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Megan Metcalf, a public interest attorney from Nashville, Tennessee

Len Mucci, an investment associate originally from Washington Township, New Jersey

Amelia Hershberger, a management analyst from Albany, New York (whose 1-day cash winnings total $21,200)

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Jeopardy! Round

BACK IN 2006
    $200 6
Yep, it's been a while--he became NFL commissioner on September 1
    $200 11
Pleasant music:
____ candy
    $200 16
Tory Burch's first fragrance has notes of this genus, whether tangerine or lime we're not sure
    $200 3
The full title calls Othello one of these people "of Venice"
    $200 21
A heavy steel blade with a 45-degree edge ran in grooves in the posts of this execution device
    $400 7
A kidnapping by this Gaza Strip organization began the 5-year captivity of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit
    $400 12
A total babe:
____ candy
    $400 17
This "Modern Family" star loves her "Love" scent so much, she let Ryan Seacrest give her wrist a whiff at the 2015 Emmys
    $400 2
Portia disguises herself as a lawyer in this play
    $400 22
From the Latin for "saw-shaped", it's an adjective for a knife designed to cut soft foods like tomatoes & bread
    $400 26
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from a hanger at the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta, GA.) Stars who've flown on Atlanta-based Delta over the years include these two, who had a big premiere just up the road in 1939
    $600 8
This Edvard Munch painting stolen 2 years before & said to be worth $100 million was recovered
    $600 13
Hard effort:
____ grease
    $600 18
If you ever said, "I wanna smell like this 'Marley & Me' actress", then you're in luck with her same-named perfume
    $600 1
She's seen here with her father Prospero in a 19th-century production
    $600 23
In the 1640s the French army became the first to use this long blade attached to the barrel of a musket
    $800 9
This man was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice
    $800 14
A type of party:
    $800 19
A longtime "Project Runway" judge, this American man offered both White Luminous Gold & Rose Radiant Gold
    DD: $1,000 4
Frank Ford is a jealous husband while George Page is a trusting one in this play
    $800 24
On this nation's flag, a scimitar appears above a declaration called the Shahada
    $800 28
Margot Robbie played one of the glamorous stewardesses on this '60s-set TV show named for a defunct airline
    $1000 10
This president of Iran announced the nation had "joined the nuclear countries of the world"
    $1000 15
A little device to transfer data:
____ drive
    $1000 20
Known for its expensive Italian handbags, this brand wants you to try its expensive Italian fragrance Bamboo
    $1000 5
This son of Duncan gets the last word in "Macbeth"
    $1000 25
The name of these people who invaded England in the 5th century may come from a dagger traditionally worn by them
    $1000 27
This co-star of "On Golden Pond" got flying lessons from Howard Hughes

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Amelia Len Megan
$3,400 -$1,000 -$600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Amelia Len Megan
$6,200 -$1,600 $1,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 30
Gravitation is an effect of distortion of time & space by matter, according to the theory of general this
    $400 1
In 2012 Trent Grimsey swam it in a record 6 hours, 55 minutes
    $400 4
That fun, intense time of year when college fraternities & sororities recruit new students
    $400 7
The Romans considered the sun a god & gave him this 3-letter name
    $400 13
"Masters of Sex" stars Michael Sheen as Dr. William Masters & Lizzy Caplan as this research partner
    $400 29
A statue of Apollo was one of the first large bronzes excavated from this city destroyed in 79 A.D.
    $800 25
In Jungian theory primordial images of stories or characters aren't just regular "types" but these
    DD: $1,400 2
The Corsica Channel separates Corsica from this other island where Napoleon lived
    $800 9
What the couple seen here is doing
    $800 8
Apple's website says you can ask this entity to find the best sushi place or show you the constellation Orion
    $800 14
This former TV "Friend" stars as a version of himself on the Showtime series "Episodes"
    $800 18
Because of their proximity to us, Apollo asteroids are on NASA's table of NEOs, short for these
    DD: $3,200 26
On April 7, 1954 Pres. Eisenhower spoke about this theory regarding the effects of the fall of French Indochina
    $1200 3
Ushuaia, Argentina is the largest city on this channel named for a ship that surveyed the area in 1833 & 1834
    $1200 10
4-word expression meaning ordinary
    $1200 22
With his daughter Lucy, this British physicist authored a kids' book called "George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt"
    $1200 15
On a Showtime series, Jeremy Irons was the head of this 15th century Italian family
    $1200 19
Bratislava's Apollo Bridge spans this lengthy European river
    $1600 27
A branch of math, this 11-letter theory uses dice & card games but may be best known for examining coin flip outcomes
    $1600 5
A channel called Rich Passage separates relatively rich Bainbridge Island from this state's Kitsap Peninsula
    $1600 11
This species of hummingbird
    $1600 23
A long work by Ezra Pound is titled "The" these; he completed 117 of them
    $1600 16
This series starring Don Cheadle & Kristen Bell is based on a book about management consultants
    $1600 20
This choreographer's 1928 ballet "Apollo" was the first work of his neoclassical style
    $2000 28
On "Big Bang Theory" Sheldon debated loop quantum gravity ("balderdash") vs. this advanced physics theory
    $2000 6
This channel seen here is one of the few places home to the coelacanth, a prehistoric fish
    $2000 12
It's also called a Swedish turnip
    $2000 24
He may not look like it here, but the surname of this four-time British prime minister begins with a happy word
    $2000 17
On a documentary series, this comedy legend takes viewers "Inside Comedy"
    $2000 21
In 1975 an Apollo spacecraft docked with this in the first joint U.S.-Soviet space mission

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Amelia Len Megan
$9,400 $2,400 $12,800

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Final Jeopardy! Round

For factual details, the author of this 1972 tale drew on a book called "The Private Life of the Rabbit"

Final scores:

Amelia Len Megan
$15,800 $4,799 $6,799
2-day champion: $37,000 3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Amelia Len Megan
$9,400 $5,600 $13,200
14 R,
1 W
12 R,
6 W
(including 1 DD)
20 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $28,200

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Game tape date: Unknown
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