Show #1863 - Wednesday, October 14, 1992

Leslie Miller game 5.


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Kyle Reynolds, an electronics technician originally from Chicago, Illinois

Kate Haire, a computer programmer and analyst from Wilmington, Delaware

Leslie Miller, an editor from Reston, Virginia (whose 4-day cash winnings total $46,899)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 26
When she met Abe, he said he wanted to dance with her "in the worst way", &, she said later' "He did"
    $100 2
Nickname given to orphaned calves, sometimes urged to git along
    $100 16
Type of "rack" on which you'd hang your homburg
    $100 11
Unlike other pheasants, the Congo peacock is native to this continent
    $100 21
If you look shar-pei & feel shar-pei, you're one of these
    $100 1
French for "very much" or "very many", it often comes after "merci"
    $200 27
Lovely Julia Tyler was a native of this state where she was known as "The Rose of Long Island"
    $200 3
To stop one of these, get ahead of the pack & force the cattle to mill in a tightening circle
    $200 17
The pembroke, a small drop-leaf one of these, may have been named for the Earl of Pembroke
    $200 12
There are 2 subspecies of the northern species of this bird; the Bullock's and the Baltimore
    $200 22
The new Champ model of this knife has 29 tools, including an orange peeler & a divot fixer
    $200 7
Dorothy Lamour could tell you it's Malay for a long, colorful cloth worn as a skirt or dress
    $300 28
This "Silver Fox" is proud of her white hair & refuses to dye it
    $300 4
For the New Book of Knowledge, Gene Autry wrote the article on this cowboy skill
    $300 18
In the late 1700s this Pennsylvania city became known for its Chippendale-style furniture
    $300 13
Most honey eaters live in Australia & New Guinea, but some live in this U.S. state
    $300 23
One of Forbes' 200 best small companies in America is this Tinseltown lingerie firm
    $300 8
Skiers use this Norwegian word to describe a zigzag course, or a race on such a course
    $400 29
Mrs. Benjamin Harrison was the 1st president-general of this group of descendants of Rev. War figures
    $400 5
He takes a green group of cowhands, prepares them for the drive & then leads it
    $400 19
The vargueno, a combination cabinet & desk, was introduced in this country during the Renaissance
    $400 14
The Andean species of this bird has a greater wingspan than the California
    $400 24
The number of Henry VIII's wives who lost their heads over him
    $400 9
In Japanese kon ba wa means "good evening" & this means "good afternoon"
    DD: $500 30
She attended Miss Porter's School in Farmington, Connecticut from 1944-47
    $500 6
The spiked wheel on the back of this is called a rowel
    $500 20
Inspired by ancient motifs, the Louis XVI style was part of the movement known as "Neo" this
    $500 15
A baby swan is called this, which has a nice "ring" to it
    $500 25
10 to the hundredth power is a googol, 10 to the googol power goes by this name
    $500 10
Derived from a word meaning "cup", it's the Scandinavian equivalent of "cheers" or "to your health"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Leslie Kate Kyle
$2,300 $900 $800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Leslie Kate Kyle
$3,200 $1,800 $3,500

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 11
John Milton called it "The eye of Greece, mother of arts and eloquence"
    $200 1
It evolved from a similar lutelike instrument called the mandola
    $200 12
The nucleus or core of one of these is said to resemble a large, dirty snowball
    $200 4
Born in Nuremberg in 1471, Albrecht Durer is called this country's greatest Renaissance artist
    $200 22
This Teamsters president was indicted December 7, 1960 for misusing funds in a real estate scheme
    $200 21
Her poem inspired "Lady Geraldine's Courtship" inspired Robert to write to her; they eventually married
    $400 15
One legend says this Portuguese capital was founded by and named for Ulysses
    $400 2
A sonatina is a little one of these
    $400 13
The equatorial diameter of this planet, 88,700 miles, is about 11 times that of the earth
    $400 5
This co-creator of Cubism with Picasso was also a pioneer of collage
    $400 23
The 1695-1700 Darien scheme was Scotland's attempt to colonize this isthmus & control its trade
    $400 27
Gabriela Mistral of Chile was the 1st Latin American woman to win this prize for literature
    $600 16
It's the headquarters of Colombia's national airline, Avianca
    $600 3
On a piano, the "soft" one of these is usually on the left side
    $600 14
Perihelion refers to the point in the orbit of a planet that's nearest to this body
    $600 8
Edvard Munch was born December 12, 1863 at Loten in this Scandinavian country
    $600 24
In 1985 members of this family, among the USA's richest, were charges in a silver scheme
    $600 28
When Walt Whitman's brother George was wounded during this war, Walt went to Va. to nurse him
    $800 17
Haiti's capital & largest city, it was founded by the French as L'Hopital
    $800 6
The name of this Pietro Mascagni opera is Italian for "rustic chivalry"
    $800 19
To detect one of these "dark" objects, you must observe its gravitational effects on other objects
    $800 9
"The Gallery of the Louvre" by this telegraph pioneer sold for $3.25 million in 1982
    $800 25
Her father, the Duke of Suffolk, made this "Lady" challenge Mary Tudor for the throne
    $800 29
He subtitled his nonsense poem "The Hunting of the Snark" "An Agony in Eight Fits"
    DD: $2,000 18
Its architectural landmarks are the parliament buildings & the Kenyatta Conference Center
    $1000 7
It's believed that the "Triumphes of Oriana" madrigals glorified this Tudor queen
    $1000 20
The first one of these stars which emit short bursts of radio waves was discovered in 1967
    $1000 10
The J.M.W. initials by which this English artist is known stand for Joseph Mallord William
    DD: $1,000 26
To rid himself of this son of Danae, King Polydectes sent him to kill Medusa
    $1000 30
This Lake Poet succeeded his friend Robert Southey as Poet Laureate in 1843

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Leslie Kate Kyle
$10,200 $6,000 $8,700

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Final Jeopardy! Round

"The War Cry" & "The Young Soldier" are publications of this religious movement

Final scores:

Leslie Kate Kyle
$17,401 $9,000 $12,001
5-day champion: $64,300 3rd place: Frango chocolates + Jeopardy! & Wheel of Fortune video games 2nd place: Singer bedroom set + Dorothy's bedroom ensemble

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Leslie Kate Kyle
$9,200 $6,000 $8,700
20 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
17 R,
0 W
21 R
(including 2 DDs),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $23,900

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Game tape date: 1992-08-11
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