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Mary Hirschfeld game 2.


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Vanessa Whittemore, a customer service technician from Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Don Juergens, a flavor chemist from Placentia, California

Mary Hirschfeld, a professor of economics originally from Pullman, Washington (whose 1-day cash winnings total $16,201)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 12
Grenadians live on an island in this sea
    $100 11
When buying this vegetable, look for spears with tightly closed green or purplish tips
    $100 6
If you know something completely, you know it from A to this
    $100 18
Excess ones drain into a nasolacrimal sac
    $100 26
Roman Catholic laymen can be members of the Knights of this, founded by Father McGivney in 1882
    $100 1
As the god of merchants, this Roman counterpart of Hermes is sometimes shown carrying a purse
    $200 13
The people of this country's fourth-largest city are called Madrasis
    $200 17
Some varieties of this vegetable have edible pods & are eaten in much the same way as green beans
    $200 7
As a verb, it means to cross out
    $200 19
If this is torn in your knee, a meniscectomy may be performed to remove part or all of it
    $200 27
With its motto "We Serve", it got off to a "roaring" start in 1917
    $200 2
Thor could drink 3 barrels of this alcoholic honey beverage at a meal
    $300 14
The majority of this country's people are Bhutias whose ancestors emigrated from Tibet
    $300 23
If adequately fertilized, a good palm tree may produce 200 pounds of these little sweet treats each year
    $300 8
    $300 20
About 70% of your nervous system is found in this, the largest part of your brain
    $300 28
To become a Shriner, you must be a 32nd-degree one of these
    $300 3
This group of 9 sisters often sang at the gods' celebrations
    $400 15
Guamanians are citizens of this country
    $400 24
In 1792 Captain Bligh finally managed to get a load of these trees to Jamaica
    $400 9
Metaphysicians use it to refer to the ego
    $400 21
The Haversian canals are in your bones & the semicircular canals are in these organs
    $400 29
Its name is an Indian term meaning "We Make Ourselves Known" & it sponsors Key Clubs for high schoolers
    $400 4
The Capitoline Triad consisted of Juno, Jupiter & this goddess of wisdom
    $500 16
Most Greenlanders belong to this Protestant denomination also dominant in Denmark
    $500 25
The citron is cultivated not for its acidic pulp, but for this, which is candied
    $500 10
The Village People found it fun to stay here
    DD: $600 22
The parietal bones make up the sides & top of this structure
    $500 30
The name of this Jewish fraternal organization founded in NYC in 1843 means "Children of the Covenant"
    $500 5
Taranga is the mother of this Polynesian trickster for whom Hawaii's 2nd-largest island is named

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Mary Don Vanessa
$2,200 $1,200 -$500

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mary Don Vanessa
$4,100 $4,100 -$300

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 9
In 1616 Pocahontas & John Rolfe visited with this former colonist & explorer in England
    $200 1
One of the Riddlers on "Batman", he's more famous as Gomez on "The Addams Family"
    $200 4
He was the first vice president of the United States
    $200 18
This American tennis champ was once married to Tatum O'Neal
    $200 3
His 1st novel, "A Time to Kill", didn't sell very well originally; his 2nd, "The Firm", did better
    $200 27
This march king died March 6, 1932
    $400 10
A glacier in Alaska & a redwood forest in California are named for this explorer & naturalist
    $400 2
He played the often heard but not seen owner of Charles Townsend Investigations, a detective agency
    $400 5
In 1957 he flew cross-country in 3 hr. 23 min.; in 1962 he made 3 orbits in 4 hr. 55 min.
    $400 19
This quarterback took the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl in 1987, 1988 & 1990
    $400 14
In 1984 he took a supernatural turn with "The Witches of Eastwick"
    $400 28
The airport formerly known as Idlewild is now named for this man
    $600 11
Like father, like son; this Italian's son Sebastian also became an explorer
    $600 23
As Jack Tripper, he found "Three's Company"
    $600 6
It wasn't good luck when this actor broke his leg the night of April 14, 1865
    $600 20
At the 1924 Olympics, he won the 100-meter & 400-meter freestyle gold medals
    $600 15
In prison he studied the writings of John Foxe; he later wrote "The Pilgrim's Progress"
    $600 26
On a chronological list of popes, he's last
    DD: $1,000 12
In 1842 he mapped most of the Oregon Trail; in 1856 he ran for president
    $800 24
As Higgins he kept Tom Selleck's Magnum in line
    $800 7
The "Woman in Red" betrayed him to the FBI July 22, 1934
    $800 21
From 1964 through 1975, he coached UCLA to 10 NCAA basketball championships
    $800 16
His play "Look Back in Anger" made him the first of the "Angry Young Men" of English literature
    $800 29
John Lennon's son Sean has this "Rocket Man" for a godfather
    $1000 13
In 1858 he & Sir Richard Burton reached Lake Tanganyika
    $1000 25
He plays Dr. Frasier Crane's dad
    $1000 8
This man who began as a clerk in a Cleveland commission house formed his first trust by 1882
    $1000 22
He formed a famous combination with Joe Tinker & Frank Chance
    DD: $800 17
One critic called his 1818 poem "Endymion" nonsense & recommended he give up poetry
    $1000 30
If John Chapman, better known as this, lived today, he might keep track of his plantings on a Macintosh

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Mary Don Vanessa
$8,700 $7,500 $3,700

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This 1853 Verdi opera's debut failed, partly because its star was too stout to be believable as a consumptive

Final scores:

Mary Don Vanessa
$15,001 $7,401 $2,400
2-day champion: $31,202 2nd place: Wallace Silversmiths tea service 3rd place: Muirfield china set

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Mary Don Vanessa
$9,900 $7,400 $3,700
30 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
(including 1 DD)
16 R
(including 1 DD),
0 W
10 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $21,000

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Game tape date: 1996-02-07
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