Show #575 - Friday, February 20, 1987

1987 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 5.


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David Simon, a senior at Jonathan Dayton High School from Mountainside, New Jersey

Felicia Corralez, a junior at Belmont High School from Los Angeles, California

Mike Becker, a senior at Jesuit High School from Gretna, Louisiana

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: They stand for north, east, west or south.)
    $100 2
You'll find 41 keys & 120 brass buttons on a professional model of this "squeezebox"
    $100 8
In England, you not only need one to get married or drive, but to own a TV
    $100 1
In 1986, DC Comics finally explained why costume of this Amazon princess looks like the U.S. flag
    $100 13
Ritual phrase used by witches, ghosts, & Transformers when you open your door to them on Halloween
    $100 17
His 1st continuing series role was as a high school student named Vinnie Barbarino
    $100 16
Of north, east, west, or south, the one not part of a U.S. state's name
    $200 3
String instrument which calmed down the Frankenstein monster as played by Boris Karloff
    $200 9
Shakespeare was born & buried in this town
    $200 4
Though Billy Batson & Gomer Pyle both say it, only Billy changes into Captain Marvel
    $200 14
While Laplanders hae an involved ritual for this, Eskimos just touch noses
    $200 18
Playing Simone, Khrystyne Haje is 1 of the gifted honors program students in this Howard Hesseman series
    $200 24
Of north, east, west, or south, the Lt. Col. whose boss was Admiral John Poindexter
    $300 7
A guitar maker might worry about getting these ridges on the fingerboard just right
    $300 10
City so named because it's the place where a bridge could be built over the Cam River
    DD: $200 5
He played the title comic book character in film whose theme was the following:
    $300 15
On October 15, & October 27, 1986, the N.Y. Mets performed the ritual spraying of this over one another
    $300 22
Number of "Cosby kids" currently in college
    $300 25
Of Northwood, Eastwood, Westwood, or Southwood, the one who's "boss" in Carmel, CA.
    $400 11
To create a simple "mirliton", you need a comb & this
    $400 19
Because of Guy Fawkes , on opening day of this, Beefeaters check for kegs of gunpowder in the cellar
    $400 6
The destruction of his red & blue suit has left him with just an all-black-with-white-arachnid model
    $400 20
It's traditionally tossed by well-wishers at weddings as a symbol for fertility
    $400 23
During this show's 1st season, Molly Ringwald was among the students at the Eastland School for Girls
    $400 28
Of North Bend, East Bend, West Bend, or South Bend, a city that's big in Indiana
    $500 12
Instruments housed in the Leaning Tower of Pisa
    $500 27
Temporal head of the Church of England who is responsible for appointing bishops
    $500 30
TV horror film hostess who is now Mistress of the Dark Mansion in "House of Mystery" comic
    $500 21
Devout Hindus wish to be cremated in Varanasi & to have their ashes dumped in this river
    $500 26
Of the original group of students on this show, only Danny Amatullo is still a student
    $500 29
Of North Bend, East Bend, West Bend, or South Bend, a name that's big in small appliances

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Mike Felicia David
$1,300 $400 $1,300

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mike Felicia David
$3,600 $2,500 $2,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 7
A type of dried fruit, or to cut back a plant or tree
    $200 6
If you win the $25 grand, you'll soon find out that IRS means this
    $200 14
Hannibal made history crossing the Alps with 50,000 men, 9000 cavalry troops & about 40 of these animals
    $200 12
Adding this line to college basketball courts in 1986, the NCAA set it 19'9" from the basket
    $200 1
It's a line drawn from the center of a circle to the outer edge
    $200 25
An artificial lake where water is collected & stored
    $400 19
When roasted they won't make you itch, but cashews are related to this poisonous plant
    $400 8
It's the "p" in Op sportswear
    $400 15
World Book calls this toy, said to originate in China about 3000 years ago, the oldest form of aircraft
    $400 13
With "The Exiles" Rod Stewart doesn't sing, but plays this sport
    $400 2
Amount you saved buying a $25 clock radio at 20% off
    $400 26
A size of typewriter type, or the top members of society
    $600 22
Lilies, like tulips, are grown from these
    $600 9
The medical procedure "CPR" stands for this
    $600 16
Three years after the Gauls attacked in 390 B.C., this city began building a wall around its 7 hills
    $600 17
City in which the 1984 Winter Olympics were held
    DD: $1,100 3
Number of degrees in the angle opposite the hypotenuse of a right triangle
    $600 27
French for "clear-seeing", it's a power some people claim to have
    $800 23
The President Hoover & Christian Dior are some names among hybrid tea varieties of this flower
    $800 10
The initials meaning "that is" are not "t.i.", but these, from the original Latin words
    DD: $600 18
So the library in Pergamum would not grow as big as Alexandria's, Egypt forbade export of this material
    $800 20
A "try" in rugby is similar to this in American football
    $800 4
Completes the rule of proportion: "The product of the means is equal to...
    $800 28
Of the names usually given the 3 daily meals, the one from French
    $1000 11
The largest national broadcast TV network of our north-of-the-border neighbor
    $1000 24
2 of the 4 things that Herodotus wrote would not "stay", or stop, Persian messengers
    $1000 21
Performed by men only, it requires the most strength of any gymnastic event
    $1000 5
Term for the equal factors of a number, as in 3, 3 & 3 for 27

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Mike Felicia David
$7,300 $1,700 $6,400

Final Jeopardy! Round

A unit of weight in Spain, it's also a sign of the zodiac

Final scores:

Mike Felicia David
$7,000 $0 $7,301
2nd place: $1,000 if eliminated 3rd place: $1,000 if eliminated Automatic semifinalist

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Mike Felicia David
$6,900 $1,700 $6,600
23 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W
11 R,
3 W
16 R
(including 1 DD),
0 W

Combined Coryat: $15,200

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Game tape date: 1986-12-28
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