Show #7399 - Thursday, November 10, 2016

2016 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 2.
From DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.


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Emily LaMonica, a senior from Sayreville, New Jersey

Sabrina Duong, a sophomore from La Jolla, California

Jack Bekos, a junior from Elm Grove, Wisconsin

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: A lot of stuff happened.)
(Alex: You have to name the state.)
(Alex: You don't have to name the state.)
    $200 3
"That's no blizzard. That's my sister"
    $200 21
On May 18, 1954 The New York Times headlined, "High Court Bans School" this divisive practice
    $200 8
It comes before "Dane" in the name of a really good dog breed
    $200 10
Aptly describing what's on it, this 3-word nickname is used for the U.S. national flag
    $200 1
In this state it's 18 miles southeast of Macon
    $200 26
Here are some cheesy-centered poppers made with these dark green chilies named for the capital of Veracruz, Mexico
    $400 4
"We are all connected in the great circle of life"
    $400 22
In 1981 Ananda Chakrabarty received a patent for a life form made of just 1 this
    $400 9
It's orange, it's a root, it can make fries, it's this kind of "potato"
    $400 14
All 4 verses of "The Star-Spangled Banner" end with these 4 words
    $400 2
20 miles southwest of Jefferson City
    $400 27
Buitoni makes a 4-cheese-filled version of these square pasta pillows
    $600 5
"A lie keeps growing and growing until it's as plain as the nose on your face"
    $600 23
In May 1940 he became prime minister & began inspiring the British people
    $600 11
A slogan popularized in the 1960s said "black is" this, highly pleasing to the sight
    $600 15
Dating back to the War of 1812, this symbol is usually depicted as a bearded man wearing red, white & blue
    $600 16
In Avoyelles Parish, southeast of Marksville
    $600 28
Yellow & white fondant gives this Easter candy its gooey center
    $800 6
"I shall call him Squishy & he shall be mine. & he shall be my Squishy. Come here, Squishy"
    $800 24
John, Paul, George & Ringo arrived in the U.S., bringing this 11-letter contagion
    $800 12
This adjective meaning "really big" comes from ancient Greek for a really big statue
    $800 18
Following the death of George Washington a few days before, it was sounded on December 18, 1799
    $800 17
In Rutland in Worcester County
    $800 29
French for "lightning" gives us the name of this cream-filled oblong pastry
    $1000 7
"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind"
    $1000 25
In 1949 mainland China became a Communist state with this man as its leader
    $1000 13
Baseball player Lefty Gomez is credited with the line "I'd rather be" this "than good"
    DD: $1,600 19
Of the genus Haliaeetus, it represents strength & courage
    $1000 20
10 miles southwest of Brainerd
    $1000 30
Stuffed with cheese, these Jewish pancakes have been sautéed to a golden brown

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Jack Sabrina Emily
$800 $400 $4,600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Jack Sabrina Emily
$4,200 $800 $9,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 27
Corrupt 1880s elections led the U.S. to adopt this type of paper ballot so other people don't know who you voted for
    $400 20
Inhaling some of this second-lightest element makes your voice sound all funny
    $400 15
You saw some wild moves & costumes if you caught her "Bangerz" tour
    $400 8
Jesus let his disciples pick grain on this day of rest & said it "was made for man, and not man for" it
    $400 5
This tragedy has it all! Poison in the ear, on a sword & in some wine, & the title guy giving his royal mom advice about her sex life!
    $400 23
It starts a football game
    $800 28
Big excitement in 1995 when this company launched Windows 95 & the Internet Explorer browser
    $800 21
(Sarah of the Clue Crew bends a chicken bone like rubber.) Look what happens when a strong, healthy bone is soaked in vinegar; the acidic acid dissolves this key element, atomic No. 20; without it, the bone becomes soft & weak
    $800 16
In 2016 at age 25 she got her fourth Academy Award nomination, this time for "Joy"
    $800 9
With the help of the angel Gabriel, Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, had his first visions in a cave near this city
    $800 4
In this play why does a friar have a potion that can simulate death?
    $800 6
To scrape up your shoes
    $1200 24
This 3-letter dirt-track bicycling event was new at the Olympics in 2008
    $1200 22
In an idiom something that fails to arouse any interest is said to "go over like a" balloon made of this metal
    $1200 17
In July 2014 her sweet 16 celebrations included a Pitbull concert on the South Lawn of the White House
    DD: $3,000 10
From the Greek for "many gods", it's the belief in multiple divine beings as opposed to only one
    DD: $2,400 2
2 lines, back to back in this play:
Regan: "Hang him instantly";
Goneril: "Pluck out his eyes";
'nuff said
    $1200 7
This Arizona city is home to Lowell Observatory, from where Pluto was discovered
    $1600 29
These "curiously strong" mints were introduced way back in the 1780s to relieve stomach problems
    $1600 25
"God bless" this radioactive element, atomic No. 95, that was first produced by a team of U.S. chemists in 1944
    $1600 18
Country star Hunter Hayes was a teenager in Louisiana when he got interest from a music publisher & moved to this city
    $1600 11
The Sunday after Pentecost is the feast of this, also called the Godhead
    $1600 1
This play gets a huge body count all because Cassio got the promotion the villain desired
    $1600 13
It's another name for the pope
    $2000 30
In the mid-1800s Etienne Lenoir made the first commercially successful engine with internal this & even put it in a car
    $2000 26
Alphabetically, it's the first chemical element to have a single-letter symbol
    $2000 19
She played Sam on "iCarly" & on the spinoff "Sam & Cat"
    $2000 12
A guji is a high priest of a large shrine in this religion of Japan
    $2000 3
3 creepy ladies say a guy'll be king, so he has to kill the top dog & order a hit on his pal in this play? That's. messed. up.
    $2000 14
This officer, from the Old French for "custody", maintains order in a courtroom

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Jack Sabrina Emily
$11,600 $9,600 $24,000
(lock game)

Final Jeopardy! Round

Roughly half the size of Texas, it's the largest structure made by living creatures & can even be seen from space

Final scores:

Jack Sabrina Emily
$5,600 $45 $23,201
2nd place: $5,000 if eliminated 3rd place: $5,000 if eliminated Automatic semifinalist

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Jack Sabrina Emily
$9,200 $8,400 $24,000
14 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W
10 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
29 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $41,600

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Game tape date: 2016-04-12
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