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Mattea Roach game 10.


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Sarah McGrath, a business manager from New York, New York

Caitlin Hayes, a musician and educator from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Mattea Roach, a tutor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (whose 9-day cash winnings total $210,802)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
The Truth & Reconciliation Commission set up by this man in 1995 investigated human rights violations under apartheid
    $200 6
A curse threatens to turn one of 2 sisters into a swan in Anna-Marie McLemore's "Blanca & Roja", meaning this
    $200 17
Any costs you have to fork over yourself, especially medical costs not covered by your health insurance plan
    $200 26
From around 1000 A.D., the "Pillow Book" of Sei Shonagon was written by a lady in waiting in this country
    $200 7
This talented actress hails from Swansea, Wales
    $200 12
It can mean powerful or influential, y'know, like certain "potables"
    $400 2
The "Big 3"--FDR, Churchill & Stalin--had a working vacation at the Feb. 1945 conference at this Black Sea resort
    $400 22
Set in ancient China, "A Hero Born" by Jin Yong takes place in a world where this martial art is practiced magically
    $400 18
Outlook has automatic replies for work email when you are OOO, this
    $400 27
David's Bridal has a selection of pillows for this wedding job, as well as an adorable little secure briefcase
    $400 8
There is nothing like this dame who won 3 Emmys for her role as Violet Crawley, Countess of Grantham on "Downton Abbey"
    $400 13
In physics this word means related to force; it also has been used to describe Batman & Robin as a duo
    DD: $1,000 3
Otto von Bismarck was this Germanic nation's prime minister from 1862 to 1890, with a brief break around 1873
    $600 23
In George R.R. Martin's saga of Westeros, this blustery & bloody volume follows "A Game of Thrones" & "A Clash of Kings"
    $600 19
This 1998 film starred George Clooney & Jennifer Lopez
    $600 28
The 1959 romantic comedy "Pillow Talk" was the first on-screen pairing of these two actors
    $600 9
This singer profiled her relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in her 2010 memoir "Just Kids"
    $600 14
You're a powerful force! Like this machine that flattens roads
    $800 4
In 1937 this man took control of the Falange EspaƱola, soon to be the nation's only legal political party
    $800 24
"The Sword in the Stone" is the first volume of this T.H. White telling of the Arthurian legends
    $800 20
Since being revived in 1833, Jane Austen's 6 novels have not done this
    $800 29
Pillow Pals was a line of toys introduced in the 1990s by this 2-letter company that also gave us Beanie Babies
    $800 10
This "SNL" star has brought her own brand of humor to commentary on the Olympics
    $800 15
If you're doing this with checks, it's bad, but if the word is used to describe your "baby boy", it means he's healthy
    $1000 5
Volodymyr Zelensky was a comedian before becoming president of this neighbor of Russia
    $1000 25
Victor Lavalle's "The Changeling" tells a tale of a human baby switched at birth with one of these Nordic creatures
    $1000 21
There's an extremity in this phrase that means both "without consideration" & "without control"
    $1000 30
The name of this type of decorative pillow is French for a lady's private chamber, where you might find one
    $1000 11
Looking sharp, he's the singer, sex symbol & coach on the UK version of "The Voice" pictured here
    $1000 16
This adjective for someone vigorous is also a homonym of a type of icy precipitation

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Mattea Caitlin Sarah
$4,600 $1,400 $2,600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mattea Caitlin Sarah
$5,000 $3,800 $5,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 25
Hoover Dam, formerly Boulder Dam, is on this river
    $400 21
Traveling up to 5 miles per second, "P" waves are the faster of the 2 main waves associated with these seismic events
    $400 13
Better known for her paintings of the Southwest, in the 1930s she was commissioned by Dole to paint a pineapple for its ads
    $400 2
Its roots go back to 1932 when a pilot started flying his 3-seat plane between Anchorage & Bristol Bay
    $400 1
In 2018 Broadway's Sorting Hat placed this actor in "the lifespan of a fact" as Jim
    $400 8
It ain't Christmas Eve without a certain 8 of these animals providing their power
    $800 26
Scottsdale & Tempe are suburbs of this state capital
    $800 22
Also a section at the back of a book, this word is used for fossils like trilobites that can help identify certain time periods
    DD: $3,000 14
It was Leonardo da Vinci's patron Ludovico Sforza who commissioned this work painted on the wall of a monastery in Milan
    $800 3
In 1979 this Aussie airline began giving passengers the business (class)--a first in the industry, according to its CEO
    $800 4
Willkommen! In 2014 life was this musical for Emma Stone
    $800 9
A purebred dog's genealogical history
    $1200 27
Raymond Chandler enjoyed strolling in this city's MacArthur Park when it was still called Westlake Park
    $1200 23
Botticino & Calacatta are Italian varieties of this metamorphic rock
    $1200 18
Here's this Rembrandt work, temporarily restored to how it looked before pieces were cut off to fit into the town hall
    DD: $3,200 5
A shamrock has been the emblem of this airline for over 80 years
    $1200 10
Bialystock & Bloom! Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick were Bialystock & Bloom in this Broadway show about a Broadway show
    $1200 15
Without worries, or a sugarless gum that Milli Vanilli once did an ad for
    $1600 28
On the Kansas turnpike, it's about 8 bucks cash to drive from Topeka to this bigger city 140 miles southwest
    $1600 24
Like piles of wind-driven snow, deposits of gravel & boulders that form when glaciers melt are called these
    $1600 19
After he snuck in an image of Lenin for a mural at Rockefeller Center, this Mexican artist's offending work was demolished
    $1600 6
SAVE is the stock symbol for this low-cost, no-frills carrier based out of Florida
    $1600 11
In 2020 she left the "Ozark"s to visit Broadway in "My Name is Lucy Barton"
    $1600 16
A woman's flimsy, sheer nightgown
    $2000 29
A ferry goes from the Bolivar Peninsula to this island city of Texas, 50 miles southeast of Houston
    $2000 30
This technology, GPR, lets geologists look beneath the surface at things like bedrock, soil layers & hidden water
    $2000 20
There's quite a bit of red in the painting he did of Pope Paul III with his grandsons during a visit to Rome in the 1540s
    $2000 7
Travel in luxury in a private suite aboard Etihad Airways, the national carrier of this federation
    $2000 12
He & future wife Natasha Richardson both starred in "Anna Christie" in 1993
    $2000 17
The wildebeest, or gnu, is related to this one-E-double-E beest also called the kongoni

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Mattea Caitlin Sarah
$20,800 $9,800 $12,400

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Befitting the title, Antoine Galland, the first Western translator of this collection, worked on it only "after dinner"

Final scores:

Mattea Caitlin Sarah
$16,799 $11,800 $3,400
10-day champion: $227,601 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Mattea Caitlin Sarah
$16,200 $9,800 $12,400
26 R
(including 3 DDs),
2 W
11 R,
1 W
13 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $38,400

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Game tape date: 2022-02-09
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