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Emeric Schultz, a chemistry professor from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Pat Gravitt, a project manager originally from San Diego, California

Paul Curry, a training consultant from Laguna Hills, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $24,101)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 3
As you might expect, the Josephine Tussaud Museum in Hot Springs, Ark. is this type of museum
    $100 12
Shakespeare anglicized the name of this feuding family from the Italian Capeletti
    $100 9
"Hang down your head Tom Dooley, poor boy you're bound to" do this
    $100 21
Cinematographer Hal Rosson, the last husband of this legendary platinum blonde, died in 1988 at the age of 93
    $100 14
Like Emily Post & Eleanor Roosevelt, Ptah Hotep wrote on this subject
    $100 1
The prehensile, protruding proboscis of a pachyderm
    $200 7
1961 marked the opening of the 1st Six Flags theme park, "Six Flags Over" this state
    $200 13
His last lines were "Caesar, now be still: I killed not thee with half so good a will"
    $200 17
"I'm just a kid again doin' what I did again singing a song when" it "comes bob, bob, bobbin' along"
    $200 25
He was Carole Lombard's 1st husband, though he was more famous as Myrna Loy's movie husband
    $200 23
The Ancient Egyptians tried special formulas to restore this; if only the FDA approved Rogaine earlier
    $200 2
It can be a type of shark, moth or lily, but the moth & the lily won't eat you
    $300 8
The little house where she wrote the "Little House" books is now a museum in Mansfield, Missouri
    $300 15
Shakespeare's saga of Kate & Petruchio, it inspired a ballet with the same title
    $300 18
"The Marines' Hymn" says, "1st to fight for right & freedom & to keep" this "clean"
    $300 28
He was Carole Lombard's 2nd husband
    $300 24
Menes, the 1st king of the 1st Dynasty, founded this capital city near present day Cairo
    $300 4
An acrobat, or his drinking glass
    $400 10
You can tour the Denver home of this musical heroine the Titanic couldn't "sink"
    $400 16
There's a page named Moth in "Love's Labour's Lost" & a fairy named Moth in this play
    $400 19
Oscar Hammerstein wrote, "Don't throw" these "at me... people will say we're in love"
    $400 29
She was married to violinist Alexander Schneider before she married Rip Torn
    $400 26
Thutmose I was the 1st to build his tomb here
    $400 5
It's Neptune's spear, not his chewing gum
    $500 11
Located at Church Street in Charleston this "Row" was the setting for a famous opera
    $500 22
At the end of "Macbeth", he invites everyone to see him crowned at Scone
    $500 20
Cole Porter wrote, "You'd be so nice to come home to, you'd be so nice by" this
    $500 30
She's had 3 husbands: banker Robin Hoen, producer Robert Evans & Steve McQueen
    DD: $1,000 27
In 332 B.C. he took possession of Egypt without a struggle
    $500 6
If your plants love to climb, give them one of these latticework frames

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 16):

Paul Pat Emeric
$1,500 $900 $300

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Paul Pat Emeric
$2,000 $1,700 $200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 10
On July 27, 1953 the armistice ending this war was signed
    $200 24
The only 1 of "The 5 Civilized Tribes" whose name doesn't begin with "C", many of them live in Fla.
    $200 9
Film director who wrote his 1988 autobiography "The Magic Lantern" in Swedish
    $200 16
A favorite winter snack for squirrels, this nut is the fruit of the oak tree
    $200 1
National Statuary Hall is located in this Washington, D.C. building
    $200 4
Balzac's "cousin", or the Divine Miss M
    $400 11
James Monroe was one of the three presidents who died on this date in July
    $400 25
The largest city in Nebraska was named for this tribe whose name means "going upstream"
    $400 15
Machiavelli was imprisoned & tortured on suspicion of plotting against this ruling family
    $400 17
Both the radish & the horseradish you eat are from this part of the plant
    $400 2
The most recent World Book devotes 8 pages to this one statue
    $400 5
Howdy Doody is one
    $600 12
On July 20, 1974 Turkish troops landed on this island where they've remained ever since
    $600 26
When he took his alphabet to Tenn., the tribal council put him on trial for practicing black magic
    $600 21
Henry Miller wrote his 1st important book, "Tropic of Cancer", while living in this country
    $600 18
This herbal root used in cough medicines & candy is related to & tastes somewhat like anise
    $600 3
This statue looks over Rodin's grave
    $600 6
A long, narrow gemstone, or a long, narrow loaf of French bread
    $800 13
On July 1, 1970 the birthday July 9, 1951 was picked as the 1st of these
    $800 27
This American Indian food consists of meat, fat & berries pressed into small cakes
    $800 22
"BUtterfield 8" author whose 1st novel was "Appointment in Samarra"
    $800 19
The wood of this southern tree, known for its creamy white flowers, is used to make Venetian blinds
    DD: $2,000 29
Museum housing the statue seen here:
    $800 7
A plush bench seat in a restaurant
    DD: $1,000 14
The 1st raid this son of a sugar planter led, July 26, 1953, failed & got him jailed
    $1000 28
This "regal" Indian war has been called "the bloodiest conflict in 17th century New England"
    $1000 23
Son of missionaries who worked in India, he set his novel "Siddhartha" there
    $1000 20
Varieties of this tree include the red, Japanese & sugar
    $1000 8
Specs on a stick

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Paul Pat Emeric
$5,000 $5,300 $5,400

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Though his 2nd administration was scandal ridden, he was almost nominated for a 3rd term 4 years later

Final scores:

Paul Pat Emeric
$0 $10,001 $10,700
3rd place: Colortyme console TV + Jeopardy! box game or Jeopardy! Challenger 2nd place: Bassett bedroom set & Burlington bed coverings + Jeopardy! box game or Jeopardy! Challenger New champion: $10,700

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Paul Pat Emeric
$5,500 $5,300 $4,200
18 R
(including 1 DD),
5 W
(including 1 DD)
16 R,
3 W
12 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W

Combined Coryat: $15,000

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Game tape date: 1988-12-05
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