Show #1358 - Wednesday, June 27, 1990

Dan Katz game 2.


Dee Brady, a teacher from San Antonio, Texas

Paul Levy, a graphic designer originally from Brooklyn, New York

Dan Katz, an attorney originally from Baltimore, Maryland (whose 1-day cash winnings total $8,200)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 16
Though only 146 square miles, this strip of land occupied by Israel since 1967 is often in the news
    $100 18
The god of this was called Huitzilopochtli by the Aztecs & Ra by the Egyptians
    $100 1
1 of 3 Major League teams named for a state rather than a city
    $100 26
Sea otters eat while floating in this position
    $100 6
He played Bond in "Thunderball"
    $100 11
One lupine animal dressed like a lamb
    $200 17
The volcano on this island west of Java erupted n 1883 causing a tidal wave that killed 36,000 people
    $200 20
In Norwegian classrooms, instruction is given in this religion, but students can be excused
    $200 2
In 1927 this Yankee duo accounted for 107 home runs--1/4 of the American League total
    $200 27
The shell of the quahog variety of this bivalve was used as wampum by the Indians
    $200 7
Art Carney, Paul Newman & Billy Crystal all played title characters with this first name
    $200 12
Throw a short-handled ax in a hole & cover it with dirt
    $300 19
This low country's province of Luxembourg is bigger than the country of Luxembourg
    $300 21
The Mishnah & the Gemara comprise the body of Jewish law & learning known as this
    $300 3
In 1989 this team played only 17 night games at home, fewest in the Major Leagues
    $300 28
Tho most of these spiny animals in the class asteroidea have 5 arms, some may have over 40
    $300 8
Dean Martin played this secret agent in 4 films
    $300 13
What's your opinion of those winesaps?
    $400 24
In Czechoslovakia this river, where U.S. & Soviet forces met in WWII is known as the Labe
    DD: $800 22
These 2 religions have been a part of Japanese life since the 6th century
    $400 4
In 1980 this K.C. Royals 3rd baseman hit .390, the highest average since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941
    $400 29
On sea lions & fur seals these sensory organs are external, while on true seals they're indented
    $400 9
They co-starred in "Ironweed" & "Heartburn"
    $400 14
Lachrymose droplets shed by certain large reptiles
    $500 25
The main thoroughfare in Venice, Italy is this canal that divides the city in 2
    $500 23
On March 12, 1939 Eugenio Pacelli, who took this papal name, began a reign that lasted until 1958
    $500 5
In 1989 Kent Tekulve broke Hoyt Wilhelm's record for most games played at this position
    $500 30
Fishermen in the Orient put rings around the necks of these birds so they won't swallow the fish they catch
    $500 10
His film debut as a cadet in "Taps" in 1981 might have prepared him for "Casualties of War" in 1989
    $500 15
Males rarely attempt amorous overtures when dealing with bespectacled females

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Dan Paul Dee
$2,900 $1,100 $0

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Dan Paul Dee
$4,700 $2,300 $1,300

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 26
They took Spain from the Carthaginians, & the Visigoths took it from them
    $200 15
"Measure for Measure" is the only Shakespeare play that opens in this Austrian city
    $200 13
Since 1894 a 37-foot statue of this founder of Philadelphia has stood atop the city hall
    $200 1
Dadaist leader Marcel Duchamp painted a moustache on a reproduction of this famous da Vinci work
    $200 2
Ads tell us this food has "36 calories a pat, same as margarine"
    $200 8
This co-winner of the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize was America's 1st foreign-born Sec'y of State
    $400 27
This agency founded by Ferdinand & Isabella even investigated St. Ignatius Loyola
    $400 16
He killed Hamlet's father by pouring poison into his ear
    $400 14
Each year nearly a million people visit this red brick colonial building first known as the Pennsylvania State House
    $400 7
This painter's landscapes drew compliments at a Manet exhibition, much to the chagrin of Manet
    $400 3
The leaves of this vegetable are eaten with the fingers; the heart with a knife & fork
    $400 9
In December 1985 he threatened to resign if required to take a polygraph test
    $600 28
Sapin lost this to Great Britain in the Succession Wars of 1701-14 & still wants it back
    $600 17
She was King Lear's oldest daughter
    $600 20
The city's largest school of higher learning is this university at which Bill Cosby earned his B.A.
    $600 23
Honoré Daumier went to prison for caricaturing King Louis Philippe as this fictional giant
    $600 4
The literal translation of the Italian "tutti frutti"
    DD: $1,500 10
Prior to serving a record 34 yrs. as Chief Justice, he was John Adams' Sec'y of State for 9 months
    $800 29
During the Spanish-American War it was King Alfonso XIII against this U.S. President
    DD: $1,000 18
1 of the 2 Shakespeare plays with 1-word titles that begin with "C"
    $800 21
In 1983 this Democrat was elected the city's first black mayor
    $800 24
It's not known for sure if painters Hubert & Jan who had this last name were brothers
    $800 5
The name for this fluffy baked dish made with eggs comes from the French for "to blow"
    $800 11
In April 1980 Pres. Carter selected this Maine senator to succeed Cyrus Vance as Sec'y of State
    $1000 30
In 1556 King Charles I abdicated & retired to one of these
    $1000 19
Richard II, Richard III & Henry VIII all had wives with this name
    $1000 22
One of Philadelphia's two daily newspapers
    $1000 25
Dutch artist who called his rigidly geometric style "Neoplasticism"
    $1000 6
In cooking a farce is this, & hopefully yours won't turn out funny
    $1000 12
FDR called this Sec'y of State the "Father of the U.N." for his efforts in organizing that world body

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Dan Paul Dee
$6,500 $6,000 $4,700

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Harry Bailly, host of the Tabard Inn, serves as the M.C. in this collection of stories

Final scores:

Dan Paul Dee
$12,001 $12,000 $200
2-day champion: $20,201 2nd place: Keller dining furniture & Wurlitzer Rosemont clock 3rd place: Technics compact disc changer & NES with Family + Junior versions of Jeopardy! + Wheel of Fortune

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Dan Paul Dee
$6,100 $7,500 $4,500
20 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
22 R,
4 W
(including 1 DD)
8 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W

Combined Coryat: $18,100

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Game tape date: 1990-02-12
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