Show #2755 - Friday, July 19, 1996

Last game of Season 12.


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Chuck Wagner, a magazine writer originally from Beloit, Kansas

Jordan Pistol, an attorney from Reseda, California

Kirstin Olsen, a freelance writer from Santa Clara, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $9,201)

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Jeopardy! Round

"HOT" & "COLD"
    $100 9
At 18 feet, the king type of this hooded snake is the longest venomous snake
    $100 26
Get this: John Travolta, Dennis Farina & Bette Midler all won American Comedy Awards for this film
    $100 12
Founded in 1832, the Newark Daily Advertiser was this state's first daily newspaper
    $100 1
He drew his own illustrations for his "Just So Stories"
    $100 6
Holbein's mural of this king & Jane Seymour was destroyed when Whitehall Palace burned down in 1698
    $100 21
This drink consists of brandy or other liquor mixed with sugar, spices & heated water
    $200 13
This poisonous lizard was named for the Arizona river valley where it was discovered
    $200 27
Gordon Hunt won a DGA Award for directing "The Alan Brady Show" episode of this series starring daughter Helen
    $200 16
This country's major newspapers, in English & Swahili, are published in Nairobi
    $200 2
"The Frog Prince" & "Hans in Luck" were 2 of the tales they gathered in "Kinder- und Hausmarchen"
    $200 7
These establishments were the objects of Carry Nation's hatchet jobs
    $200 22
Any auto thief can tell you that you do this by short-circuiting the ignition system
    $300 14
At birth the young of this zodiac arachnid attach themselves to their mother with tiny pincers
    $300 28
This black-hatted country singer won the 1996 American Music Award for Artist of the Year but turned it down
    $300 18
In 1925 this Chicago paper completed its famous 36-story Gothic Tower on North Michigan Avenue
    $300 3
When she's 8 years old, this Johanna Spyri heroine is taken from the mountains by Dete
    $300 8
It destroyed the Pequod
    $300 23
A deliberate snub
    $400 15
This marine animal's translucent float consists of nitrogen, oxygen & argon gases
    $400 29
He thanked the makers of Kaopectate when he won a Golden Globe for his supporting role in "12 Monkeys"
    DD: $1,000 19
Important papers in this state include the Pine Bluff Commercial & the Southwest Times Record in Fort Smith
    $400 4
Margery Two-Shoes is another name of the title character of this John Newbery story
    $400 10
In 1944 all of this city's bridges except the Ponte Vecchio were destroyed
    $400 24
In 1969 Sly & the Family Stone had a hit with this "seasonal" song
    $500 17
Unlike most spiders, this one with a violin-shaped mark on its back has 6 eyes instead of 8
    $500 30
Jim Carrey called this winner of the AFI Life Achievement Award "a much better mayor than Sonny Bono ever was"
    $500 20
In 1935 & 1992 this Sacramento daily won Pulitzer Prizes for meritorious public service
    $500 5
In a 1958 book by Michael Bond, the Brown family discovers this bear's fondness for marmalade
    $500 11
After this commodity was destroyed Dec. 16, 1773, the Mass. Bay Colony government moved to Salem
    $500 25
John le Carre wrote this 1963 novel while an officer in the British foreign service

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Kirstin Jordan Chuck
$1,400 $1,200 $300

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Kirstin Jordan Chuck
$3,500 $1,500 $600

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 8
This princess of Monaco made her recording debut with the hit single "Comme Un Ouragan", "Like A Hurricane"
    $200 26
Nanking was the capital of the Ming Dynasty until Emperor Ming Yung Lo moved it to this city
    $200 11
A dialect of this language is spoken on the Ryukyu Islands
    $200 21
In 1994 this retired Chicago Bull made news when he signed a minor league contract with the White Sox
    $200 1
It's the deepest of the Great Lakes as well as the largest
    $200 3
"Visitor from Mamaroneck" is the title of the first act of his "Plaza Suite"
    $400 9
A member of the Seanad for 20 years, Mary Robinson became this country's first female president in 1990
    $400 27
Chinese literature goes back to the 5 classics associated with this man
    $400 14
Italian is the official language of this country's Ticino Canton
    $400 22
He introduced the country's 1st no-fault auto insurance bill to the Mass. House of Representatives
    $400 2
Major cities on this river include Phnom Penh in Cambodia & Vientiane in Laos
    $400 4
In "The Moon is Blue", Don Gresham picks up Patty O'Neill on the observation deck of this NYC skyscraper
    $600 10
Liv Ullmann is a commander in the order of St. Olav, one of this country's highest honors
    $600 28
In the 1970s Chiang Ch'ing, Chang Ch'un-Ch'iao, Wang Hung-wen, & Yao Wen-Yuan were this group
    $600 16
Maniatika is a distinctive dialect of this language in the southern Peloponnesus
    $600 23
In July 1969 he flew alone around the Moon
    $600 15
Created by the Aswan High Dam, it's also known as High Dam Lake
    $600 5
This conqueror of Peru is a character in Peter Shaffer's tragedy "The Royal Hunt of the Sun"
    $800 12
This tennis star of Aboriginal ancestry defeated fellow Australian Margaret Court at Wimbledon in 1971
    DD: $1,000 29
Chinese historians call this ruler, grandson of a famous conqueror, Yuan Shih Tsu
    $800 19
The Dravidian family of languages is spoken in southern India & in this island nation
    $800 24
In 1963 he implanted in a patient a mechanism that helped the heart pump blood
    $800 17
This chief waterway of western Russia flows more than 2,200 miles before entering the Caspian Sea
    $800 6
Michael Frayn's "Clouds" debuted in London almost 2,400 years after his "The Clouds" opened in Athens
    $1000 13
After defecting in 1970, this ballerina said that staying in the Soviet Union would have been "artistic death"
    $1000 30
A treaty ending the first of these wars ceded Hong Kong to Great Britain
    $1000 20
1 of the 2 official languages of Madagascar
    $1000 25
In the 19th c. this British scientist with a "magnetic" personality developed the 1st dynamo
    $1000 18
This Venezuelan lake receives most of its water from the Catatumbo River
    DD: $1,000 7
This James Goldman play ends with Eleanor of Aquitaine being sent back to prison in England

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Kirstin Jordan Chuck
$12,300 $7,500 $1,800

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Final Jeopardy! Round

It's the easternmost mainland capital in the Americas

Final scores:

Kirstin Jordan Chuck
$15,001 $2,699 $1,000
2-day champion: $24,202 2nd place: Ashley dining collection & Amana refrigerator + John Williams CD Summon the Heroes 3rd place: Kroy labeling system + John Williams CD Summon the Heroes

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Kirstin Jordan Chuck
$12,300 $8,300 $1,800
30 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
20 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
(including 1 DD)
5 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $22,400

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