Show #896 - Monday, June 27, 1988


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Bill Gellert, a research associate from Washington, D.C.

Lenny Manning, an accountant originally from Sweden

Robin Carter, a substitute teacher originally from San Antonio, Texas (whose 1-day cash winnings total $18,401)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
"Hydrohily" is pollination where the pollen is carried by this
    $100 3
In 1986, he was the top-selling hard cover nonfiction author in U.S. & starred in the top-rated TV sitcom too
    $100 6
The Los Angeles area leads the U.S. in making Oriental ramen, which are these
    $100 13
"Swedish" Lingonberries are closely related to this American fruit grown in bogs
    $100 14
Named for Jerome Kern, this Grateful Dead star is grateful to be alive after a brush with death in 1986
    $100 12
Other category on this board that's a common part of a fox's diet
    $200 2
Newton's 1st law of motion states an object continues in this state unless acted on by an external force
    $200 4
In 1919, he began subdividing his ranch in Tarzana, California
    $200 27
Since leaving the astronaut corps, she's joined the board of directors of Apple Computer
    $200 20
You can sprinkle cut bananas with citrus juice to prevent this
    $200 19
Larry Harmon founded a "university" to train people how to act like one of these
    $200 15
Term for a fox home, it can be in a cave, among rocks or in a hollow tree
    $300 9
Type of physicist who works with a linear accelerator
    $300 5
Ironically, the N.C. home of this poet noted for his Lincoln bio was built by a Confederate official
    $300 21
The strikingly beautiful akee fruit must only be eaten when ripe for this reason
    $300 24
Of Linda Evans, Lynda Carter, or Nancy Reagan, men's choice for a fantasy date in a July '87 Gallup poll
    $300 16
50 to 63 days, depending on the species
    $400 10
It's the study of the motion & behavior of projectiles, including bullets
    $400 7
An ordained minister, cookbook author & TV chef Jeff Smith is better known as this
    $400 22
The tangerine is actually a variety of this small "Chinese" orange
    $400 25
This couple's 1960s TV show featured "Allie", an alligator puppet
    $400 17
Since it belongs to the family Canidae, a male fox is appropriately called this
    $500 11
Viruses are encased in a coat of this nutrient
    $500 8
Vassar grad Mary McCarthy's novel about 8 Vassar grads in the 1930s & '40s
    $500 28
With the addition of the name "Hutton", the largest U.S. brokerage in terms of capital, is now called this
    $500 23
Ripe papayas break down when shipped a long way because of this feature they share with cantaloupes
    DD: $300 26
They stunned the world by getting married on Oct. 20, 1968 on the isle of Skorpios
    $500 18
The swift fox is also called this, because it's small like a little cat

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Robin Lenny Bill
$1,900 -$500 $500

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Robin Lenny Bill
$3,700 -$800 $1,300

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Refers to events of 1928.)
    $200 2
This country boasts the largest number of recreational walk-thru mazes, including the Shiga Ritto
    $200 15
It used to be 480, is now 500 in most cases, but for printers is 516 sheets of paper
    $200 10
The light bulbs in his Ft. Myers home have burned 12 hours a day since he installed them & they still work
    $200 7
Station WGY in Schenectady, NY began regular test broadcasts in this medium
    $200 1
The shoe is named for this city; the cloth is named for the university there
    $400 3
One of the world's largest level area, the Steppes are found in this country
    $400 16
1000 cubic centimeters equal 1 of these
    $400 11
In the '50s, this Jacksonville-born singer was known as "the kid with the white bucks"
    $400 8
The British reduced the age for women voters from 30 to this
    $400 13
It's the color that's sort of reddish brown...or maybe brownish red
    $600 4
This country has the highest waterfall, largest lake, & largest oil reserves in South America
    $600 17
A distance of some 93,000,000 miles, called an astronomical unit, is based on this
    $600 22
Numerical rating of Val's "Looks" in "A Chorus Line" song title
    $600 20
This Oscar-winning actor was born in Miami when his Bahamian parents went there to sell tomatoes
    $600 9
The Pacific was crossed from California to Australia for the 1st time by this method
    $600 24
Iron rust, Fe2O3, & CO2 are forms of this
    DD: $1,200 5
The 2 West European countries that have political holdings in Asia
    $800 18
Round lots of stock on the the New York Stock Exchange are multiples of this number
    $800 19
"Fiddler on the Roof" tune which tells us "Poppa must scramble for a living"
    DD: $1,300 27
In '78, he thought he'd give Bruce Springsteen a break & invited him onstage to join in the following: "Don't you know that I danced, I danced till a quarter to three / With the help, last night, of Daddy G / He was swingin on the sax like a nobody could / And I was dancin' all over the room / Oh, don't you know the people were dancin' like they were mad"
    $800 12
Opened 11/13/28, this 1st U.S. twin-tube underwater traffic tunnel linked Manhattan & N.J.
    $800 25
Deafening silence & jumbo shrimp are examples of this contradiction in terms
    $1000 6
The Dutch called the people in what is now this country Stammerers, or "Hottentots"
    $1000 23
This land measure is exactly 10,000 square meters & about 2 1/2 acres
    $1000 21
"They whistle for a spell" is one answer to this musical question from "Camelot"
    $1000 28
In 1925, he founded the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters which he headed for the next 43 years
    $1000 14
This Scandinavian explorer was lost while trying to rescue an Italian explorer
    $1000 26
Common term for what occurs in physical activity when the heart & lungs can't supply enough "air" to muscles

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Robin Lenny Bill
$6,000 -$400 $7,900

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Final Jeopardy! Round

According to Nielsen, it's the night of the week on which the most people are watching prime time TV

Final scores:

Robin Lenny Bill
$0 -$400 $3,799
2nd place: Frigidaire refrigerator/freezer & Emerson 10" TV + Jeopardy! box game or Jeopardy! Challenger 3rd place: Henley luggage + Jeopardy! box game or Jeopardy! Challenger New champion: $3,799

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Robin Lenny Bill
$7,300 -$400 $7,700
24 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)
4 R,
4 W
19 R
(including 2 DDs),
1 W

Combined Coryat: $14,600

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Game tape date: 1988-03-21
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