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Mark Mironer, a crash avoidance engineer from Waltham, Massachusetts

Tina Carlson, a stamp dealer from North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Jim Fahner, a pediatric oncologist from Grand Rapids, Michigan (whose 1-day cash winnings total $11,199)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 26
The "Japanese" type of this insect belongs to the scarab family
    $100 6
2-letter symbol for a prescription for medicine
    $100 21
This Chicago Bull bares all & talks about his relationship with Madonna in his book "Bad As I Wanna Be"
    $100 7
This female vocalist joined Big Brother & The Holding Company in June 1966
    $100 12
Of Creek origin, the name of this Florida capital means "Old Town"
    $100 1
These Boston ballplayers were formerly known as the Pilgrims & the Puritans
    $200 27
The Hessian fly is so named because people believed Hessian soldiers brought it to America during this war
    $200 14
The Witches' Almanac says those born under this sign are most likely to "ram" their cars into something
    $200 22
In 1996 Jack Canfield & Mark Hansen cooked up "A 3rd Serving Of" this "for the soul"
    $200 8
Led by Sting, they disbanded after the release of "Synchronicity", their fifth & most successful album
    $200 13
One of New Jersey's annual rites of summer is the crowning of Miss America in this city
    $200 2
Cabernet, for example
    $300 28
The comma & the question mark are 2 angelwing species of these fluttering insects
    $300 18
Its "Cover The Earth" logo officially turned 90 years old in 1995
    $300 23
In "The Demon-Haunted World", this astronomer examines the evidence for unexplainable phenomena
    $300 9
This Eddie Vedder combo headlined the 1992 Lollapalooza tour
    DD: $1,000 15
Coinciding with the World's Fair, the first Olympic Games in the U.S. opened in this city May 14, 1904
    $300 3
The Romans called it Mare Rubrum
    $400 29
It fills the entire cavity of an insect's body but does not carry oxygen to the cells
    $400 19
The playing card we call the jack is called this in England
    $400 24
This CNN host shares "The Secrets of Good Communication" in "How To Talk To Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere"
    $400 10
Liz Phair's debut album "Exile in Guyville" was a loose response to this group's "Exile on Main Street"
    $400 16
Nicknamed the "Christmas City", this Pennsylvania city is famous for its steel
    $400 4
Garibaldi's followers
    $500 30
Bee milk is another name for this nutritious substance fed to queen bees
    $500 20
Part of the body featured in the logo of Allan Pinkerton's agency
    $500 25
For those who aren't afraid to ask, she provides the answers in "Sex For Dummies"
    $500 11
This "Kiss From A Rose" singer's distinctive facial scars resulted from an illness
    $500 17
You can visit Ethan Allen's grave in this city, Vermont's largest
    $500 5
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Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Jim Tina Mark
$1,100 $1,500 $0

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Jim Tina Mark
$1,300 $2,500 $2,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

(former American president)
    $200 1
As president, Martin assured the South he would protect this "peculiar institution" where it existed
    $200 25
The influence of Van Dyck can be seen in his "Blue Boy" & other works
    $200 2
Popular for cookies & ice cream toppings, this flavor is a blend of butter & brown sugar
    $200 3
This book says Nineveh was so big it took 3 days to cross; that's a whale of a tale to us
    $200 4
At the end of this musical, Curly & Laurey ride off in the surrey with the fringe on top
    $200 6
Michael DeBakey recently advised Russian doctors to perform bypass surgery on this president
    $400 13
In this state's senate, Van Buren was a leader of the "Bucktails", a faction opposed to DeWitt Clinton
    $400 26
Ilya Yefimovich Repin's "Ivan The Terrible With The Body Of His Son" is in this city's Tretyakov Gallery
    $400 17
A native or Norway, Sweden or Denmark
    $400 5
According to Luke 2, Jesus was wrapped in these clothes after birth
    $400 9
In 1995 John Simon said this Julie Andrews vehicle "may be the best unmusical musical you are ever going to see"
    $400 7
This British PM signed the agreement to return Hong Kong to Chinese control in 1997
    $600 14
Martin's opposition to the annexation of this state probably cost him the 1844 nomination
    $600 27
Vasari said this Renaissance man painted the left-hand angel in Verrocchio's "Baptism of Christ"
    $600 18
A baby doctor
    $600 21
While Moses was on Mount Sinai, his brother Aaron made this heathen idol for the Israelites to worship
    $600 10
In his "Under Milk Wood", the inhabitants & ghosts of a tiny Welsh village tell their stories
    $600 8
In November 1996 thousands of Hutus returned from refugee camps in Zaire to this country
    $800 15
Martin was not only this 7th president's veep, he was his most trusted advisor
    $800 28
Francois Boucher painted several portraits of this patron, the mistress of Louis XV
    DD: $500 19
In "The Magic Flute" this instrument provides the sounds of Papageno's magic bells
    $800 22
Deceived, he blessed his son Jacob rather than Esau
    $800 11
Reel off a list of his works & you'll find "The Real Inspector Hound" & "The Real Thing"
    $800 23
Nigerian author Ken Saro-Wiwa, who protested environmental damage by this industry, was hanged in 1995
    $1000 16
Martin lost his bid for a 2nd term as president to this man in the "log cabin and hard cider" campaign
    $1000 29
Carel Fabritius, Rembrandt's finest student, died in a 1654 explosion in this Dutch pottery city
    $1000 20
It's the branch of science that studies the luminosity, temperature & chemical makeup of the universe
    $1000 30
Nathan was a prophet in the court of this king & anointed his successor
    DD: $1,000 12
A 1996 production of "Buried Child" marked this playwright's first Broadway show after 3 decades in the theater
    $1000 24
In October 1995 a coup attempt on the Comoros was put down by this country that once ruled the islands

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Jim Tina Mark
$6,600 $3,700 $5,000

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Queen Victoria called his death "a very great loss. He had... the strongest sympathy with the poorer classes"

Final scores:

Jim Tina Mark
$10,001 $7,399 $8,000
2-day champion: $21,200 3rd place: Amana Washer & Dryer 2nd place: Trip to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Jim Tina Mark
$8,100 $3,700 $6,000
18 R,
3 W
(including 2 DDs)
14 R,
1 W
19 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $17,800

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Game tape date: 1996-11-19
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