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Alan Lin game 3.


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Samm Chiszar, a public defender from Brooklyn, New York

Chelan Allen, a home and family manager from Portland, Oregon

Alan Lin, a software engineer from Santa Barbara, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $36,000)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: We want you to complete the rock band idiom by naming the band whose members are listed.)
    $200 16
From trail walking to canoeing, there are countless opportunities to explore this 1.5 million acre region
    $200 29
ENT stands for a doctor who specializes in these 3 body parts
    $200 6
In 1867 William Seward negotiated its purchase for about 2 cents an acre, totaling a cool $7.2 million
    $200 8
Listen, Bradshaw, I wasn't calling you over here; I just wanted a towel made from this cotton-pile fabric
    $200 1
"Quit being such a drama..."
Brian May,
Freddie Mercury
    $400 17
135 space shuttle missions were launched from Merritt Island, just north of this famed promontory
    $400 15
If you have ESP, you'll know it stands for this clairvoyant capability
    $400 11
In 1805 Lewis & Clark named a Mussellshell River tributary "Bird Woman's River" in her honor
    $400 21
This type of publishing is done using a personal computer with graphics capabilities
    $400 7
Look, Fitzpatrick, the ads for this deodorant clearly say it's "strong enough for a man", so back off
    $400 2
Gwen Stefani,
Adrian Young
"...about it"
    $600 18
The trees at left should tell you the Vizcaya Museum is a landmark of the Miami area called this grove
    $600 28
On the Billboard charts, don't confuse EMF with EWF, this "Shining Star" group
    $600 12
In a speech on June 5, 1947, this Secretary of State proposed his plan for European economic aid
    $600 22
The main seating area of a sports stadium, or an attempt to impress onlookers in a conspicuous way
    $600 9
That's perfect! Coach calls me a loafer, and then this similarly-named scrubber is stolen from my locker!
    $600 3
"Working out..."
Ray Davies,
Dave Davies
    $800 19
Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the U.S., was built to protect this old, old city
    $800 23
EMP stands for this type of pulse, the result of a nuclear explosion
    $800 13
The Supreme Court reached a low with its 1857 decision on this slave's case: African Americans were not & could not be U.S. citizens
    DD: $2,000 25
This term refers to Northerners who traveled to the South after the Civil War for political or financial gain
    $800 10
I read it in GQ, Perkins--"back hair is never sexy"; get rid of it this way, using either the hard or strip types
    $800 4
Levon Helm,
Robbie Robertson
"...played on"
    $1000 20
In this panhandle city, a center of naval aviation, the top of the old lighthouse has great views of fly-bys
    $1000 27
During WWII the U.S. Army put on quite a show at the ETO, this so-called theater
    $1000 14
In 1845 John O'Sullivan wrote of our this "to overspread the continent allotted by Providence"
    $1000 26
Coupling device seen here, used to adjust the tension of a rigging, like in the corner of a boxing ring
    $1000 24
Gronkowski took my Pantene Moisture Renewal Hydrating this; now what am I gonna do after my shampoo?
    $1000 5
Geddy Lee,
Neil Peart

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Alan Chelan Samm
$3,600 $2,400 $400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Alan Chelan Samm
$7,600 $5,000 $400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 19
(Hi, I'm Ken Burns.) Sure I direct, but I've also been in front of the camera, like when I acted in the epic named for this Civil War battle that included Pickett's Charge
    $400 17
The face of Gucci cosmetics, Charlotte Casiraghi is the daughter of Princess Caroline of this country
    $400 28
The former's opposite
    $400 4
"The Thorn Birds"
    $400 9
This restaurant chain has an owl logo whose eyes make up the 2 "O"s
    $400 30
That Debussy cat was shaking things up when he made strings sound like the waves in "La Mer", which means this, dig?
    $800 27
Peter Weir made a film about this WWI debacle in Turkey; Russell Crowe set his directorial debut "The Water Diviner" there
    $800 2
In 1978 in Tanzania, she discovered the earliest known footprints of a human ancestor
    $800 25
This word for excessive praise will get you nowhere, except for right now
    $800 5
"The Book Thief"
    $800 10
Forest mascot Woodsy Owl's motto "Give a hoot--don't pollute" has been updated to "Lend a hand--care for" this
    $800 29
Cool it, Daddy-O! Debussy said he was laying down "what imbeciles call" this style, like the French painters back then
    $1200 26
This 2016 film tells the story of Desmond T. Doss, the first conscientious objector to win the Medal of Honor
    $1200 1
In the 1980s, she was on the money, a 10,000-shekel note
    $1200 14
If you're hungry, you look at the animal shown here and see a plate of this
    $1200 6
"Kiss of the Spider Woman"
    $1200 11
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows an owl on the monitor.) Young burrowing owls make sounds similar to this reptile to ward off potential danger
    DD: $4,000 24
When he wrote the "Golliwog's Cakewalk", Debussy was hep to this piano style, a forerunner of jazz
    $1600 21
In the movie "300" King Leonidas & his forces fight the Persians at this fateful battle in 480 B.C.
    $1600 3
In 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu ran for the presidency of this country, but lost
    $1600 15
If you're in good condition, you're said to be "in fine" this
    $1600 7
"Under the Volcano"
    DD: $4,000 12
There are 3 owls on the seal of this Texas university founded in 1891
    $1600 23
This time-marking device harshed Claude's mellow: he said it is for "those who don't hear music"
    $2000 20
A high adventure set in the desert, this "beautiful" 1939 film starred Gary Cooper as a French Foreign Legionnaire
    $2000 18
In 1979 the ashes of this renowned Greek-American soprano were scattered in the Aegean Sea
    $2000 16
8-letter word for acting shy or timid, like a deer or horse
    $2000 8
"The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency"
    $2000 13
This owl named for a structure has a unique raspy hoot
    $2000 22
Man, the title character in this 1894 prelude is a half-man, half-goat creature of myth--crazy!

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Alan Chelan Samm
$22,800 $14,200 $1,200

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Final Jeopardy! Round

While the White House was being built, George Washington's executive mansion was in this city

Final scores:

Alan Chelan Samm
$28,800 $10,200 $1
3-day champion: $64,800 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Alan Chelan Samm
$19,200 $14,200 $5,200
22 R
(including 2 DDs),
1 W
20 R,
3 W
9 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $38,600

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Game tape date: Unknown
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