Show #1370 - Friday, July 13, 1990

1990 Seniors Tournament quarterfinal game 5.


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Bernard Kiernan, a college professor from Middleton, West Virginia

Hank D'Angelo, a retired Army officer originally from Brooklyn, New York

Louise Clemens, a retired registered nurse originally from Connecticut

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 24
This totalitarian leader & his wife, Elena, were executed in Romania on Christmas Day '89
    $100 1
When this 1939 film was re-issued in 1968, it ranked No. 3 for the year at the box office
    $100 15
Shape shared by the Blue Room & a famous office
    $100 20
The smallest carnivore on the continent is a member of this family, Pop
    $100 21
The year that in Roman numerals is MCMXC
    $100 10
It was during this war that Bob began his overseas trips to entertain the troops
    $200 25
The 707 currently used as Air Force One is being replaced by a modified version of this Boeing jet
    $200 6
George Lucas founded the special effects co. Industrial Light & Magic after making this 1977 sci-fi film
    $200 16
Gilbert Stuart's famous portrait of G. Washington dominates this room which has a "directional" name
    $200 2
Popocatepetl & Ixtacihutatl peaks, both more than 17,000 feet high, tower above this capital city
    $200 22
In astronomy a darkened circle indicates the moon is in this phase
    $200 11
It precedes "Of sunburns at the shore, nights in Singapore..."
    $300 26
Mary Xinh Nguyen won this company's "Unforgettable Woman of 1989" grand prize
    $300 7
Robert Cremer's biography of this horror star was subtitled "The Man Behind the Cape"
    $300 17
The first pres. to do this in the White House was G. Cleveland; he did it in the Blue Room with Frances Folsom
    $300 3
The Field Museum of Natural History in this city is one of the largest of its kind
    $300 23
From the Greek for a "small star", it's a small, starlike symbol used in writing & printing
    $300 12
Referring to an early stab at this sport, Bob said, "I was the only (one)...who was carried both ways"
    $400 29
Zita, last reigning empress of this dynasty, died in Switzerland & was buried in Vienna in 1989
    $400 8
Bill Haley & His Comets' "Rock Around The Clock" served as the theme of this Glenn Ford movie
    $400 18
The Emancipation Proclamation was signed in the room now known by this name
    $400 4
The name of this NW river was taken from an animal associated with the Shoshone Indians
    $400 27
The international traffic sign for "Yield" is in this shape
    $400 13
According to the title of his 1963 book, Bob owed this country $1200
    $500 30
In late 1989 & early 1990 Redoubt Volcano in this state came back to life after 25 dormant years
    DD: $500 9
In this 1944 film Lauren Bacall asked Bogie, "You know how to whistle, don't you Steve?"
    $500 19
The Green Room is decorated in this style popular between 1800 & 1814
    $500 5
The highest motor-traffic tunnel in the world is just west of this city
    $500 28
In physics the speed of light is symbolized by this small letter
    $500 14
In the early '50s Bob was one of many hosts of this company's TV "Comedy Hour"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Louise Hank Bernard
$1,200 $400 $900

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Louise Hank Bernard
$2,800 $2,100 $1,700

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 2
This member of the Sitwell family wrote "I Live under a Black Sun", a novel about Jonathan Swift
    $200 19
"Crescent City", New Orleans' nickname, comes from the sharp bend in this river at the French Quarter
    $200 20
The mass of this planet is more than twice that of all other planets in our solar system combined
    $200 1
Nomadic tribe that subjugated the Ostrogoths & routed the Visigoths but lost power when Attila died
    $200 12
The English translation of "Ave Maria"
    $200 30
A plaza de los toros is a stadium used for this sport
    $400 6
His incarceration in a POW camp in Singapore during WWII inspired him to write "King Rat"
    $400 26
The 27-story Louisiana Superdome is home to the Sugar Bowl & this NFL team
    $400 21
This planet's reddish hue comes from the oxidized iron on its surface
    $400 4
Between 1776 & 1924 this country took in over 35 million immigrants
    $400 3
Abbreviated M.O. by the police, it's a criminal's method of operation
    $400 13
Oops, a recent ad for Virginia Slims moved the 1906 earthquake & fire in this city to 1902
    $600 16
Female novelist playwright who wrote the 1941 novel "Saratoga Trunk"
    $600 27
During the 7-Years' War, France ceded the territory which included New Orleans to this country
    $600 22
Its 7,500-mile diameter is only slightly less than that of the Earth
    $600 7
The British were able to fend off the Germans in the Battle of Britain thanks to this warning device
    $600 5
When he defeated Pharnaces II at Zela, Caesar said, "Veni, vidi, vici," which means this
    $600 14
When artist Robert Indiana put this word on a 1972 U.S. stamp, he put 2 of its letters on top of the other 2
    $800 17
"Night and Day" was the second novel by this distaff member of the Bloomsbury Group
    $800 28
The H. S. Newcomb Memorial College for Women is affiliated with this New Orleans university
    $800 23
This planet's moon Titan was the first moon discovered to have a permanent atmosphere
    DD: $2,000 8
When the French monarchy was restored after Napoleon, this king took power
    DD: $2,000 10
In 800 Alcuin wrote to Charlemagne, "Vox Populi Vox Dei,"
    $800 15
In 1990 Procter & Gamble made 1,101 of these that could sink, & finding one could be worth $100,000
    $1000 18
English-born woman whose novels include "This Side of Innocence" & "The Devil's Advocate"
    $1000 29
This jazz clarinetist has his own nightclub in the Hilton Hotel
    $1000 24
The letter H, for William Herschel, is used in a symbol representing this planet
    $1000 9
When it gained independence in 1975, it became the smallest independent country in South America
    $1000 11
In "Dead Poets Society" Robin Williams used the phrase "Carpe diem," which means this
    $1000 25
It's the fear of spiders

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Louise Hank Bernard
$3,800 $9,300 $8,500

Final Jeopardy! Round

In the Civil War contact mines, like the ones that didn't slow Farragut in Mobile Bay, were called this

Final scores:

Louise Hank Bernard
$1,800 $13,000 $10,000
3rd place: $1,000 if eliminated Automatic semifinalist 2nd place: $1,000 if eliminated

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Louise Hank Bernard
$3,800 $8,100 $7,300
13 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
21 R
(including 1 DD),
0 W
19 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W

Combined Coryat: $19,200

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Game tape date: 1990-02-26
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