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Pat DeVane, a graduate student originally from Wheaton, Illinois

Shayna Kravetz, an educator and writer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Matt Pressman, a graduate student in history from Somerville, Massachusetts (whose 1-day cash winnings total $13,800)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: And there is a theme in [*], and if you discover it early on, it will help you.)
    $200 6
You're "engaged" if you know that annelids, or segmented worms, are divided into annulations, these shapes
    $200 7
Based in Connecticut, this company had $21.4 billion in revenue in fiscal 2013; copy that!
    $200 22
(I'm NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson.) I got a crash course in working with a teleprompter in 2013, when I became the first athlete to co-host this ESPN flagship program
    $200 11
A 6-letter synonym for peanut
    $200 17
This intricate Spanish favorite with sudden pauses & sharp turns is also the name of a 1928 Ravel composition
    $200 1
The trees on this Mediterranean island nation are downright sprucy
    $400 27
Crikey! An Australian type of this common garden annelid can grow to 13 feet in length
    $400 8
Last name of Michael, who in 1984 with $1,000 began a co. called PC's Limited; in 2014 Michael was worth $21.9 billion
    $400 23
In 2014 she not only co-hosted the Golden Globe Awards, she also won for "Parks and Recreation"
    $400 12
One who receives a present, 6 letters
    $400 18
Kick up your heels to this Baroque dance in 3/4 time
    $400 2
They say McGrath's Fish House in this state capital has good meals
    $600 28
Sure, they're creepy & crawly, but many annelids are also bio-this, capable of producing light
    $600 9
In 2014 The Economist said this company was "burying the Hachette" over e-book prices
    $600 24
Spend part of "Today" with these ladies
    $600 13
A social blunder, 5 letters
    DD: $1,500 19
Swing dances include the Lindy Hop & this frenetic one whose name means "a nervous person"
    $600 3
To get to this mountainous Asian country, take a plane
    $800 29
The giant Amazon type of this annelid uses its 6-inch proboscis as a needle to suck blood from its host
    $800 10
Hold the phone! This began as a small export company in Korea in 1938; electronics fired up in 1969
    $800 25
This Brit hosts "Last Week Tonight" on HBO
    $800 14
Between gavotte & gaze, this 4-letter word for to stare stupidly
    $800 20
This dance's name is today a synonym for something easily accomplished
    $800 4
Many in this peninsular country are priests, but most are members of the laity
    $1000 16
Norton Security Services are part of this company that sounds like it means "related to meaning"
    $1000 26
"Loveline" featured Adam Carolla, Diane Farr & this Doctor who also helped on "Celebrity Rehab"
    $1000 15
It's an 8-letter adverb meaning "in a spherical way"
    $1000 21
This dance may have been a "drag", but it was all the rage on college campuses in the late '20s
    $1000 5
We kissed at this river's source in the Czech Republic & I'd like a redo

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Matt Shayna Pat
$2,400 $2,800 $2,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Matt Shayna Pat
$4,600 $6,700 $3,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 6
"They needed a second chance to finish first" was a tagline for this 1986 Gene Hackman film
    $400 11
This author of "The Hotel New Hampshire" was born in New Hampshire in 1942
    $400 1
Turn 180 degrees from the position of attention!
    $400 19
Positive, negative or zero, the electric type of this is a basic property of elementary particles
    $400 16 Poland, where I was born in 1810; the rest of me is de-composing in Paris
    $400 20
At Market & Powell Streets, you'll find the southern turntable for these conveyances
    $800 7
Michael Jordan & other NBA stars teamed with Looney Tunes characters to defeat aliens in this 1996 film
    $800 12
Her uncle was president of Chile from 1970 to 1973
    $800 2
One of these by Leonardo da Vinci is seen here
    $800 27
In medicine, depressants are the opposite of these, which include adrenaline & caffeine
    $800 17 this ancient Greek town, far from the rest of me in Lausanne; I am ancient-games reviver Pierre de Coubertin
    $800 21
The Giants' home base is at 24 this plaza named for the beloved No. 24
    $1200 8
Former NBA player Bob Lanier was hired to coach Woody Harrelson & Wesley Snipes for this 1992 film
    $1200 13
Tales of bounty hunters chasing down escaped slaves inspired her to write "Beloved"
    DD: $3,000 3
It's a synonym for Old English, spoken before about 1150
    $1200 28
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows some video on the monitor.) At lift-off, the Space Shuttle's 4 million-pound solid rocket boosters provided 71% of this propulsive force; the main engines provided the rest
    $1200 18 Rouen in 1199; hear it roar for the royal rest of me
    $1200 22
The 1960s home of the Grateful Dead was 710 this street, near the intersection with Haight
    $1600 9
This Bucks, Celtics & Heat sharpshooter played a high school phenom in Spike Lee's "He Got Game"
    $1600 14
He was a staff writer for the New Yorker before writing novels like "Rabbit, Run"
    $1600 4
Making no net contribution to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere
    $1600 29
Arthur Eddington used the image of this object, a weapon & indicator, to explore why time only goes forward
    $1600 25 my beloved Wessex; the ashes of the rest of me were interred in Westminster Abbey's Poets' Corner
    $1600 23
This famously crooked street winds down Russian Hill
    $2000 10
In a 1978 pilot, coach Ken Howard: "I'll be behind you every step of the way"; Kevin Hooks: "Yeah, like a" this title phrase
    $2000 15
For refusing to testify against fellow Communists, this "Maltese Falcon" author spent 5 months in prison
    $2000 5
This alliterative 1941 act allocated $7 billion in military credits to Britain
    DD: $4,000 30
This verb can mean "to cause to happen" or "to fall from the sky", the way snow does
    $2000 26 a Swiss churchyard; the rest of me went to Poland 40 years after it helped free the American colonies
    $2000 24
These "Heights" are home to classic Victorian homes, one of which Michael Keaton moves into in a 1990 thriller

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Matt Shayna Pat
$15,200 $18,700 $8,200

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In 2014 CNN declared Zambia's Guy Scott the first white president in Sub-Saharan Africa since this man in 1994

Final scores:

Matt Shayna Pat
$22,200 $22,198 $16,399
2-day champion: $36,000 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Matt Shayna Pat
$18,200 $15,800 $8,200
24 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)
17 R
(including 2 DDs),
1 W
12 R,
2 W

Combined Coryat: $42,200

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