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Matt Amodio game 23.
Last game with Mike Richards as host.


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Odessa Madakacherry, a retail manager from Westminster, Colorado

Samit Sarkar, a journalist from New Rochelle, New York

Matt Amodio, a Ph.D. student from New Haven, Connecticut (whose 22-day cash winnings total $775,401)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Mike: Today is Constitution Day.)
    $200 28
It goes "pop" in a kids' song
    $200 30
The Khoekhoe people of southern Africa speak this type of language named for a sound made by swiftly lowering the tip of the tongue
    $200 15
On their 15th anniversary in 2020, he called marriage to Trisha Yearwood "the best 15 years of my life"
    $200 27
This traditional excuse for why you don't have your homework is in the original "Saved by the Bell" theme song
    $200 29
One good way to avoid colds & flus is to get some of this vitamin, formed by sunlight in your skin
    $200 26
Article I says this "shall be composed of members chosen every second year by the people of the several states"
    $400 22
To detach from dependency on something
    $400 23
The Tamil people can be found in India & on this island nation across the Palk Strait from India
    $400 16
Married since 1999, 2 became 1 after this couple met up in the Manchester United players' lounge
    $400 24 put "I'm too tired" on its list of excuses for not doing this, but says doing it actually gives you energy
    $400 25
Seen here is the logo for this community program; bad guys, beware
    $400 21
In reference to the Constitution, it means a delegate who helped build the document, not a professional picture mounter
    $600 13
The magazine called these "Tales" lived up to its name by publishing lots of Lovecraft during its original run between 1923 & 1954
    $600 19
Nimiipuu is the correct name for the people the French gave this name, mistakenly believing them to have nose piercings
    $600 14
She's had one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon since 1988
    $600 17
It may be a defense for dropping a fly ball, but judges say not for rear-ending another car; be prepared if driving west at 5 PM
    $600 18
SABs are these safety devices that are designed to provide protection during a side-impact crash
    $600 20
Involuntary servitude is one of the abhorrent practices prohibited by this amendment
    $800 9
According to a saying used in the Marine Corps, pain is this leaving the body
    $800 12
The Hawaiian people are thought to descend from 2 waves of migration, from the Marquesas & this largest of the Society Islands
    $800 11
Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos first met on the set of this daytime soap in 1995 & eloped a year later
    DD: $4,600 10
He just left a relationship? He doesn't want to ruin a friendship? Nope, this title of a "no excuses" bestseller
    $800 2
The department of HHS urges people to cut down on trans fats & these other fats; pizza & ice cream are high in them
    $800 8
Ratified in 1992, an amendment limiting congressional pay raises was first proposed by this "Father of the Constitution"
    $1000 4
Per the subtitle, Silas Marner is one of these "of Raveloe"
    $1000 5
Seen here in traditional dress is a family of this idigenous people of Hokkaido
    $1000 6
Jerry Stiller & this funny lady were married for over 60 years
    $1000 3
This meteorological term for a chilly mass of air is a common reason given by fishermen when the bass aren't biting
    $1000 7
Trimming your nails is part of "good" this, sometimes called sanitary science
    $1000 1
Similar to strict constructionism, this "ism" coined in 1980 means interpreting the Constitution to mean what it did in 1787

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Matt Samit Odessa
$10,800 $1,800 $2,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Matt Samit Odessa
$12,400 $4,200 $3,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Mike: Name the two books by the same author that we've combined.)
    $400 29
Valles Marineris, a system of interconnected these, is about 5 times as deep as the "Grand" one on Earth
    $400 30
Some tomahawks were modified opposite the blade as one of these to represent peace at treaty signings
    $400 27
Robert Adler invented this device that allows you to move from Bravo to ESPN without leaving the couch
    $400 18
In 1969 The 5th Dimension topped the charts with a medley of "Aquarius" & "Let The Sunshine In" from this musical
    $400 26
Japanese for "goodbye", it derives from words meaning "if it be thus"
    $400 24
"Charlie and the Giant Peach"
    $800 25
On the surface, the acceleration due to this is 12.2 feet per second per second, a bit more than a third of Earth's
    $800 19
Peace can refer to a multi-treaty event; at the 1783 peace of this city, Britain settled with Spain & the Dutch as well as the Americans
    $800 11
Secretary Bette Nesmith used fast-drying white paint to cover up typos, inventing this product that pre-dates Wite-Out
    $800 28
"Rich Girl" by Gwen Stefani is based on this song from "Fiddler on the Roof"
    $800 17
Once thought to have healing powers, the name of this traditional spirit of Scandinavia is from the Latin for "water of life"
    $800 16
"Crime and Karamazov"
    $1200 10
Halfway down a Martian gully you may find this rover that stopped roving in 2018, 15 years into a 90-day mission
    $1200 12
A 2021 picture book commemorates the 50th anniversary of his song, "Peace Train"
    $1200 6
His invention of the revolver around 1836 allowed the user to fire more times than ever before without reloading
    $1200 22
Barry Manilow took this song from "Cats" to the Top 40
    $1200 9
In France, comptable is this 10-letter occupation
    $1200 15
"A is for Wasted"
    DD: $8,000 4
Visits by the Mariner probes in the 1960s disproved the existence of these, first "observed" in 1877, on Mars' surface
    $1600 1
JFK signed the Peace Corps into law, but this Minnesotan, his rival for the 1960 Democratic nomination, first proposed the idea
    $1600 5
Bartolomeo Cristofori's invention of this instrument was music to the world's ears around 1700
    $1600 21
Jay-Z admitted he lied about seeing "Annie" on Broadway as a kid to convince the rights holders to let him use its music in this song
    $1600 3
In the beloved ballad "Waltzing Matilda", a "jolly swagman camped by" this, an Australian pool of water
    $1600 14
"Far from the d'Urbervilles"
    $2000 20
Mars' seasonal polar ice caps aren't frozen water but frozen this gas, the principal component of its atmosphere
    $2000 2
Sectarian fighting was put to rest, but peace walls still divide this UK country
    $2000 7
Still used today, the screw named for this ancient Greek helps move water from lower to higher ground
    DD: $2,000 23
Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" riffed on "My Favorite Things" by this pair, so 90% of the royalties go to the rights holders for that song
    $2000 8
This word meaning to derive pleasure from others' misfortunes is from German for "damage joy"
    $2000 13
"The Turn of the Miller"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Matt Samit Odessa
$38,400 $11,400 $3,200
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Named after a U.K. political party that helped depose a king, the U.S. Whig Party was formed to oppose this man

Final scores:

Matt Samit Odessa
$50,400 $6,401 $6,400
23-day champion: $825,801 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Matt Samit Odessa
$28,200 $11,400 $3,200
31 R
(including 3 DDs),
2 W
15 R,
1 W
12 R,
4 W

Combined Coryat: $42,800

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Game tape date: 2021-08-19
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