Show #624 - Thursday, April 30, 1987


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Ira Levine, a banker from Studio City, California

Lance King, a teacher originally from Buffalo, New York

Linda Shewey, a housewife from Richmond, Virginia (whose 1-day cash winnings total $8,000)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
In the U.S. a football field is a little larger than this common land measurement
    $100 17
The chateau at Usse, not one in Anaheim, is said to be the inspiration for this fairy tale
    $100 26
Al Hirt, Harry James, & Herb Alpert
    $100 4
It scared Miss Muffet off her tuffet
    $100 14
In this war, the U.S. used Labrador retrievers to stalk & track enemy camps in the jungle
    $100 11
It's said her marriage contract with Onassis limited him to "3 connubial visits" per week
    $200 2
In the pros, it was 5'2" Jack Shapiro
    $200 18
They could almost hang a "closed for vacation" sign on Paris during this summer month
    $200 27
Chico Marx, Duke Ellington, & Elton John
    $200 7
In "The Queen of Hearts" the King of Hearts beat him "full sore"
    DD: $500 15
Number of teeth an adult dogs has, 10 more than an adult human
    $200 12
Ex-MGM boss who said, "I wept because I had no movie studio, until I met a man who had no sports teams"
    $300 3
Of 20, 25, or 30, # of seconds a college team has to put the ball in play
    $300 19
Pilgrimage center that is home of the 2nd largest Roman Catholic church in the world
    $300 28
Christopher Parkening, Django Reinhardt, & Joan Jett
    $300 8
In some southern versions, the 3rd little pig doesn't get roast beef but these pig innards
    $300 16
It's said early nobility kept lap dogs in their laps to draw these pests off themselves
    $300 13
Prince Andrew's mother-in-law lives with a polo player in this country against which Andrew fought
    $400 5
Ohio State coach who said, "When you pass the ball, 3 things can happen, & 2 of them are bad"
    $400 23
I.M. Pei designed a 70' glass pyramid as an addition to this famous French museum
    $400 29
Woody Allen, Jimmy Dorsey, & Artie Shaw
    $400 9
It's where the crooked man who went a crooked mile found a crooked sixpence
    $400 22
Though hounds, the borzoi, saluki, & whippet depend on this sense to hunt their prey
    $400 20
This "Rive Gauche" designer swore to get his revenge on those who once "terrorized & bullied" him
    $500 6
Until 1936, college teams also competed for this "colorful" Canadian Football League trophy
    $500 25
Surprisingly, this, not grapes, is France's leading single crop
    $500 10
Perhaps Little Tommy Tucker's voice wasn't that great, since all he got for supper was this
    $500 24
It's said when he died in Greece, this English romantic poet still carried the collar of his deceased dog
    $500 21
"Turn your old ermine coat into a bathrobe," said this Vogue editor in her book "D.V."

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Linda Lance Ira
$800 $100 -$100

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Linda Lance Ira
$2,400 $1,200 $600

Double Jeopardy! Round

[The TH was underlined and half the size of the 19.]
(Alex: We're going to need two words in your responses.)
    $200 8
This 19th century American war created an enormous demand for rope
    $200 14
For "West Side Story", Romeo & Juliet became these 2
    $200 7
The 1st military flight took place at this post named for a Texan founding father
    $200 1
Said to be largest cereal mill in world, this co.'s mill in Cedar Rapids, Iowa really feels its oats
    $200 10
From Old German for "wormwood", it's the wine that turns plain gin into a martini
    $200 2
Adding a "P" to the end of this liquor turns it into this word for your end
    $400 13
It's said the Shakers were the 1st to sell these garden products in small, labeled paper packets
    $400 15
Gower Champion staged a "Rockabye" version of this tragedy to say "Good night, sweet prince"
    DD: $300 9
Home of TV cavalry unit whose theme was the following:

"His medal of honor pleased and thrilled / His proud little family group / While pinning it on some blood was spilled / And so it was planned he'd command F Troop / Where Indian fights are colorful sights and nobody takes a lickin'..."
    $400 11
Name of this sportswear firm was derived from founder's name, Adolf "Adi" Dassler
    $400 21
The finest wines of this country come from the Piedmont region in the north
    $400 3
Add an "F" to this body of water & it turns into this, a frozen crystal of water vapor
    $600 16
From 1801-1805, the Tripolian War was fought against them
    $600 19
In 1775, Benedict Arnold, not Ethan Allen, 1st thought of an attack on this British stronghold
    $600 12
In 1976, this Philip Morris brand knocked off Winston as #1 selling cigarette in the U.S.
    $600 4
Adding an "L" to this barnyard animal which gives you the time of day yields this object which also does
    $800 17
Last Whig to be elected president, he refused postage due letter informing him of nomination
    $800 20
Seeing the flag still waving over this fort inspired Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem
    DD: $500 5
Adding a "P" to the end of this word for streetcar gets you this un"desire"able
    $1000 18
Begun in 1817, the Erie Canal was designed by this New York governor
    $1000 6
Put an "L" in this vessel, & it swells up to this word for "swell"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Linda Lance Ira
$3,200 $3,400 $1,400

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In 1977, the world's last naturally-occurring case of this disease occurred in Somalia

Final scores:

Linda Lance Ira
$6,200 $400 $1,800
2-day champion: $14,200 3rd place: Maytag washer & dryer 2nd place: trip on Eastern to Atlanta & stay at Viscount Hotel

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Linda Lance Ira
$3,200 $3,900 $1,400
13 R,
4 W
16 R
(including 1 DD),
5 W
(including 2 DDs)
7 R,
2 W

Combined Coryat: $8,500

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Game tape date: 1987-01-07
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