Show #4085 - Friday, May 10, 2002

2002 Million Dollar Masters semifinal game 3.


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Claudia Perry, a sports copy editor from Jersey City, New Jersey

Bob Verini, a film journalist and test prep teacher from Los Angeles, California

Chuck Forrest, a lawyer and CEO from London, United Kingdom

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: But we want you to give the state's full name, not the abbreviation!)
    $200 2
The Tebenna, an Etruscan mantle, evolved into this garment perhaps worn most strikingly by John Belushi
    $200 6
This wrestler nicknamed his daughter born in August 2001 Pebbles
    $200 7
If you have this adjective before your name, like Nell or Eva, don't bother planning for your old age
    $200 3
What's now officially called the Central Park Wildlife Center is probably better-known by this name
    $200 5
Proverbially, this pungent bulb "makes a man wink, drink & stink"
    $200 1
This state that acts as a conjunction between Nevada & Washington has an abbreviation that is a conjunction
    $400 11
Oscar Mayer could tell you that this is the city the Etruscans called Felsina
    $400 15
Fatally, American groupie Nancy Spungen was this British punk rocker's girlfriend
    $400 23
Your job options include teacher & this related job of the heroines in "Jane Eyre" & "Vanity Fair"
    $400 4
Central Park has a statue of King Wladyslaw II Jagiello of this country, who was also Grand Duke of Lithuania
    $400 12
It's the Belgian province bordering the Netherlands that's famous for originating a smelly cheese
    $400 8
The abbreviation of this state is also an abbreviation for the largest city in California
    $600 14
Along with the Borgia apartments, the Etruscan Museum is one of the top attractions in this 109-acre country
    $600 16
She owns the St. Louis Rams
    $600 24
Even if you're 27 & still single, like Anne in this author's "Persuasion", your life may not be over
    $600 19
(Sofia of the Clue Crew jogs through Central Park.) I'm running around the reservoir now named for this first lady, who lived nearby & used to go jogging here
    $600 20
This cartoon character's big screen credits include "For Scent-imental Reasons" & "Heaven Scent"
    $600 9
Show me that the abbreviation for this state means the habits of a predictable criminal
    $800 29
The wolf in the Capitoline Wolf statue may be Etruscan; these 2 babies she's suckling were added around 1509
    $800 17
This actor gave a speech for Harvard roommate Al Gore at the 2000 Democratic Convention
    $800 25
Like Gertrude in this author's "The Europeans", go ahead & marry a relative (it might get you out of your house, too)
    $800 27
In the 1953 film "The Band Wagon" Fred Astaire & this leggy partner were "Dancing In The Dark" through Central Park
    DD: $2,000 21
The strong odor of this semi-aquatic rodent gives it its name
    $800 10
When abbreviated before the number 47, this state becomes an assault weapon
    $1000 30
A 1927 visit to Etruscan sites inspired this author of "The Plumed Serpent" to write "Etruscan Places"
    $1000 18
M.C. Hammer earned his nickname from his resemblance to this "Hammerin'" home run king
    $1000 26
Unlike Dorothea in this George Eliot book, marry for love, not intellectual compatibility
    $1000 28
Cleopatra's Needle is a short walk from this Egyptian Temple in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    $1000 22
The only film ever released in "Odorama", it shares its name with a synthetic fabric popular in the 1970s
    $1000 13
State whose abbreviation is also a cabinet department that was formed in 1989

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Chuck Bob Claudia
$2,800 -$1,000 $400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Chuck Bob Claudia
$3,800 $2,400 $1,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 26
This South Carolina city that gave us a popular dance in the 1920s was the site of the first opera in America in 1735
    $400 4
When making this classic Chinese soup, be sure to remove the twigs, feathers & insects first
    $400 1
On New Year's Day 2002, this school's Seminoles beat Virginia Tech 30-17 to win the Gator Bowl
    $400 14
The A.M.E. in A.M.E. Church stands for African Methodist this
    $400 3
The four-color problem relates to the minimum number of colors needed for this cartographic item
    $400 5
These peptide hormones in the brain reduce the sensation of pain
    $800 27
In 1750 theater was banned in this then-colonial capital as a form of Mass. entertainment
    $800 20
To enjoy this national Swiss dish, you'd better like cheese, lots of it, melted in wine
    $800 2
In 2001 Brian Cappelletto won this game's World Championship with words like vozhd for 50 points & jerrid for 44
    $800 15
Less than 20% of all Muslims are Shi'ites or of other groups; the rest belong to this branch
    $800 6
Ferdinand von Lindemann proved the problem of "squaring" this with compass & ruler was impossible
    $800 9
2-word term for the consumer, for whom a computer is ultimately designed
    $1200 28
Some of the earliest surviving colonial portraits are of Richard & Increase, members of this family
    $1200 21
The seafood in this Mexican dish is "cooked" not by heat, but by the acid in lime juice
    $1200 7
In 1993 she became the first woman from Ukraine to win the world figure skating championships
    $1200 17
Founded by & named for a Persian prophet, this religion flourished during Persia's Achaemenian empire
    $1200 8
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew peruses a model train hobbyist's fantasy setup.) If train "A" leaves at 3:00 at 60 mph, & train "B" leaves at 5:00 at 90 mph, this equation, d=rt, tells you when B passes A
    $1200 16
This Baja California port city is known as "Yellowtail Capital of the World"
    $1600 29
Meaning "tobacco peddler", it's the title of a 1708 Ebenezer Cooke poem & a 1960 John Barth novel about Cooke
    $1600 22
This Greek dish typically consists of layers of eggplant & ground lamb or beef topped with a white sauce
    DD: $1,200 12
At Wimbledon 2000, Venus Williams expressed appreciation for this 1957 & '58 champion
    $1600 24
Traditionally, in Judaism a ram's horn called this is blown at the end of Yom Kippur
    $1600 10
To apply relativity to the cosmos, Einstein introduced a term called the "cosmological" this
    $1600 18
The U.S. conducted nuclear tests on this atoll in the Marshall Islands from 1948 to 1958
    $2000 30
James Alexander, whose doggerel contributed to this publisher's arrest, helped defend him as a lawyer
    $2000 23
On an Italian menu this term describes pasta with a sauce of eggs, cream, parmesan & bacon
    $2000 13
The last British athlete to win the Olympic decathlon, he won it back-to-back in 1980 & 1984
    DD: $4,000 25
Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from gold plates revealed to him by an angel named this
    $2000 11
This Frenchman's "last theorem", stated in 1637, was proved by Andrew Wiles in the 1990s
    $2000 19
John Keats wrote a poem about this handsome Greek whose youth was preserved by eternal sleep

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Chuck Bob Claudia
$10,600 $12,400 $9,400

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Number of males who served as British PM in the 1990s plus Oscars won by Tom Hanks plus protons in a helium nucleus

Final scores:

Chuck Bob Claudia
$21,200 $21,201 $0
2nd place: $25,000 Finalist 3rd place: $25,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Chuck Bob Claudia
$10,600 $12,400 $15,800
19 R,
3 W
17 R,
4 W
17 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
(including 2 DDs)

Combined Coryat: $38,800

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Game tape date: 2002-03-25
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