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Tim Aten game 4.


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Wendi Rottweiler, a librarian from South Brunswick, New Jersey

Jaime Ryan, a technology strategist from San Marcos, California

Tim Aten, an editor from Vermilion, Ohio (whose 3-day cash winnings total $56,300)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: ...for those of you people who like to travel in America.)
(Alex: We need you to identify each paper denomination...)
    $200 8
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) The Great Loop, the circumnavigation of eastern North America via lakes, rivers & intracoastal waterways, was popularized by a couple who made the trip after departing from this Florida spring break Mecca in a 40-foot trawler in 1994
    $200 7
In 2010, she became the youngest recipient of the Mark Twain prize for humor
    $200 11
As this! It means "in case that"
    $200 9
A pyramid with a creepy eye is seen here
    $200 4
Overlord: launched in this month, 1944
    $200 14
Zocor is a statin, used to lower the bad type of this
    $400 23
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports.) Loopers don't want to arrive at Waterford, New York before May 1st, around the annual time that this historic passage opens to boat traffic
    $400 6
At her New York funeral in 2014, this beloved comedienne was described as "brassy in public" & "classy in private"
    $400 12
This conjunction used to show the first of 2 options is a homophone of a word for atmospheric conditions
    $400 18
The loser of an 1804 duel
    $400 5
Eagle Claw: abortive 1980 attempt to free hostages in this country
    $400 15
The "D" in Zyrtec-D stands for this, which will help your stuffy nose
    $600 28
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports.) Leaving Lake Michigan, loopers take either the northern Sanitary & Ship Canal or the southern Calumet-Sag channel right through this metropolis
    $600 1
Before starring on the big screen in films like "Spy" & "The Boss", she played Sookie on "Gilmore Girls"
    $600 13
This conjunction precedes "that" to mean in order that, & in another form, precedes la-ti-do
    $600 19
The sage of Monticello
    $600 10
Breadbasket: boycott of discriminatory businesses begun in 1962 by the SCLC, this
    $600 16
Zantac claims that "no pill relieves" this ailment "faster"
    $800 29
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports.) On the western portion of the trip, loopers cruise several stately rivers including the Mississippi, the Tennessee & this one between Cairo & Paducah
    $800 2
Her blog offers "insights from the original domestic goddess"
    $800 26
Nevertheless, this 3-letter conjunction means "still" or "though"
    DD: $1,200 20
The White House & the man who moved in in 1829
    $800 24
Wrath of God: covert Israeli campaign to avenge the deaths of Olympic athletes in this city
    $800 17
The "Z" in a Z-Pak is zithromax, this type of drug
    $1000 3
Join this funny lady in "Sandy Land", her daily show on Andy Cohen's Sirius XM radio channel
    $1000 27
Meaning "it being the fact that", it begins many official documents like the Emancipation Proclamation
    $1000 21
The victor of Vicksburg
    $1000 25
Chromite: the surprise 1950 U.S. landing at this Korean port
    $1000 22
Zipsor is a NSAID, short for a nonsteroidal this type of drug

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Tim Jaime Wendi
$2,200 $1,000 $0

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Tim Jaime Wendi
$6,800 $3,600 $0

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 1
To visit the room in Petersen House where this man died, you can use the ticket you bought to tour Ford's Theatre
    $400 25
He had a "Close Encounter" with "The Blues Brothers" as a Cook County assessor's office clerk
    $400 16
American Eagle gold bullion coins are an alloy of 91.67% gold, 3% silver & the rest is this metal, symbol Cu
    $400 21
"The Black Christ" is a 1929 collection of Countee Cullen, one of the finest poets of this NYC literary movement
    $400 10
Editor's choices at include the Breville Barista Express, a fine maker of this 3 "S" product
    $400 2
It's a cracking word for the crack of dawn
    $800 7
"Reflect" upon it & tell us the name of this room in Versailles where Marie-Antoinette's masked wedding ball occurred
    $800 20
In 1986 solders containing this metal were banned from use in drinking water systems
    $800 22
In "Paul Revere's Ride", "It was one by the village clock, when he galloped into" this place
    $800 11
In 2011 this 3-letter internet giant bought the Huffington Post; in 2015 it was bought in turn by Verizon
    $800 3
In the 1960s someone had the bright idea to coin this hyphenated term for a very bright type of paint
    $1200 8
Archaeologists have recently identified the curia of Pompey, the room where this man was murdered
    $1200 19
This alloy that's now at least 90% tin has a melting point around 500 degrees, so go ahead and pour a hot drink in your mug
    $1200 23
In this Robert Frost poem, we are told that "two roads diverged in a yellow wood"
    $1200 12
Tech reports at include Steven Vaughn-Nichols' blogs on this open source O.S. created by Linus Torvalds
    $1200 4
It means a second-guesser, literally, one who knows just what Andrew Luck should have done the day before
    $1600 9
In 1618 in a room of Prague Castle, imperial agents Slavata & Borita of Martinic left the room this way
    $1600 27
Long after "The Maltese Falcon", this director played the sinister Noah Cross in 1974's "Chinatown"
    DD: $2,400 18
From the Greek for "soften", it's any alloy of mercury & another metal, such as silver in dental fillings
    $1600 24
"O attic shape!" & "Cold pastoral!" exclaims Keats in his "Ode on" this vessel
    $1600 13
In July 1996 these 3 letters first preceded .ca & you could get online news from P.E.I. to B.C.
    $1600 5
Any time of the week, it's an old-fashioned 2-word term for a female office assistant
    DD: $3,400 15
The ark of the covenant was kept in the temple of Solomon in a room with this repetitive name
    $2000 26
He was "Gung Ho" to play Steve in "American Graffiti"
    $2000 17
Stainless steel is stainless because of this element often used to plate household appliances & machine parts
    $2000 14
This forerunner of the internet that also ends in "net" was an arm of the U.S. Defense Department
    $2000 6
Originally it meant a religious holiday marked in color on a calendar

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Tim Jaime Wendi
$12,400 $4,200 $2,800
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

1 of 2 states whose first-ever electoral votes were cast for Woodrow Wilson

Final scores:

Tim Jaime Wendi
$15,000 $2,800 $2,100
4-day champion: $71,300 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Tim Jaime Wendi
$12,000 $6,800 $2,800
20 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
11 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
(including 1 DD)
8 R,
6 W

Combined Coryat: $21,600

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Game tape date: 2016-08-30
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