Show #1180 - Friday, October 20, 1989


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Carol Ruggiero, a teacher from Lynn Massachusetts

Ed Devin, a physician from Potomac, Maryland

Charley Horan, a photographic representative from Manhattan Beach, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $15,601)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 12
The Vatican said some S. Africans wrongly interpret the Bible in an attempt to justify this policy
    $100 1
This Atlanta mogul said he owned MGM for such a short time he never got to use the casting couch
    $100 26
Clinique's skin supplies for men include a special "healer" to use on the face after this morning ritual
    $100 8
Last name of gang members Blanche, Buck & Clyde
    $100 3
In both area & population it's the largest continent
    $100 14
Loony like one milliner
    $200 18
This Omaha village founded by Fr. Flanagan now has homes in Tallahassee & Orlando for boys...& girls
    $200 2
Her 4th husband, Thierry Roussel, was the father of her only child, Athina
    $200 27
This "Dynasty" star is the spokeswoman for Clairol Ultress gel colourant; she uses Ultress 75
    $200 9
Nickname of the 1932 federal kidnapping statute arising from a famous kidnapping of that same year
    $200 4
The 3 main island groups that make up this are the Bahamas & the Greater Lesser Antilles
    $200 22
Having an intelligence quotient over that of an everyday ursine creature
    $300 19
Nathan's Famous, which began as a hot dog stand in this part of Brooklyn, is now selling franchisees
    $300 15
This tennis great was named for the ski lodge in Czechoslovakia where she was conceived
    $300 28
Lancome's fortifying protein conditioner for these comes in a wand
    $300 10
Scotland Yard viewed them as foolproof evidence as early as 1910
    $300 5
Of all the countries on the west coast of South America, this one has the largest coastline
    $300 23
Mr. Cagney breaks up maize, without my interest
    $400 20
These solar phenomena that can disrupt communications will reach a peak in 1989-90
    $400 16
This former Giants kicker knows the "true value" of his master's degree in Russian history
    $400 11
Crime for which mobster Al Capone was convicted in 1931
    $400 6
2 of the 3 Canadian provinces with 2-word names
    $400 24
Getting a look at a single example is the same as looking at the rest
    $500 21
Maverick former Moscow party boss who won 89% of the vote in March Soviet elections
    $500 17
This dancer defected in Paris in 1961 & became director of the Paris Opera Ballet in 1983
    $500 13
While in Switzerland, this Saudi financier was arrested for aiding the Marcoses
    $500 7
Alphabetically, countries in Africa run from this to Zimbabwe
    $500 25
Curl of hair, chicken broth, plus a cask

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 13):

Charley Ed Carol
$1,400 -$400 $900

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Charley Ed Carol
$2,700 $700 $700

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 7
This part of a bird's egg is formed & given color in the uterus
    $200 17
It was Luther's translation of this book that spread the use of the new High German literary language
    $200 6
A recent poll said 97% of people who eat chocolate bunnies bite these off 1st
    $200 13
A French controller-general gave his name to these cutout profile portraits
    $200 12
This airline sold $12 N.Y. to Boston or Washington shuttle tickets in March 1989
    $200 1
Bea Arthur,
Betty White,
Rue McClanahan
& Estelle Getty
    $400 18
A tiny wingless fly is the largest land animal native to this continent
    $400 8
1 of 2 types of seafood Spaniards sometimes cook "en su tinta", meaning in its ink
    $400 14
At a 1988 auction, a poster of this French tire company character fetched 7,260 pounds
    $400 22
Of $4, $10 or $15, the sum the New York Times says the average airline spends on food & drink per passenger
    $400 2
Joseph Wambaugh wrote the novel on which this series about policeman Bumper Morgan was based
    $600 19
The part of a hummingbird's body that produces a humming sound
    $600 9
Invented in Naples, perhaps by the royal baker, a 1980 poll called it U.S. teens' favorite food
    $600 15
In terms of style, Monet is considered one of these, & Cezanne a "post" one
    $600 28
French for "departure", the flight of an airplane on a combat mission is called this
    $600 3
It featured a caucasian basketball coach at L.A.'s racially-mixed Carver High School
    $800 20
One of these mammals can eat 5,000 pounds of krill, a shrimplike animal, per day
    DD: $2,000 26
"A Dangerous Place" is this senator's account of his 8 months as U.N. ambassador
    $800 10
1 version of this north African semolina dish includes 8 vegetables & meat
    $800 16
The fusing of powdered glass to a metal base by the action of fire
    $800 27
It's Boeing's highest numbered model passenger aircraft currently flying
    $800 4
This Robert Conrad series was loosely based on a book by Marine Corps ace "Pappy" Boyington
    $1000 21
The World Almanac lists this aptly named animal as moving just a bit faster than a garden snail
    $1000 25
Some think his translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam is better than the original
    $1000 11
Many U.S. food companies have stopped using palm oil & this other tropical oil high in saturated fat
    DD: $1,500 24
When he signed his paintings, like "The Syndics of the Cloth Guild", he didn't use his middle name, Harmenszoon
    $1000 23
The west coast's only independent airline, it now earns only 30% of its revenue in the state where it started
    $1000 5
Ben Vereen & Jeff Goldblum starred as detectives E.L. Turner & Lionel Whitney in this series

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Charley Ed Carol
$9,700 $4,800 $3,100
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Lying at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo range, it's the highest state capital

Final scores:

Charley Ed Carol
$9,799 $9,600 $1,000
3-day champion: $25,400 2nd place: Trip to San Francisco including Sonoma Safari wine country tour 3rd place: Lloyd Flanders All-Weather wicker patio furniture + Nintendo Entertainment System with Family & Junior Editions of Jeopardy! & Wheel of Fortune

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Charley Ed Carol
$9,700 $3,100 $3,100
24 R,
2 W
13 R
(including 2 DDs),
7 W
11 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $15,900

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Game tape date: 1989-06-26
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