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Ryan Long game 10.


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John Seroff, a performing arts publicist from Brooklyn, New York

Tory Waltrip, a senior account manager from Seattle, Washington

Ryan Long, a rideshare driver from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (whose 9-day cash winnings total $173,301)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Jacques: I'm Jacques Slade. I built a collection of hundreds of pairs of sneakers and I'll help you get your kicks with clues about some of the classics.)
    $200 28
According to its charter, the U.N. has 4 main goals; the first is to maintain international this & security
    $200 5
Kiefer Sutherland's dad
    $200 1
During the 2020 election, we got to know a lot more about Yuma, Pima & Apache
    $200 23
In 1931 she became the first president of the Ninety Nines, an association of American female pilots named for its 99 charter members
    $200 17
Cutlery like the Shun Classic 8" carving one
    $200 18
(Jacques Slade presents the clue.) Nike designer Peter Moore was on a plane when he saw a child wearing a replica pair of pilot's wings; grabbing a napkin, he sketched the ball & wings logo, for this shoe that jump-started the sneakerhead culture
    $400 21
Due to its neutrality, this country didn't join the U.N. until 2002
    $400 6
He fathered
Emilio Estevez
    $400 10
During the 2020 election, we got to know a lot more about DeKalb, Fulton & Gwinnett
    $400 15
In 1999 it took Bertrand Piccard & Brian Jones just under 20 days to fly nonstop around the world in one of these
    $400 16
The day of the week whose poetic "child is full of woe"
    $400 13
(Jacques Slade presents the clue.) Vans classic slip-ons were all the rage in 1970s Southern California, but sales really took off after this actor wore them as laid-back Jeff Spicoli in the 1982 movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"
    DD: $1,000 19
Of the 6 official languages of the U.N., this one is first alphabetically
    $600 7
Oliver Hudson's mama
    $600 29
You can go from Ottawa to Miami, then settle down in Leavenworth
    $600 24
AP's Athlete of the Decade for the 1960s, this golfer was an accomplished pilot; in 1969, he helped test fly the Boeing 747
    $600 2
A word from the Greek for "a song in praise of God" like "Amazing Grace"
    $600 12
(Jacques Slade presents the clue.) Known as the shell toe, the Adidas Superstar shoe exploded in popularity thanks to these pioneering hip-hoppers & their 1986 song "My Adidas"
    $800 20
In 2017 Antonio Guterres of Portugal became the 9th person to occupy this post, chief administrative officer of the U.N.
    $800 8
Late mother of writer
Max Brooks
    $800 26
In 1972 Hans Werner Grosse soared more than 900 miles across Europe in one of these, with a 60-foot wingspan & no engine
    $800 11
A 4-letter word meaning desensitized or devoid of emotion
    $800 3
(Jacques Slade presents the clue.) Released in 1986, this feline-named company's RS shoe featured a computer connectible microchip that let runners track time, distance & calories expended
    $1000 22
The "C" in this agency refers to its protection & preservation of cultural & natural heritage sites
    $1000 9
He fathered Campbell Scott
    $1000 25
Itawamba, Yazoo & Yalobusha, but not Yoknapatawpha
    $1000 27
To bank & turn, the Wright Brothers twisted their planes' wings; Frenchman Henri Farman pioneered these wing flaps
    $1000 14
Extinct 5-toed flying reptile from the late Cretaceous
    $1000 4
(Jacques Slade presents the clue.) Needing a brand name after learning that his intended choice of Mercury was taken, this company's founder scrolled through a dictionary & landed on a word for a South African antelope

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Ryan Tory John
$3,000 $2,200 $1,600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Ryan Tory John
$1,600 $2,600 $3,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 24
You're living in grand style if you have the "white" type of this strong-smelling underground fungus on your table
    $400 14
It was Dodie Smith's first book about all those many pups
    $400 8
In "Titanic" & "Revolutionary Road": this pair
    $400 2
African these have big ears shaped like the continent of Africa; Asian ones have smaller, rounder ears
    $800 28
The second statute of autonomy was approved in 1979 for the "country" of this people in a region of northern Spain
    $800 1
The 19th century railroad sleeping car named for this man was a symbol of splendor equal to the finest hotel
    $800 9
The "Five Little Pigs" are the 5 suspects gathered together by this Belgian detective to reveal the killer, as he does
    $800 4
In "Sisters" & "Baby Mama": funny ladies Tina Fey & her
    $800 3
The biggest of the big cats are these hybrids known by a portmanteau name
    $800 26
Pennsylvania's top newspapers include the Philadelphia Inquirer & the Pittsburgh Post-this
    $1200 18
Spain lost this North American territory to the Brits in 1763 but got it back in 1783 (at least for a while)
    $1200 19
In 1909 this French jeweler opened a store on Fifth Ave. in New York City & briefly became owner of the Hope Diamond
    $1200 10
A recent TV adaptation of this 1872 novel has David Tennant as the globe-trotting adventurer trying to win a wager
    $1200 5
In "The Sting" & "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", these two icons
    $1200 11
The biggest horse breed, the Shire, has been known to reach more than 21 of these horsey units high
    $1200 17
Derived from French, it's a short descriptive literary sketch, or a short scene in a film or play
    $1600 27
Almost 500 years of the Spanish empire ended in 1975 with withdrawal from the not so far off area called Spanish, now Western, this
    DD: $4,000 22
An ancient city on the Euphrates River known for its magnificence, today it can also mean a place of vice & corruption
    $1600 12
This author's "The Hundred Secret Senses" continues her explorations of Chinese-American families
    $1600 6
In "The Internship" & "Wedding Crashers": Owen Wilson & him
    $1600 16
The green species of this snake can reach 30 feet & 550 pounds
    $1600 20
It's a set of all the needed clothes & accessories for a newborn infant
    $2000 25
Yas, queen! Isabella I's rule of Castile began in 1474 & in this region 5 years later
    $2000 23
From the name of a Greek city home to fabulously wealthy inhabitants, this adjective means devoted to luxury
    DD: $2,000 13
A strange discovery on the Moon sets off a secret mission to a moon of Saturn in this sci-fi novel
    $2000 7
In "Die Hard with a Vengeance" & "Unbreakable": Bruce Willis & him
    $2000 15
In 2021 scientists identified a new species of this based on a 16-foot female that had been washed ashore
    $2000 21
When using a Ouija board, this heart-shaped piece guides you in your search for answers

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Ryan Tory John
$10,000 $4,600 $3,000
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

A 1946 speech declared the terminuses of the Iron Curtain to be port cities serving these 2 seas

Final scores:

Ryan Tory John
$10,000 $2,600 $3,000
10-day champion: $183,301 3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

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Coryat scores:

Ryan Tory John
$13,000 $4,600 $7,000
22 R,
7 W
(including 2 DDs)
7 R,
2 W
13 R,
4 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $24,600

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Game tape date: 2022-03-31
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