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Steve Shimberg, an insurance agent from Melrose, Massachusetts

Leslie Bitner, a law student from Houston, Texas

Tim Toburen, a technical director from Jacksonville, Florida (whose 1-day cash winnings total $18,398)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
A protege of Gorbachev, he became head of the Moscow Communist Party organization in 1985
    $100 6
He not only starred in "City Slickers", he was executive producer
    $100 13
Legend says that Dozmary Pool in Cornwall is where this sword was returned to the Lady of the Lake
    $100 19
These include the bridal type, usually of white net, & the shoulder-length black mourning type
    $100 8
In Genesis 3:19 God told him that he would have to earn his living by the sweat of his brow
    $100 29
In "A Christmas Carol", Scrooge precedes "Humbug" with this interjection
    $200 2
This first leader of the Soviet Union was the son of a provincial director of elementary education
    $200 7
Clint Eastwood played this "Outlaw" in a 1976 film based on the novel "Gone to Texas"
    $200 25
Peterhouse, the first college at this British university, was founded in 1284
    $200 20
Some say this sports jacket was named because it was originally a fiery red color
    $200 9
Lot's wife looked back at this city where she'd lived
    $200 30
It's short for facsimile
    $300 3
Empress Elizabeth, who reigned 1741-1762, was an implacable enemy of this Prussian emperor
    $300 14
In this 1973 Robert Redford-Barbra Streisand film, Streisand appears at a costume party as Harpo Marx
    $300 26
The houses of Parliament are located in this borough of London; so is a famous church
    $300 21
Rather than a full wig, it's a long, single hairpiece used to fill out a woman's coiffure
    $300 10
Noah built an ark & his descendants are credited with this larger, unfinished building project
    $300 27
This term for a spell or charm comes from a German word for "witch"
    $400 4
In 1881 Alexander II was assassinated in this capital by bomb-throwing members of "People's Will"
    $400 15
The world's tallest building, the Glass Tower in San Francisco, is the setting for this 1974 disaster film
    $400 17
When this princess' son David was born in 1961, he was given the title Viscount Linley of Nymans
    $400 22
This coverall combining shirt & trousers & worn by either sex was adapted from an outfit worn by aviators
    $400 11
It was killed for the feast celebrating the return of the Prodigal Son
    $400 24
It can mean once around the track, or to take in liquid with the tongue
    $500 5
This first Russian czar was born in 1530 to Vasily III, Grand Duke of Moscow
    $500 18
This composer was played by Cary Grant in the 1946 musical "Night and Day"
    $500 16
A monument near Abbotsbury commemorates this man to whom Admiral Nelson spoke his dying words
    DD: $2,000 28
From the French for "to comb", it's a sheer robe often worn with a matching nightgown
    $500 12
The name of this queen who tried to kill Elijah has been applied to any scheming, evil woman
    $500 23
An eye, or a royal sphere

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Tim Leslie Steve
$2,300 $1,100 $700

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Tim Leslie Steve
$2,900 $4,600 $1,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 18
All major rivers of Nicaragua drain into this sea
    $200 26
In 1872 this "Waltz King" came to the U.S. to conduct 14 concerts in Boston & 4 in New York
    $200 1
He dedicated his No. 1 bestseller "Dolores Claiborne" to his mother
    $200 6
Also called the tympanic membrane, it divides the external & middle ear
    $200 7
This Union ironclad was launched at Greenpoint, New York January 30, 1862
    $200 12
In this story a beast with blazing eyes is said to have caused the death of Hugo Baskerville
    $400 17
When it reaches Limerick, this Irish river widens to become an estuary
    $400 27
Its second verse begins, "Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be"
    $400 2
1995's David Brinkley Award for excellence in communications was presented by Brinkley to this "Nightline" host
    $400 22
In women, these egg-producing gonads are about the size & shape of an almond
    $400 8
In 1954 this village where the South surrendered was made a national historical park
    $400 13
Part I of "Gulliver's Travels" is titled "A Voyage to" this land of 6-inch people
    $600 16
Cape Musandam is separated from the rest of Oman by this country, the UAE
    $600 28
In 1992 this country superstar's "The Chase" entered the country & pop album charts at No. 1
    $600 3
This late attorney general would have turned 70 on November 20, 1995
    $600 23
This organ receives blood from 2 sources, the hepatic artery & the portal vein
    $600 9
2 battles occurred near Manassas, Virginia along this creek
    $600 21
Jack Kerouac's 1962 novel "Big Sur" continued the story started in this 1957 book
    $800 15
The Thar Desert covers over 75,000 square miles in the Indian state of Rajasthan & in this country
    $800 29
In 1951 a trombonist in The Herd taped a rare session with Charlie Parker & this band leader
    DD: $1,200 4
This woman who inspired a musical was quoted, "I was a pest. That poor convent couldn't have stood me."
    $800 24
After the femur, it's the longest bone in the body
    $800 10
This Confederate vice president was called "Little Ellick" because of his 100-pound weight
    $800 20
His 1927 collection of short stories "Men Without Woman" included "The Killer" & "The Undefeated"
    $1000 14
Although it's South Africa's longest river at about 1300 miles, no part of it is navigable
    $1000 30
In 1995 this 1977 Fleetwood Mac LP became the USA's second best-selling album of all time
    $1000 5
The famous Vanity Fair cover photo of a nude, pregnant Demi Moore was taken by this woman
    DD: $2,500 25
The name of this gland indicates that it lies "upon the kidney"
    $1000 11
This prison near Americus, Georgia was a 26-acre long stockade with a stream flowing through it
    $1000 19
Sinclair Lewis' novel "Main Street" is set in the town of Gopher Prairie in this state

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Tim Leslie Steve
$5,500 $13,300 $3,600
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

According to the terms of the 22nd Amendment, it's the maximum number of years one can serve as president

Final scores:

Tim Leslie Steve
$501 $11,300 $5
2nd place: Dynamark home security system & pair of Hammerman diamond rings New champion: $11,300 3rd place: Pair of Sigma Binoculars

Game dynamics:

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Coryat scores:

Tim Leslie Steve
$5,500 $10,300 $4,800
16 R,
1 W
23 R
(including 2 DDs),
2 W
15 R,
2 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $20,600

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