Show #942 - Tuesday, October 11, 1988


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Mike Myers, a director of marketing originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Krahulec, a computer consultant originally from Buffalo, New York

Alec Iorio, an international freight forwarder originally from St. Louis, Missouri (whose 2-day cash winnings total $10,800)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
These comic siblings own a California winery that produces "mom's favorite red"
    $100 2
In 1631 this country established the 1st European settlement in Delaware, at Zwaanendael
    $100 6
In haunted houses, rattling bones are skeletons; in casinos, rattling "bones" are these
    $100 12
This French salad dressing both means & is made with a "little vinegar"
    $100 16
It has the largest university library in the U.S.
    $100 14
His tomb in the Hollywood Hills rests between 2 trees shaped like candelabras
    $200 3
A Los Angeles DJ jokingly said that to say this "Equalizer" star's name, you'd have to say "wood" 3 times
    $200 22
These people destroyed the 1st European settlement in Delaware, in 1632
    $200 8
The 1st square after "Go" in Monopoly, it's impossible to land there on your 1st roll
    $200 13
In French, this cut of steak is literally a "dainty fillet"
    $200 17
This service academy was founded in 1845 at the Army's Fort Severn
    $200 15
Poet Ben Jonson was buried in this position, probably because it was cheaper that way
    $300 4
Guest host on "The Tonight Show", he once appeared on the cover of People as "The Sexiest Man Alive"
    $300 9
The highest-numbered solid-colored ball in a standard game of pocket billiards
    $300 19
"Crunchy little balls" in French, these are often made of seafood
    $300 18
From Latin "to initiate", it marks the end, not the beginning, of a college career
    $300 25
Jonathan Swift is buried in this capital next to a woman called Stella, thought to be his secret wife
    $400 5
One of the big three, this TV anchorman dropped out of prep school in the 10th grade
    DD: $1,000 10
Games that are the title subject of the following song:
    $400 20
French for "rawness", these are raw vegetables served as appetizers
    $400 23
The University of New Haven is actually located in West Haven in this state
    $400 26
In 1944 this lady evangelist was reportedly buried with a working telephone beside her
    $500 7
In June 1988 her "Family" was renamed "The Hogan Family"
    $500 11
No matter what word the 1st player puts down in "Scrabble", he always receives this bonus
    $500 21
Not a canonized Frenchman but a term for various types of thick pea soup
    $500 24
Operated by the Congregation of Holy Cross, this university has its own hotel, power plant & post office
    $500 27
Cecil B. De Mille is buried behind this movie studio where he filmed his biblical spectaculars

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 10):

Alec John Mike
$2,400 $0 $400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Alec John Mike
$4,500 -$700 $1,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 6
He's known to most by this Latin adaptation of his Chinese title, Kung Fu-Tzu
    $200 13
In June 1985 Prince Sultan Salman Al-Saud went into space in one of this country's spacecrafts
    $200 1
From the Greek "ek", meaning out & "kentron" meaning center, it's a person who's a little off-center
    $200 26
It's the largest of the Scandinavian countries
    $200 11
"Bogey's Baby"
    $200 21
Often vividly colored, it's the most prominent feature of a toucan
    DD: $7,100 7
An ancient parallel to today's Suez Canal was a canal linking the Nile river & this sea
    $400 14
Number of times Sally Ride rode into space
    $400 2
From the Latin "mirari", to wonder at, we get miracle & this device people look into
    $400 27
Discovery of oil under the North Sea has transformed this country's economy
    $400 12
"Come Up & See Me Some Time!"
    $400 22
The Asian jungle fowl is the direct ancestor of this domestic bird
    $600 8
This small country included the great ports of Tyre & Sidon
    $600 15
On this Apollo mission, a tank on the service module exploded & the lunar module was used as a lifeboat
    $600 3
Type of building named for Rome's Palatine Hill which had some
    $600 28
He was chief of the gods in both Scandinavian & German mythology
    $600 16
"Notes on a Cowardly Lion"
    $600 23
This urban bird produces a substance called crop milk to feed its young
    $800 9
After his death in 922 B.C., the 12 tribes of Israel split into 2 kingdoms
    $800 18
On April 18, 1985 Reagan asked, by radio, if this senator would come back down & help him with the budget
    $800 4
Sports whose name is derived from the phrase "association football"
    $800 17
"Wired", by Bob Woodward
    $800 24
One scene in "Out of Africa" featured Lake Nakuru & the 2 million of these birds that inhabit it
    $1000 10
Upon his assassination in 336 B.C., he was succeeded by his son, Alexander the Great
    $1000 19
Skylab was originally the 3rd stage of this rocket
    $1000 5
Its name comes from the place from which much of it is shipped, Oporto, Portugal
    $1000 20
President profiled in "Mornings on Horseback"
    $1000 25
This government service regulates all banding of migratory birds in the U.S.

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Alec John Mike
$4,200 $700 $1,400
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In April the late Dr. Paul D. White became familiar to many people who saw his portrait on this

Final scores:

Alec John Mike
$2,900 $1,398 $0
3-day champion: $13,700 2nd place: Emerson video camcorder & Easy-Rest recliner and sofa bed + either the Jeopardy! box game or the Jeopardy! Challenger 3rd place: Greif Companies his-and-her tailored clothing + either the Jeopardy! box game or the Jeopardy! Challenger

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Alec John Mike
$10,700 $700 $1,400
27 R
(including 1 DD),
5 W
(including 1 DD)
5 R,
4 W
9 R,
6 W

Combined Coryat: $12,800

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Game tape date: 1988-08-01
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