing start with an "all you can eat for $1" deal
    $400 22
A ship's rigging, or to subdue a foe at the 40-yard line
    $400 10
It's the lightest stable subatomic particle (that we know about)
    $600 28
The track for the Russian Grand Prix in this city was formed using roads built for the 2014 Olympics
    $600 6
It should please you that Amiens' rendition of "Under the Greenwood Tree" is in this Shakespeare comedy
    $600 18
This cosmetics & perfume giant is named for the woman whose name once was Josephine Esther Mentzer
    $600 2
Summer analyst is this type of learning position at companies like Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley & can pay $40 an hour
    $600 23
Very strict & hard-nosed, or a boat's rear end
    $600 12
Langerhans cells are found in this layer of the skin
    $800 29
A mile-&-a-third straight into turn 1 & incredible views of the Caspian Sea highlight the Baku course in this country
    $800 7
"An 11-year-old girl sitting on this fire escape could imagine that she was living in a tree", says this classic by Betty Smith
    $800 20
After having trouble with his Ferrari, this guy, first name Ferruccio, began making his own luxury sports cars
    $800 3
2021 put the summer in Summer Olympics as this sport made its games debut from Tsurigasaki Beach
    $800 24
A narrow sea between 2 pieces of land, or to interpret for a spirit as a medium
    DD: $2,000 11
These hormones relieve pain but probably don't give the runner's high as once thought
    $1000 30
Silverstone is the home track for this British 7-time world champ; part of the circuit was named for him, a first for an individual
    $1000 9
Longfellow's poem named for this Acadian woman mentions "the murmuring pines and the hemlocks, bearded with moss"
    $1000 21
The company co-founded by this 19th century German chemical maker has relieved millions of headaches
    $1000 4
FAF is this "Fund", what the Rev. Willard Parsons wanted to let NYC kids breathe when he took them to rural Pennsylvania in 1877
    $1000 25
To authorize, or a coercive penalty enforced by multiple nations
    $1000 13
It's hibernation, but in summer

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Joe Armand Emma
$2,000 $4,400 $2,600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Joe Armand Emma
$6,600 $6,000 $4,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 6
In a work by Corot this hero leads Eurydice from the Underworld
    $400 23
For info on this state capital, check out The Redstick Blog
    $400 11
The Catholic Holy League opposed the Huguenots during this country's 16th century wars of religion
    $400 12
Once guardian to niece Gloria, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney founded one of these in New York, now located on Gansevoort Street
    $400 1
The first line of Winston Groom's novel about this guy mentions a box of chocolates; the Tom Hanks film mentioned them too
    $400 20
In a proverb, it's "the best policy"
    $800 7
"Undergrowth with Two Figures" from 1890 is one of the last works by this artist
    $800 24
This capital was named for the man called "Old Hickory"
    $800 13
The League of Nations said our covenant doesn't affect the validity of this doctrine--the U.S. rejected the league anyway
    $800 17
Following her husband's assassination in 1968, she founded a center for nonviolent social change in Atlanta
    $800 2
The title of this Michael Ondaatje novel & film actually refers to a Hungarian count, badly burned after a plane crash
    $800 21
The Tang one governed China from 618 to 907
    DD: $3,000 8
Jean-Antoine Watteau's "The Perfect Accord" has also been translated as "Perfect" this musical term
    $1200 25
Just 15 years after becoming a state capital, it became the first capital of the Confederacy
    $1200 14
Philip of Macedon organized Greece's League of Corinth, which quickly decided on war against this empire to the east
    $1200 28
In 1973, the year she beat Bobby Riggs, she founded the Women's Tennis Association
    $1200 3
When Hitler saw this 1940 movie based on a Steinbeck novel, he saw Americans as pushovers; Stalin relished the misery of the proletariat
    $1200 18
This compound word can mean eager for violence or describe a vampire at feeding time
    $1600 9
Edmund Blair Leighton's painting evokes this doomed Celtic pair who were reunited by a love potion meant for another
    $1600 26
A former camp of de Soto, it was the only Confederate capital east of the Mississippi not captured by Union forces
    $1600 15
Rosa Luxemburg was a member of the Spartacus League, which in 1919 became the German branch of this political party
    $1600 29
In 1921 she founded the American Birth Control League, the precursor to Planned Parenthood
    $1600 4
This Ridley Scott film based on Eric Jager's true story of medieval France saw Matt Damon tilting against Adam Driver
    $1600 19
It's the 11-letter medical term for a nose job
    $2000 10
"Love Among the Ruins" by Edward Coley Burne-Jones is an example of the works of this 19th century artistic brotherhood
    $2000 27
The headquarters for the Francis Marion & Sumter National Forests are in this capital
    $2000 16
The Lombard League was a medieval alliance of cities in the north of this present-day country
    $2000 30
In 1920, the year the 19th Amendment was ratified, Carrie Chapman Catt founded this, the LWV for short
    DD: $3,000 5
The title of this 2007 film adapted from a novel comes from a Yeats poem that says, "An aged man is but a paltry thing"
    $2000 22
Also called a vestry, it's a room in a church where clergy change into their robes & where holy objects are kept

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Joe Armand Emma
$11,800 $6,800 $11,000

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Partly because it was a monosyllable, this word was chosen as "a noun that conveys the idea of a unit of cultural transmission"

Final scores:

Joe Armand Emma
$22,100 $1,800 $7,000
2-day champion: $45,000 3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Joe Armand Emma
$11,800 $5,600 $12,200
18 R,
3 W
14 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
19 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $29,600

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Game tape date: 2022-04-29
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