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Mattea Roach game 21.


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Enver Casimir, a history teacher from Albany, California

Angela Kissner, an educational consultant and tutor from Akron, Ohio

Mattea Roach, a tutor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (whose 20-day cash winnings total $476,985)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Ken: You'll have to identify the body part concealed in each clue.)
    $200 1
This capital & second-largest city of Wisconsin was named for the fourth U.S. president
    $200 20
In this Bible book named for songs of praise, "Thou hast smitten all my enemies upon the cheek bone"
    $200 6
If your car's engine uses this type of fuel, don't look for the spark plugs; it uses glow plugs
    $200 13
Mission: Possible! He not only rescued a family from a burning sailboat but got a hit-&-run victim to a hospital & paid her $7K bill
    $200 16
New to Texas, Cara offended many of the Houston guests with a slip of this
    $200 8
This Mrs. is a seasoning blend from B&G Foods
    $400 2
To encourage German financing for its railroad, this capital was named in honor of German statesman Otto
    $400 21
After a big Bible belt that kills his brother, he is marked & heads east of Eden
    $400 7
This numeric term refers to a system that can provide simultaneous power to a car's front & back tires
    $400 14
In 2001 he flew a helicopter, not the Millennium Falcon, to spot & help rescue a lost boy scout near Yellowstone
    $400 17
In the Middle Ages a fief in Germany could cost an arm & a leg or at least one of these
    $400 9
1-800-COOKIES will put you in touch with this company
    $600 3
Quincy, Massachusetts was named for Colonel John Quincy, grandfather of this first lady
    $600 22
David smote Goliath with these 2 items, both of them beginning with the same letter
    $600 28
The springs, dampers & other shock-absorbing parts in your car make up this system
    $600 15
Already a superhero onscreen as Marvel's Master of the Mystic Arts, this man leapt out of a car to stop a mugging in 2018
    $600 25
Stretches, ice & yoga probably should eradicate any pain you feel here
    $600 10
In some Spanish-speaking countries, this household brand is Don Limpio
    $800 4
A town in Eastern Pennsylvania honors this Native American & all-around athlete who was laid to rest there
    $800 23
Talking to this much put-upon Old Testament guy, Zophar says, "The bow of steel shall strike" the wicked man
    $800 29
These 2 "D"s are the basic types of automotive brakes
    $800 18
As a teen, he left "A Quiet Place" long enough to rescue a woman from drowning in a riptide in Costa Rica
    $800 26
Around here, if you rank leisure above hard work, you might get a swift kick in this
    $800 11
This title Mr. of 19th century lit "gave an impression of deformity without any nameable malformation"
    DD: $1,000 5
This city with a Tennessee Valley Authority headquarters was named for America's first Secretary of War
    $1000 24
In the New Testament we hear of a man who is beaten, stripped & left for dead; some pass him by but this man "had compassion"
    $1000 30
Fuel injection has largely replaced this device that prepares fuel for combustion in an engine
    $1000 19
"Are you famous?" asked the kid he rescued from a flipped car near his Malibu home; "Yeah, I'm a doctor"; how McDreamy!
    $1000 27
In the creepy haunted house you could hear the sound of this loud & clear
    $1000 12
Judith Martin began this etiquette column in 1978

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Mattea Angela Enver
$4,000 $200 $3,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mattea Angela Enver
$7,800 $200 $6,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Ken: Not English or Spanish.)
    $400 1
One of the crimes for which this French saint was sentenced to death in 1431: dressing in men's clothes
    $400 11
A 2012 novel subtitled "The Woman Who Loved Tarzan" reimagines the story but from her point of view
    $400 2
Aside from English & Spanish, this is the most commonly spoken language in Vermont & Louisiana
    $400 16
This little critter with a porcine name does something called popcorning, leaping & twirling when it's happy
    $400 18
In 1977 Lionel Richie & this group sang, "That's why I'm easy, I'm easy like Sunday morning"
    $400 23
In idioms of freedom, this word follows "on the" or "turn me"
    $800 5
John Champe faked a desertion in 1780 to try to capture this traitorous general & served under him as part of his cover
    $800 12
When we meet Jason Bourne in this 1980 Ludlum novel, he has no memory of who he is
    DD: $2,000 3
This Native American language is the third-most commonly spoken one in both Arizona & New Mexico
    $800 17
Spoiler alert: the answer is finally yes in the kids' book about a boy who pleads, "I wanna" this reptile
    $800 19
The Eagles sang, "I wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight, with a billion stars all around, 'cause I got a" this title
    $800 24
August 1944 brought this happy event for Paris; the French use the same word
    $1200 6
Think of the name of Ho, its leader, to get the name of this organization that fought the French in Indochina in the 1940s
    $1200 13
She's the funny, slightly incompetent diarist in books by Helen Fielding
    $1200 4
Hmong is big in this state; both the state & the language were featured in the movie "Gran Torino"
    $1200 28
The American Kennel Club's seven dog groups include this grounded one, which includes the Bedlington
    $1200 20
Elvis Presley & Imagine Dragons recorded songs with this 4-word title idiom, oh, well
    $1200 25
Bob Dylan wrote, "I see my light come shining from the west unto the east. Any day now... I shall be" this
    $1600 7
It's been estimated that around 480 B.C. close to half of the world's population was in this empire founded by Cyrus the Great
    $1600 14
In a Kafka novella, the charwoman said to him, "Come along, then, you old dung beetle!"
    $1600 9
A refugee influx that began with a war's end in 1975 has led to this being identified as Neb.'s third-most spoken language
    DD: $2,000 29
As its very name speaks of sun-kissed islands, don't let this little songbird catch cold
    $1600 21
Linda Ronstadt covered "It's So Easy", originally recorded by this man & the Crickets
    $1600 26
Unfettered means free & so does this word that uses a synonym for a fetter
    $2000 8
Operation Willi was a Nazi plot to restore this former king to the British throne
    $2000 15
In a Virginia Woolf novel that spans over 300 years, this title character, a poet & nobleman, awakes one day to find he's a woman
    $2000 10
An estimated 75,000 in Minnesota speak this language from the Horn of Africa
    $2000 30
Silver, black & Dalmatian are types of this popular freshwater aquarium fish, also a female first name
    $2000 22
"Make It Easy On Yourself" is one of the great songs he wrote with Hal David
    $2000 27
LTAD, from the Google spinoff Waymo, stands for "let's talk" this kind of "driving", also a word meaning free or independent

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Mattea Angela Enver
$24,600 $600 $9,800
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

"Terre de nos aïeux" follows the title in the French version of this anthem

Final scores:

Mattea Angela Enver
$29,599 $600 $17,800
21-day champion: $506,584 3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Mattea Angela Enver
$23,000 $600 $9,800
31 R
(including 2 DDs),
4 W
3 R,
1 W
15 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $33,400

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Game tape date: 2022-02-15
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