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Amy Schneider game 11.


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David Miller, a communications director from Decatur, Georgia

Jaimie Carlson, a robotics scientist from Boston, Massachusetts

Amy Schneider, an engineering manager from Oakland, California (whose 10-day cash winnings total $380,200)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Ken: And I am going to be strict--you need to pronounce it right.)
    $200 11
Delaware Bay once teemed with these shellfish & New Jersey's state tall ship was a schooner built to harvest them
    $200 27
Before Roger Ebert won the 1st Pulitzer for Movie Criticism, his paper-mate Ron Powers won the 1st as a critic of this medium
    $200 28
A rolling stone is said to do this, whether Spanish or peat
    $200 30
Its 57 sauce will "add zest to chicken", if zest is your thing
    $200 1
The third person singular of to do becomes this group of animals
    $200 7
In the 1980s "A.D." was Adrian Dantley; now it's this Lakers superstar
    $400 12
Alphabetically, it's New York's first county, followed by Allegany & Bronx
    $400 26
Though these are traditionally unsigned, the Pulitzers usually name the recipient, like Buford Boone of the Tuscaloosa News
    $400 29
Later a crime novelist, Evan Hunter wrote the school-set novel titled "The Blackboard" this
    $400 25
This & this has skincare in the game with Neutrogena Bright Boost
    $400 2
A way to describe a day with lots of gusty air currents becomes this adjective for a twisty road
    $400 3
Before a 2008 move, this NBA team was known as the SuperSonics
    $600 16
Horse-drawn buggies are not uncommon on the roads of this county on Pennsylvania's southern border
    $600 15
A 2021 prize went to the Star Tribune, based in this city, for reporting on its police force, focus of national attention
    $600 8
Hunter S. Thompson was the inspiration for the quirky character of Uncle Duke in this comic strip
    $600 24
This & this gets into hair-y situations with Don't Blow It, a cream for air-dried styles
    $600 18
A European nationality becomes this shoe shine augmenter
    $600 4
In this type of defense, a player guards an area of the court, not a particular opposing player
    DD: $4,000 17
Mid-Atlantic city where you'll find the crypt of John Paul Jones
    $800 14
Julia Keller won for her feature about the devastation of the town of Utica, Illinois in 10 seconds by one of these
    $800 9
The Gathering of Nations is this type of Native American assembly with a rhyming name
    $800 22
This brand gets its kicks with Chuck Taylor All Star shoes
    $800 19
A 2-syllable month becomes this majestic word
    $800 5
From 1985 to 2003 Hall of Famers John Stockton & Karl Malone made music together on this team
    $1000 23
Bordering similar communities in Ontario & Quebec, New York's St. Regis Reservation is home to this tribe
    $1000 13
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings won for this beloved 1938 novel whose title refers to the age of a pet fawn
    $1000 10
During World War I Army General Hunter Liggett & his I corps prevailed at the battles of the Meuse & of this forest
    $1000 21
It rocks out with the Tom Morello Stratocaster
    $1000 20
A serve-yourself food place becomes this hard-hitting word
    $1000 6
He went from the Warriors to the Nets & in 2021 became the top scorer in U.S. Olympic men's basketball history

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 17):

Amy Jaimie David
$1,600 $1,000 $1,600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Amy Jaimie David
$4,600 $1,400 $3,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 10
After 36 years, this military alliance that was behind the iron curtain was officially dissolved on July 1, 1991
    $400 21
In the mood for some snake charming? Visit Varanasi, along the banks of this river
    $400 5
& All the rooblicks & yooblicks / Ev'ry 'blick alive / Knew he wrote "Your Job in Germany" / Frank Capra directed! / In 1945!
    $400 26
The Simpsons live on Evergreen Terrace in this city (state not specified)
    $400 11
In cooking, one-eighth of a teaspoon is a dash & half a dash is this smaller amount
    $400 17
A spool of film & to gaze in a lascivious fashion
    $800 9
Signed in this small northwest nation in 1985, the Schengen Agreement covers the free movement of peoples through the European Union
    $800 22
Residents of Memphis had to watch out for water moccasins when this river flooded in 2011
    $800 4
Was I nervous?--true!--nervous, yes, waiting, wondering, if it was known that he wrote "The Premature Burial" in 1844? or was I mad?
    $800 27
He lives under the sea at 124 Conch Street
    $800 12
In 1931 a record 250 million bushel crop of this was reaped in Kansas; that's 15 billion pounds!
    $800 16
Villainous & not lip-synched
    DD: $5,000 8
He fought both the Spanish Christians & the Moors before conquering Muslim Valencia in 1094
    $1200 23
Ranging to 20 feet or more in length, the African rock species of this can be found on the banks of the Nile
    $1200 3
& They asked if I'd say his 1901 "Day of the Rabblement" essay went after the Irish literary theatre & yes I said yes I will yes
    $1200 30
This "Sex & the City" heroine gave her address as 245 E. 73rd Street
    $1200 19
It's the total weight that a plane or spacecraft carries; some astronauts were "specialists" of it
    $1200 15
A distinctive sharp taste & a tiny fly
    $1600 6
Living comfortably in Nice in the 1840s, he could not resist joining the then-unlikely movement to make Italy one country
    $1600 24
Take a cruise down the Amazon & you might see this, the world's heaviest snake
    DD: $3,000 2
Heere bigynneth owr joorny onn his "Summoner's Tale", a titl mayde moderne, as he speld it "Somonours"
    $1600 29
This family resided in the Skypad Apartments in Orbit City
    $1600 14
A butt, for instance of Malmsey, is equal to 2 hogsheads, which in turn is equal to 126 of these
    $1600 13
A large instrument you blow into & to border or touch
    $2000 7
This Dutch humanist wrote, "In Praise of Folly" in part to critique the church but stopped short of signing on to the Reformation
    $2000 25
If you're touring the Niger River Delta, watch out for the green species of this deadly snake
    $2000 1
He didn't use sci-fi in 1961's "Mother Night", about an American playwright spying on the Nazis. He passed away in 2007. So it goes
    $2000 28
The first "Stranger Things" Lego set was of this family's home
    $2000 20
In Great Britain, body weight is often reckoned in stones, with one stone equal to this many pounds
    $2000 18
Interlacings of strings & a slangy word for one share in a company

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Amy Jaimie David
$31,000 $3,800 $10,200
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

A recent immigrant, Lady Denman, wife of the governor-general, announced the name of this new national capital at a 1913 ceremony

Final scores:

Amy Jaimie David
$41,000 $3,799 $12,200
11-day champion: $421,200 3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Amy Jaimie David
$29,800 $3,800 $10,200
32 R
(including 2 DDs),
2 W
(including 1 DD)
8 R,
2 W
13 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $43,800

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Game tape date: 2021-10-05
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