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Linda Monk, an author and columnist originally from Vicksburg, Mississippi

Tony Harkins, a Ph.D. candidate from Madison, Wisconsin

Gary Frost, a graduate student from Chapel Hill, North Carolina (whose 1-day cash winnings total $16,200)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 16
Midwife toads are so named because the male carries these on his back until hatching
    $100 21
She received about 1,500 wedding gifts in 1947, including a picnic basket from her sister, Princess Margaret
    $100 6
In a 1976 remake this title beast plummets to his death from atop the World Trade Center
    $100 26
The Baker Street Irregulars is one of many groups for fans of this fictional detective
    $100 1
More than 4 dozen people were killed during its 1980 eruptions
    $100 11
A fedora for a flying mammal
    $200 17
Some salamanders retain these respiratory organs after lungs develop
    $200 22
This Watergate figure's initials stood for Harry Robbins
    $200 7
The role of Marshall Kane in "High Noon" was offered to Gregory Peck before this actor got the part
    $200 27
This organization was founded in 1884 to establish uniform rules for holding dog shows
    $200 2
In September 1919 this president collapsed while out promoting the Treaty of Versailles
    $200 12
A 10c citrus fruit
    $300 18
Some of these larval frogs are carnivorous & may feed on their siblings
    $300 23
In 1994 a park in Pacoima, California, where this "La Bamba" singer grew up, was renamed in his honor
    $300 8
Jackie Gleason received an Oscar nomination for playing Minnesota Fats in this 1961 film
    $300 28
The 4 H's in the 4-H Club stand for head, heart, hands & this
    $300 3
In 1804 Alexander Hamilton's derogatory remarks about this VP were published in a newspaper
    $300 13
A malicious monarchess
    $400 19
The eel-like amphiuma has 4 tiny, vestigial ones of these appendages
    $400 24
Bicycling Magazine named this American "Cyclist of the Year" in 1986
    $400 9
In "The Santa Clause", this actor donned a fatman suit & became the real Santa
    $400 29
In 1878 the Christian Mission became this organization & William Booth became its first general
    $400 4
On May 10, 1869 the Liberty Bell rang to honor the Central & Union Pacific railroads' meeting at this Utah point
    $400 14
A conceited Copenhagener
    $500 20
Amphibians were probably the first of these creatures with backbones to venture onto land
    $500 25
Patty Hearst was sent to jail for bank robbery after this famous attorney lost her case
    $500 10
This 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi film was inspired by the story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale"
    $500 30
1996 marks the 35th anniversary of this volunteer organization first headed by Sargent Shriver
    DD: $700 5
1853's Gadsden Purchase contained the southern portion of what became these 2 states
    $500 15
A single Scottish quick bread

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Gary Tony Linda
$900 $800 $400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Gary Tony Linda
$1,800 $1,900 $1,900

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
Some say this country's Czar Alexander I didn't die in 1825 but lived until 1864 as Fyodor Kuzmich
    $200 26
In 1922 he wrote the opera "Blue Monday", but his 1935 "Porgy and Bess" is more famous
    $200 11
Renatus Cartesius was the Latin name of this French philosopher who sometimes wrote in Latin
    $200 6
In 1855 & 1857 Salmon P. Chase was elected governor of Ohio as a member of this party he helped form
    $200 15
Located in South America, it's the largest tropical country in the world
    $200 21
The 1960 Peace Prize went to Albert Luthuli, the first person from this continent to win it
    $400 2
In 1898 William Henry Pickering discovered Phoebe, the ninth satellite of this ringed planet
    $400 12
He expounded on epistemology in his "Theaetetus", one of the later dialogues
    $400 7
Among things Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with in 1963 was shooting this governor
    $400 17
This country's Canning Basin is coextensive with the Great Sandy Desert
    $400 22
He became the first American to win the Literature Prize the year after his "Dodsworth" appeared
    $600 3
This Norwegian playwright's wife Suzannah was the stepdaughter of novelist Magdalene Thoresen
    $600 13
French existentialist who gave us "Nausea" -- that's the title of his first novel
    $600 8
In 1882 Missouri governor Thomas Crittenden offered a $10,000 reward for these brothers, dead or alive
    $600 18
The Dead Sea extends nearly 50 miles along the border of these 2 countries
    $600 25
This Vitamin C guru's "The Nature of the Chemical Bond" is one of the century's major scientific books
    $800 4
This impressionist whose first name was Camille was born on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas in 1830
    DD: $1,800 28
The women he wrote operas about include Anna Bolena, Lucrezia Borgia & La Fille du Regiment
    $800 14
Metaphysics is often divided into ontology -- the study of being -- & this study of the physical universe
    $800 9
Length of the terms of the governors of N.H., Vermont & Rhode Island; all the others are 4 years
    $800 19
The Strait of Bonifacio separates Corsica from this Italian island
    $800 24
Jules Bordet identified the bacillus responsible for this disease also called pertussis
    $1000 5
In January 1893 Sanford Dole declared that she was deposed
    $1000 27
In the 1780s English soprano Elizabeth Billington appeared as Polly in this 1st ballad opera
    $1000 16
19th century Dane who wrote the ominous-sounding books "Fear and Trembling" & "The Concept of Dread"
    $1000 10
In 1992 he gave the speech nominating Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention
    DD: $2,000 20
Hong Kong's mainland areas consist of the New Territories & this peninsula
    $1000 23
Antony Hewish won the 1974 prize for discovering these stars that emit bursts of radiation

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Gary Tony Linda
$2,000 $2,500 $6,500
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This country's civil war actually began in Morocco on July 17, 1936

Final scores:

Gary Tony Linda
$2,601 $4,010 $7,500
3rd place: Panasonic fax machine 2nd place: Bassett Legend dining room set New champion: $7,500

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Gary Tony Linda
$6,500 $2,500 $6,500
24 R,
6 W
(including 3 DDs)
11 R,
4 W
14 R,
0 W

Combined Coryat: $15,500

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