Show #4083 - Wednesday, May 8, 2002

2002 Million Dollar Masters semifinal game 1.


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Eric Newhouse, a director of technical assistance from Vermillion, South Dakota

Leslie Shannon, a manager of a research lab from Sydney, Australia

Bob Harris, an author, comedian, and radio commentator from Los Angeles, California

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 24
This future Secretary of the Treasury commanded a battalion under Lafayette at Yorktown
    $200 30
Bridget in a '70s sitcom, her TV movies include "Down Will Come Baby" & "Miracle on the 17th Green"
    $200 25
He said he was inspired to write the book after finding the Greek word for fate carved in a tower of Notre Dame
    $200 9
This tiny dog that shares its name with a Mexican state descends from a dog known to the Toltecs centuries ago
    $200 8
Umbrian painter Perugino helped decorate this (he got to do a wall fresco; Michelangelo did the ceiling)
    $200 3
Per Genesis 1, God created Adam on this day of creation
    $400 1
When Washington asked for a volunteer to spy on the British before the Battle of Harlem Heights, he volunteered
    $400 19
Marge Simpson had a crush on this singer/actor seen on "Shindig", "Getting Together" & "Here Come the Brides"
    $400 26
This cathedral bell ringer is the Hunchback of Notre Dame
    $400 20
The smallest dog on record was a 2.5" tall Yorkie, which is short for this
    $400 12
This Umbrian town's claim to fame is that it was the birthplace of St. Francis
    $400 4
The eyes of E.T. were modeled on those of this 1921 Nobel Prize winner
    $600 2
The Fallen Timbers monument in Toledo, Ohio commemorates a 1794 victory by this "Mad" general
    $600 18
African-American actor Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs played this character on "Welcome Back, Kotter"
    $600 27
This gypsy girl is accused of witchcraft because of the tricks she has taught her pet goat
    $600 21
Developed in this country, the cairn terrier was named for its ability to dig under cairns, or rock heaps, to hunt vermin
    $600 13
In 1990 this brand retired raw umber, a color whose name came from Umbria
    $600 5
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew sizes herself up with an NBA behemoth.) I'm 5'2", & Shawn Bradley is 7'6", so this is the number of inches difference in our heights
    $800 10
In 1778 this frontiersman & his band captured the British settlements of Kaskaskia & Cahokia
    $800 17
Seen here, this co-star of "That '70s Show" was born in 1980
    $800 28
The novel opens on Jan. 6, 1482, during the Feast of Fools & this post-Christmas festival
    $800 22
The largest of the toy breeds, this dog, seen here, still only weighs about 14-18 lbs.
    $800 14
Native to Umbria, the Sangiovese variety of these is grown to produce a popular Italian export
    $800 6
The U.S. National Historic Landmark found in California that moves at a steady 9.5 miles per hour
    $1000 11
This general was appointed president of the Board of War for his victory over Burgoyne at Saratoga
    $1000 16
She's the bespectacled anchor of MSNBC's "A Region in Conflict"
    $1000 29
The novel praises this style of architecture, that of the cathedral
    $1000 23
Bred by eunuchs in Peking, this dog, whose name is Chinese for "lion", was once grouped with the Lhasa apso
    DD: $1,500 15
Running through Umbria are the Tiber & Nera Rivers & the Umbrian Range of this mountain system
    $1000 7
In the 16th c., it was the unusual annual rent paid by the Knights of Malta to Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Bob Leslie Eric
$0 -$600 $5,500

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Bob Leslie Eric
$2,000 $0 $11,100

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: And finally, a variation on a popular category of ours: [*].) (Bob: Oh boy!) (Alex: This is like BEFORE & AFTER, but with an added element. For instance, a response might be, "toy soldier of fortune cookie". All right? Leslie, I bet you're not going to start with that category, are you?) (Leslie: And how right you are!)
    $400 14
Lavinia has her tongue cut out & Tamora is served her own sons baked in a pie in this far-from-tasteful tragedy
    $400 11
He succeeded Janet Reno as Attorney General
    $400 21
Cosima, Liszt's daughter with a countess who wrote under the pen name Daniel Stern, married this "Ring" cyclist
    $400 22
In a 1960 hit song, this man's lover was waiting for him "Beyond The Sea"
    $400 1
Asia's longest river, it rises in China's Kunlun Mountains & empties into the East China Sea near Shanghai
    $400 6
"L.A. Story" comic whose other work includes the 95 Theses & "'Til My Baby Comes Home"
    DD: $6,400 15
He has the nerve to woo a widow beside her father-in-law's coffin, but she marries him anyway
    $800 12
It might ring a bell that he was John Adams' Secretary of State before he became Chief Justice
    $800 27
The 1840s excitement over Liszt was dubbed this (later a movie title) by Heinrich Heine
    $800 23
It's the sports team nickname of Ohio University
    $800 2
The Gulf of Aden guards the southern entrance to this sea
    $800 7
Depicting mobile homes on a space near Boardwalk, it sits under your plate
    $1200 16
Froth is a foolish gentlemen in this comedy whose title begins & ends with the same 7-letter word
    $1200 13
In 1993 this Texan cashed in his Senate seat to become President Clinton's Secretary of the Treasury
    $1200 28
One of Liszt's later works was an 1867 funeral march for this Austrian archduke & emperor of a N. American country
    $1200 24
In 1966 Huey Newton & this man founded the Black Panthers
    $1200 3
This Argentine region's name is Spanish for "big feet", perhaps because Spaniards saw Indians who wore large boots
    $1200 8
Flowing warm through the Atlantic, this rapid succession of ideas increases awareness of social needs
    $1600 19
In "Macbeth", these 3 words immediately precede the line "And damn'd be him that first cries, 'Hold, enough!'"
    DD: $2,000 17
This Defense Secretary under Ronald Reagan received a full pardon for his role in the Iran-Contra affair
    $1600 29
For one of his few songs in English, "Go Not Happy Day", Liszt took his text from this "Light Brigade" poet
    $1600 25
In the 1980s he twice drove Buicks to victory in the Daytona 500
    $1600 4
This last colony in Africa shares part of its name with a desert & is claimed by Morocco
    $1600 9
A 19th century Sioux leader who damages porcelain as a labor union representative
    $2000 20
Guiderius & Arviragus, who pretend to be Polydore & Cadwal, are sons of this title king of Britain
    $2000 18
In 1989 he made a touchdown scoring the job of HUD Secretary
    $2000 30
Liszt's "La Clochette Fantasy" is a difficult piano piece based on this violinist's difficult B minor concerto
    $2000 26
Just as he was to become Speaker of the House in 1999, this Louisiana politician abruptly resigned
    $2000 5
Karafuto is the Japanese name for this large Russian island north of Hokkaido
    $2000 10
The first to score in overtime wins the game between Hemingway's bull book & Debussy's hoofed deity at midday

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Bob Leslie Eric
$14,800 $2,800 $25,500

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In his dictionary, Samuel Johnson self-effacingly defined this job title in part as "a harmless drudge"

Final scores:

Bob Leslie Eric
$29,600 $0 $29,601
2nd place: $25,000 3rd place: $25,000 Finalist

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Bob Leslie Eric
$9,200 $2,800 $27,000
17 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
5 R,
1 W
31 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $39,000

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Game tape date: 2002-03-25
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