The Greatest of All Time game #1 - Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Jeopardy!: The Greatest of All Time match 1, game 1.


Brad Rutter, the biggest money winner from Los Angeles, California

Ken Jennings, the winner of 74 consecutive games from Seattle, Washington

James Holzhauer, the setter of 20 Jeopardy! records from Las Vegas, Nevada

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Jeopardy! Round

    200 29
Here's a view of this Utah national park through one of the sandstone features for which it is named
    200 22
Act I, scene v:
    200 20
(Norman Lear delivers the clue.) From the Latin for "citizen", it's the study of the rights & duties of citizens; I took it at P.S. 67 in New York & it would help our country if more kids studied it now
    200 30
Sackbut is an old name for this instrument that has a slide & a bell
    200 26
Hey, babe! I made you a bitchin' mixtape to play on this Sony item that dominated the '80s & began in the U.S. as the "Soundabout"
    200 24
Nearly 44 million people were watching the Oscars on ABC in 2014 when this film about Solomon Northup won Best Picture
    400 28
This national park in New Mexico is home to large colonies of bats, seen here
    400 21
Act I, scene ii:
    400 19
Adam Sandler's song "Lunch Lady Land" says, "yesterday's meatloaf is today's" this
    400 27
These paired rattles of Latin America are traditionally made using gourds filled with beads or seeds
    400 25
Duuuude! You were a massive Spicoli wearing this brand's checkered slip-on sneakers!
    400 23
On Oscar night 2016 Best Animated Short went to "Bear Story"; this other bear story won Best Actor & Best Director
    600 5
The name of this waterfall on the Merced River in Yosemite means "occurring in spring", also the time to see it at its peak
    600 2
Act III, scene i:
    600 16
The 2-word title of a 1972 George Carlin album, it's what George probably was at Corpus Christi Grammar School
    600 14
Vivaldi wrote a piece for strings & this instrument that's often associated with beginner musicians
    600 1
I thought this movie about Olympic runners would be grody to the max but not even! It won Best Pic, & everyone loves Vangelis!
    600 8
This half of a sibling duo runs the gamut from "There's Something About Mary" to "Green Book", for which he won 2 Oscars
    800 4
Head to Sequoia National Park to salute the tree named this, the world's largest by volume
    800 11
Christopher Sly,
Act I, scene i:
    800 17
High school math! These equations that don't use exponents are so named because of the way they can be graphed
    800 13
The score of the movie "The Third Man" was performed by Anton Karas, playing this stringed instrument
    800 3
I was so stoked when this team USA hockey captain scored the winning goal against the Soviets in 1980's "Miracle on Ice"!
    800 9
The second, third & fourth Oscars for Best Actress went to Canadian-born women, starting with her, "America's Sweetheart"
    1000 6
A great place for boating, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is home to this second-largest manmade lake in the United States
    1000 12
Act II, scene i:
"What? What?"
    1000 18
The first state law allowing these more autonomous publicly funded schools passed in 1991; today over 40 states allow them
    DD: 1,800 15
Last name of Robert, inventor of an electronic music synthesizer; the instrument was on The Doors album "Strange Days"
    1000 7
I'm so sure I had, like, so many pieces on my wall of the work of this '80s artist, a lot like the one seen here
    1000 10
The Oscar-winning song "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" was by this hip-hop group

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

James Ken Brad
7,800 7,000 4,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: ...not the stars.)
(Alex: And our final category will be presented by a special guest--the category is...)
    400 22
17th century czar Fyodor III of this dynasty was highly educated & reform minded but died young
    400 30
(David Muir delivers the clue.) In 2019 I traveled to Afghanistan to speak with the top U.S. commander General Scott Miller, who said that not just military might but a political settlement with this group might be a necessary part of any endgame in America's longest war
    400 29
A small unit of a large entity, like a campus apart from the main branch of a university
    400 28
Ernest Cline's "Armada" finds Zack preparing against a perceived attack from aliens hailing from Europa, a moon of this planet
    400 19
Oscar-nominated "South Park" song that soars in a V formation, with a 1970s Yankee closer
    400 27
(Bryan Cranston delivers the clue.) August Laurent & Jean-Baptiste Dumas hated each other, but they worked together to pioneer this branch of chemistry that focuses on carbon & the carbon compounds found in living things
    800 21
In 1855 Czar Alexander II came to the throne at the height of this conflict
    800 23
(David Muir delivers the clue.) In 2016 I got a rare look inside this controversial detention facility & watched through one-way glass as some of its remaining inmates engaged in the call to prayer
    800 24
Colors can be precisely specified by their brightness & this, their degree of intensity
    800 25
In her memoir "Inside Out", this actress says "St. Elmo's Fire" saved her life: she had to go to rehab to keep her role in the film
    800 17
Margaret Wise Brown's bunny bids adieu to Ray Charles' "Sunshine State" song & the only NFL team with a perfect season
    800 26
(Bryan Cranston delivers the clue.) Visitors at Paris' Bibliothèque Nationale must wear protective gear & sign a liability waiver to study her notebooks, which are stored in heavily shielded boxes
    1200 15
As czar from 1547 to 1584, he waged drawn-out wars against Sweden & Poland & also against the nobility of his own country
    1200 14
In Ethiopia, David saw an $11 procedure give sight to people stricken with these, a major cause of preventable blindness worldwide
    1200 10
There's a planet in this word meaning an orgy or a wild celebration
    1200 13
(Kevin Hart delivers the clue.) There's desert & snow & now, it's Danny Glover taking over my avatar in "Jumanji: The Next Level", the most recent film inspired by a book written & illustrated by this man
    DD: 8,600 4
Louisiana Purchase explorers joined by LBJ's Secretary of Defense & a "Golden Boy" dramatist
    1200 16
(Bryan Cranston delivers the clue.) Many folks weren't happy with the Nobel committee's decision to give the 1918 Chemistry Prize to ammonia synthesizer Fritz Haber, as he had also overseen Germany's production & use of this on World War I's western front
    DD: 4,000 1
"We understood each other...& let the others prattle", said Catherine the Great of this longtime adviser & less longtime lover
    1600 3
(David Muir delivers the clue.) In 2019 I got an exclusive first look at restoration efforts inside Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral afters its devastating fire; amazingly, the huge 13th century rose windows survived, despite fears that the intense heat might have melted this metal in the frame that supports the stained glass
    1600 8
It's a kind of mandarin orange
    1600 12
Appearing in mask & with sword on the cover of "As You Wish", this British actor gives insight on the making of "The Princess Bride"
    1600 5
Tootie, Blair, Jo & Natalie show up in the third "Hitchhiker's Guide" book with boiled & baked Jewish rolls with all the fixins
    1600 18
(Bryan Cranston delivers the clue.) The Russian Academy of Sciences rejected this great man's 1880 nomination for membership--maybe because of his progressive political leanings, & maybe because he proposed to a much younger woman while he was still married to his first wife
    2000 2
This 1831 work by Pushkin dramatized the fate of the title czar whose reign ended in 1605
    2000 7
(David Muir delivers the clue.) In 2019 I reported on the hunt for ISIS fighters in the desert of this westernmost province of Iraq on the border with Syria
    2000 9
Zen Buddhists hope to reach this state of sudden enlightenment
    2000 11
In "You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)", this "queen of the geeks" tells of her rise to stardom
    2000 6
Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poems to an "Iberian" jellyfish relative, now heroic in Don Cheadle's supersuit
    2000 20
(Bryan Cranston delivers the clue.) Real-life scientists whose names came up on "Breaking Bad" included, of course, Heisenberg, & also this Frenchman guillotined at age 50 after making chemistry a modern science

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

James Ken Brad
16,600 33,200 5,200

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Final Jeopardy! Round

"Silent" Calvin Coolidge was inaugurated in 1925 on a Bible open to this 6-word first line of the Gospel According to John

Final scores:

James Ken Brad
33,200 45,000 10,400

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

James Ken Brad
16,600 25,800 8,400
20 R,
0 W
29 R
(including 1 DD),
0 W
10 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: 50,800

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Game tape date: Unknown
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