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Mark Japinga game 3.


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Deborah Stowell, a library shelver and pet sitter from St. Charles, Illinois

Bradley King, a theater and opera lighting designer from New York, New York

Mark Japinga, a legislative researcher from Washington, D.C. (whose 2-day cash winnings total $59,499)

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Jeopardy! Round

1983--30 YEARS AGO
(Alex: You three are too young to remember.)
(Alex: Vowelless--we'll give you the clue, minus the vowels.)
    $200 2
Sally Ride rode into history aboard this as the first American woman in space
    $200 16
This spectacular African waterfall pours into the Batoka Gorge
    $200 26
It means held in common, like some interests:
    $200 6
July 27 is set aside to remember the veterans of this conflict that ended July 27, 1953
    $200 21
In this sport, the bucket is 10 feet off the ground
    $200 11
"Here I come to save the day" is proclaimed in this cartoon hero's theme song
    $400 3
This Polish electrician won the Nobel Peace Prize
    $400 17
The crown-of-thorns starfish has destroyed parts of this, the world's largest structure built by living creatures
    $400 27
To renew skin by removing a layer:
    $400 7
Dubbed "sundae Sunday", the third Sunday in July is celebrated as national this day--yum!
    $400 22
Way to go--you graduated this way, Latin for "with highest praise"
    $400 12
After Morgan Freeman shows up, Jim Carrey gets to play God in this film
    $600 1
Jennifer Beals was a "maniac" in this movie; she also sparked a trend for wearing torn sweatshirts
    $600 18
From the plateau called this type of platform rock, you could preach quite a sermon to the fish in the fjord 2000 feet below
    $600 28
A 5-nation Native American group:
    $600 8
On July 1 our neighbor to the north celebrates this national holiday
    $600 23
Constructed in only 2 years, it towers 984 feet over the Parc du Champ de Mars
    $600 13
The team then known by this name played its first game Oct. 8, 1993, losing to the Red Wings
    DD: $1,000 4
German con artist Konrad Kujau faked these to fool the world (for a while in the spring of '83)
    $800 19
France's Dune of Pilat, Europe's largest sand dune, contains 78.5 million cubic yards of sand on this great Atlantic bay
    $800 29
A type of dental occlusion:
    $800 9
This country's National Liberation Day celebrates the July 1979 victory over the Somoza dictatorship
    $800 24
In 2012 this measure of our import/export difference with China reached $315 billion, an all-time high
    $800 14
It's Christopher Guest's 2003 movie parody of folk musicians
    $1000 5
Chicago elected this man its first African-American mayor
    $1000 20
To see this wonder in Capri, tourists must lie down in row boats to get through the very small entrance
    $1000 30
An ideal place, like a certain literary island:
    $1000 10
Sauk Centre, Minnesota has a week-long festival celebrating this author & native son
    $1000 25
The Gross-Glocknerstrasse highway rises to about 8,000 feet when passing through this mountain range
    $1000 15
"Devils Night Out" was the first album by this ska-punk band out of Boston

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 13):

Mark Bradley Deborah
$0 $600 $2,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mark Bradley Deborah
$6,000 $2,800 $3,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Each correct response will begin with an "A" and end with an "E".)
(Alex: We want you to name the series in...)
    $400 3
"Fahrenheit 451":
"It was a pleasure to ____"
    $400 21
U.S. architect Bruce Graham designed this 110-story Chicago landmark
    $400 2
(Kelly of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Durig Chocolatier in Switzerland.) Chocolate's origin is the bean of this tall tree, also known as the cocoa tree, whose genus Theobroma translates from the Greek as "food of the gods"
    $400 15
Unit of land area about 9/10 the size of a football field
    $400 10
Kelsey Grammer, whose doctor was in for 11 seasons
    $400 27
If you're on I-40 West, take a left turn at this New Mexico City & find I-25 South is clear as a bell
    $800 4
"Anna Karenina":
"Happy ____ are all alike..."
    $800 19
With quarterback Otto Graham at the helm, this Ohio team won 7 championships
    $800 1
Singer Trini Lopez called this fruit tree "very pretty" but the fruit "impossible to eat"
    $800 23
It's the only canned tuna that can be sold in the U.S. & called "White"
    $800 11
Hugh Laurie, making us happy watching him being miserable on Fox
    $800 17
The Major Deegan North past Yankee Stadium is a mess! Good luck getting on this nearby "presidential" bridge to Jersey!
    $1200 5
"A Christmas Carol":
"____ was dead: to begin with"
    $1200 18
In an 8-decade career, she choreographed more than 180 works
    $1200 28
A South Carolina "Beach" city is named for this tree that grows abundantly in the area
    $1200 24
One's home or place of residence
    $1200 12
Emily Deschanel, one of TV's 50 greatest forensic anthropologists
    $1200 8
You might want to make like Marc Cohn & try "Walking In" this Southern city, as I-40 & 240 are jammed!
    $1600 6
"The Wizard of Oz":
"Dorothy lived in the midst of the great ____ prairies..."
    $1600 20
Cracker man Sylvester Graham said this type of diet provides "symmetry, beauty, agility...and longevity"
    DD: $2,300 29
This "chestnut" is scientifically known as Aesculus hippocastanum
    DD: $3,000 25
It means to make a food or drug impure by adding inferior ingredients
    $1600 13
Tom Selleck, toolin' around paradise in the '80s
    $1600 9
I-29 past Sioux Falls; clear. 281 near Aberdeen; clear. I-90 around Rapid City; clear. This state... clear
    $2000 7
"The Sun Also Rises":
"Robert Cohn was once middleweight boxing champion of ____"
    $2000 22
This British novelist was also a film critic & wrote the script for "The Third Man"
    $2000 30
Discovered in the U.S. in 1928, this tree disease is caused by the fungus Ophiostoma ulmi
    $2000 26
As it consists of 2 or more minerals that can be separated, granite is considered this type of rock
    $2000 14
Abe Vigoda, reprising his "Barney Miller" role
    $2000 16
6 West is slammed--stay on Colfax to get from this state capital to Golden, & you'll need a beer once you're there

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Mark Bradley Deborah
$16,700 $5,600 $8,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This 1871 opera is set in Memphis & Thebes, & along the banks of the Nile

Final scores:

Mark Bradley Deborah
$17,201 $11,199 $16,701
3-day champion: $76,700 3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Mark Bradley Deborah
$23,000 $5,600 $8,600
31 R,
6 W
(including 3 DDs)
10 R,
1 W
9 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $37,200

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Game tape date: 2013-04-15
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