Show #7405 - Friday, November 18, 2016

2016 Teen Tournament semifinal game 3.
From DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.


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Apurva Kanneganti, a senior from Germantown, Tennessee

Antonio Karides, a junior from Severna Park, Maryland

Michael Borecki, a junior from Darien, Connecticut

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: All of those words in quotation marks, so one of them is gonna come up in each correct response.)
    $200 6
Since the 1890s people have used this word for a meal that combines the day's first & second ones; pass the lox
    $200 21
This song was written in 1859 & by the end of the Civil War, its title was a nickname for the South
    $200 28
Brixton Metals has the stock symbol BBB; this home essentials store got BBBY
    $200 30
This title character was inspired by stories Rick Riordan told his son about the gods & heroes in Greek mythology
    $200 29
Mr. Krabs & Plankton, not getting along swimmingly
    $200 27
The sea nettle is one of these blobby creatures with stinging tentacles
    $400 7
This federal holiday falls between Independence Day & Columbus Day
    $400 19
In 1711 this Alabama city fittingly "moved" from 27 Mile Bluff to its current location
    $400 23
In 2012 the founder of this office superstore told the GOP convention how Mitt Romney helped launch the company
    $400 20
This author's official bio can be found at
    $400 22
Damon & Stefan Salvatore, brothers who can suck up the scenery
    $400 26
A schedule of events
    $600 15
Alphabetically, it's the chemical element between strontium & tantalum
    $600 5
In 1817 U.S. troops invaded Florida in pursuit of this tribe
    $600 4
This delivery co. says it covers "more than 220 countries & territories" & links "more than 99% of the world's GDP"
    $600 9
She is the author of "Insurgent", the second book in a series
    $600 13
Candace, who spends all her time trying to expose the tinkering of her brothers
    $600 25
In a table setting, it's placed on its own small plate above the forks
    $800 17
These 4 pointy teeth are between your premolars & your incisors
    DD: $1,000 1
A bluish color, or the dye that was also a major product of 18th century South Carolina
    $800 10
In 1999, this shark & a pal sold their to Yahoo! for $5.7 billion
    $800 2
She was inspired to write "The Princess Diaries" when her mom began dating her teacher, just like Mia's mom in the book
    $800 11
Sam & Dean Winchester battle inner & outer demons
    $800 16
This candy made of caramelized sugar & a legume is easily broken-- but that's the point!
    $1000 18
It sounds like the solar system's biggest moon, but it's No. 2, between Ganymede & Callisto
    $1000 3
A red post that marked a border between 2 tribes is long gone, but this state capital named for it is there
    $1000 14
This casual clothing company debuted its "initial" catalog in 1983
    $1000 8
Mark Haddon, who worked with people with autism, made his main character autistic in this "Curious" novel
    $1000 12
Peter Pan, Robin Hood & Captain Hook live fairy tale lives on ABC
    $1000 24
Alliterative name for chunks of Styrofoam that spill all over the floor when unpacking a box you've received

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Michael Antonio Apurva
$4,000 $800 $3,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Michael Antonio Apurva
$7,400 $1,400 $5,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Each correct response will begin with that letter.)
(Alex: Each correct response will rhyme with either "life" or the word "love".)
    $400 4
There are sore toes after performances of this Russian's "Sleeping Beauty" ballet; it's nearly 3 hours long
    $400 24
In the film "Up", Carl Fredricksen is a retired salesman of these; he uses a few to get away from it all
    $400 23
Arawak Indians inhabited this island when Europeans landed there in 1492
    $400 15
At a wedding feast at Cana, Jesus performed his first recorded miracle, turning water into this
    $400 1
A roentgen is a unit of measure of the amount of exposure to these, discovered by Roentgen
    $400 12
This bird is an emblem of peace
    $800 8
Joan Tower's 1986 "Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman" is modeled on Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for" him
    $800 25
In the 2010 movie called this "Legacy", light cycles were used as transport inside a virtual world
    $800 22
A folk dance called the kolo is popular in this former Yugoslav republic
    $800 16
In the 23rd Psalm this occupation is mentioned before "I shall not want"
    $800 2
Silicon & germanium are examples of these materials with resistivity between that of conductors & insulators
    $800 18
The word for this household member may go back to an Indo-European word for "veiled one"
    $1200 13
France's Louis XV took a liking to "Spring" from this Vivaldi work & ordered it played at unexpected moments
    $1200 11
Elliott & E.T. make a memorable ride on one of these against a backdrop of the moon
    DD: $4,000 10
It's a small New Hampshire town as well as an ancient name for Palestine
    $1200 21
While Moses was on Mount Sinai, Aaron helped the Israelites construct this idol using their jewelry
    $1200 5
The gears in a clock are examples of the simple machine called a wheel & this
    $1200 19
As a verb, it can mean to catch a baseball
    $1600 3
He was knighted in 1883; his operetta-writing partner Gilbert waited until 1907
    $1600 28
(Kelly of the Clue Crew stands with a car.) This instantly recognizable car is a real version of the Mach Five driven by this animated hero, known in Japan as Go Mifune
    $1600 7
About 1/4 of this Central American country's land has been set aside as protected area for the nation's diverse wildlife
    $1600 26
This gospel writer & "beloved physician" made many missionary trips
    DD: $2,000 6
Ground effects on race cars are to keep the tires on the track, fighting this 4-letter force that tries to raise them
    $1600 20
A high-pitched marching band instrument
    $2000 14
The Chopin piece nicknamed the "Heroic" is one of these dances whose name refers to Chopin's homeland
    $2000 29
In "Jupiter Ascending", this actor gets around on his cool boots that can levitate
    $2000 9
This Welsh capital was once known as "The Coal Metropolis of the World"
    $2000 27
This prophet told King Darius, "My God hath sent his angel and hath shut the lions' mouths"
    $2000 17
A subatomic particle consisting of a quark & an antiquark, the J particle is also called by this Greek-letter name

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Michael Antonio Apurva
$25,400 -$4,200 $8,600
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

These 2 words are just 1 letter different; one is a whirlpool & the other a geometry term for a meeting point

Final scores:

Michael Antonio Apurva
$25,400 -$4,200 $17,200
Finalist 3rd place: $10,000 2nd place: $10,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Michael Antonio Apurva
$22,000 -$4,200 $8,600
30 R
(including 3 DDs),
2 W
8 R,
6 W
13 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $26,400

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Game tape date: 2016-04-13
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