Show #7816 - Monday, September 10, 2018

First game of Season 35.
New opening graphics.
Alex has a beard.


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Caitlin Sok, an M.D. and Ph.D. student from Atlanta, Georgia

Isaac Loeb, a senior legislative assistant from Washington, D.C.

Rick Terpstra, an aspiring English teacher from Havertown, Pennsylvania (whose 2-day cash winnings total $39,800)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: A tribute to 50 years of the United States Tennis Open tournament.)
(Alex: You have to name the state with the longest border to the north of the state we give you.)
    $200 30
In 1968, the first Open men's singles winner was this athlete & activist, whose name is now on the Open's main stadium
    $200 12
Take a run at this exercise machine, also defined as "any monotonous...routine in which there is little or no...progress"
    $200 9
Moe, Larry & Curly
    $200 6
They're what an entomologist studies
    $200 1
Zee James was this outlaw's fiancee for 9 years & his widow for 18, both longer than her marriage
    $200 25
Kansas looks up to it
    $400 18
In 1973 Ms. Court & Mr. Newcombe got $25,000 each as the U.S. Open was the first of this quartet of titles to equalize men's & women's prizes
    $400 11
A 150-lb. woman can burn 90 calories in 10 mins. doing this alliterative exercise using leaping & clapping hands repeatedly
    $400 17
In a Mother Goose rhyme, "Rub-a-dub-dub", they're the "three men in a tub"
    $400 7
Depending on how you pronounce it, it can mean to hint at, or very personal & private
    $400 2
In 2018 this widow of a Beatle turned 85 & voiced a role in the movie "Isle of Dogs"
    $400 26
It's due north of New Mexico
    $600 19
With a powerful style of play, she won the women's singles in the 1990s, 2000s & 2010s, the only player to do so
    $600 13
Sign up for this 4-letter Hindu philosophy; "The Onion" had an Ali-like "champion" of it boast, "I am the serenest!"
    $600 22
A legendary love triangle consisted of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere & him
    $600 8
In her "I Am Woman" song, Helen Reddy was strong & she was this, meaning she can't be defeated
    $600 3
Valerie (nee Fletcher) spent 47 years as this poet's widow & cashed more than a few "Cats" checks
    $600 27
Iowans roll their eyes upward at this state
    $800 20
The 1990 Open heralded a new all-time great when, at 19, he beat Agassi to become the youngest men's singles champ
    $800 14
Tighten & hold your pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds, 5 times in these not-just-for-pregnancy exercises
    DD: $3,000 23
Their names are Melchior, Balthasar & Gaspar
    $800 10
Eggs can be artificially hatched in one type of this apparatus; premature babies are kept in another type
    $800 4
This composer died in 1791; his widow Constanze lived until 1842 & there are even purported photos of her
    $800 28
It's Arkansas' good neighbor to the north
    $1000 21
His dominance of the first decade of the 2000s includes an Open Era record of five straight titles, losing two sets in the five finals
    $1000 15
Dude, time to hit the exercise machine & do this pulldown, named for the widest muscle in your back!
    $1000 24
The Three Tenors were Pavarotti, Domingo & this man, who is on an extended farewell tour
    $1000 16
This 10-letter adjective describes certain devices that cause or are designed to cause fires
    $1000 5
In a 2012 memoir the widow of this Argentine-born guerrilla fighter tells of how he declared his love for her in a Jeep
    $1000 29
It's the state Wyoming looks up to

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Rick Isaac Caitlin
$2,600 $1,000 $3,200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Rick Isaac Caitlin
$9,000 $2,400 $4,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 13
This word for "basic" is also a 3rd grade type of school
    $400 29
This 3-letter memorandum of debt is a strong but not legally binding promise to pay
    $400 3
Bob Parr stays home taking care of the kids while Elastigirl is out saving the world in this 2018 sequel
    $400 8
In this H.G. Wells classic, the narrator is "drawn on by the...Earth's fate" & sees it in "strides of a thousand years"
    $400 28
You're always part of the Wolfpack at this Raleigh school
    $800 21
RIF, short for "Reading is" this, has aided children's literacy since 1966
    $800 17
The first capital of California following American occupation in 1846 was this city, today the "capital" of Silicon Valley
    $800 27
In 2007 Forbes reported that this TV personality was "America's sole black female billionaire"
    $800 4
A mute Sally Hawkins falls in love with an amphibious creature in this 2017 movie, Oscar's Best Picture
    $800 9
Oddly, the protagonist of "The Tin Drum" stops doing this at age 3
    DD: $5,000 23
It's about a 50-mile drive from Penn to this other Ivy League school that fits the category
    $1200 15
The timeless line "when in doubt, go basic" this appeared in a 2017 Vogue feature
    $1200 16
Last name of the young family seen here circa 1920--father & daughter would combine to serve 31 years as prime minister of India
    DD: $2,400 1
After a $26 billion merger in 2016, this business website might keep nagging Microsoft to update its resume
    $1200 5
Gloria Swanson utters the immortal line "I am big, it's the pictures that got small" in this classic film
    $1200 10
Nicholas Rubashov is a revolutionary caught up in this leader's purges in Arthur Koestler's "Darkness at Noon"
    $1200 26
Neil Armstrong took more than one small step for himself attending this Big Ten university in Indiana
    $1600 14
"Watery" term for the dominant trend, perhaps describing big media
    $1600 2
2-word Latin term for the period of relative peace ending with the death of Marcus Aurelius
    $1600 18
A passage from the book of Hosea was the inspiration Israel's first Minister of Transportation had for naming this airline
    $1600 6
"The Disaster Artist" chronicles Tommy Wiseau making this so-bad-it's-good film
    $1600 11
Booth Tarkington's novel about this "Magnificent" family documents their decline
    $1600 25
About 2,000 women attend this college in South Hadley, Mass., one of the Seven Sisters schools
    $2000 22
"R" you ready? This 11-letter word means "basic", like skills everyone should have
    $2000 20
3 pretenders to the Russian throne known as "false" this name plagued the Time of Troubles in the early 1600s
    $2000 19
Corn is traded at this sort of exchange as well as, of course, frozen concentrated orange juice
    $2000 7
A 12-year-old Jodie Foster played a prostitute opposite Robert De Niro in this 1976 film
    $2000 12
In a Saul Bellow novel, Eugene Henderson gets this sacred title from the African Wariri tribe
    $2000 24
Let's take a poll--does at least one of you 3 know this "Q" university is in Hamden, Connecticut?

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Rick Isaac Caitlin
$20,200 $2,600 $7,800
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

To set a record for longest solo journey by kayak, 2,010 miles, Helen Skelton traveled through this nation for a month

Final scores:

Rick Isaac Caitlin
$20,200 $5,200 $8,800
3-day champion: $60,000 3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Rick Isaac Caitlin
$18,000 $6,400 $7,800
23 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
11 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
(including 1 DD)
13 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $32,200

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Game tape date: 2018-07-17
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