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2013 College Championship semifinal game 3.


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Julia Sprangers, a junior at University of Wisconsin-Madison from Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Jim Coury, a sophomore from Georgetown University from Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Nishanth Uli, a sophomore from Washington University in St. Louis from Solon, Ohio

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
It's a harness for multiple draft animals so they can pull together
    $200 6
Soliciting business in California in 2013, this Texas governor said Austin is poised to be the "next Silicon Valley"
    $200 22
"The ____ Loser"
    $200 11
Edward Albee got a New Haven tryout when he served as a judge at the annual drama series competition at this school
    $200 21
Issued in 1879, the USA's 4-dollar "Stella" coin had a 5-pointed one of these on the reverse
    $200 16
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Soweto, South Africa.) The epicenter of South Africa's long struggle for equality, Soweto takes its name from the first two letters of these three words--its location & designation within Johannesburg
    $400 2
"Force" feeder for Luke Skywalker
    $400 7
This 1848 manifesto's theory "may be summed up in the single sentence: abolition of private property"
    $400 23
On Discovery:
"____ Catch"
    $400 12
Don't miss "Shocktoberfest" at this school that made a surprise trip to the Final Four in 2013
    $400 27
A silver denarius from 44 B.C. depicts this Roman & calls him "dictator for life"; his life ended soon after
    $400 17
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Johannesburg, South Africa.) The four-room matchbox houses that make up much of Soweto were originally built to house black workers cheaply during the years of this official policy of ethnic segregation
    $600 3
The name of this device may come from a Filipino word meaning "come back"
    DD: $1,000 8
De Gaulle warned JFK that America would step "into a bottomless military and political quagmire" in this place
    $600 26
"____ & Tiaras"
    $600 13
Fundraising was a big 2012 activity at this private N. California school, the first to raise a billion dollars in a year
    $600 28
In Canada this coin was introduced in 1858 & discontinued in 2012
    $600 18
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Soweto, South Africa.) Bringing Soweto to the world's attention, a march beginning here at Naledi High School was one of the dramatic moments in the 1976 protests against the forced teaching of this language
    $800 4
Country music stars like Hank Snow & Jimmie Rodgers were famous for this singing style
    $800 9
In 1868 he remarked, "Let them impeach and be damned"
    $800 24
In 2012, featuring Jeremiah, Kate, Abe, Rebecca & Sabrina:
"Breaking ____"
    $800 14
The 2013 Easter Conference at this university was held at its Joseph Smith Building auditorium
    $800 29
Popular among collectors, this city's tetradrachm owl coin was minted for more than 300 years
    $800 19
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Soweto, South Africa.) With marks of government gunfire to show for it, this house of worship was a center for anti-apartheid gatherings; it's called Regina Mundi, or this "of the World" & Soweto in particular
    $1000 5
Historic region of Northern England that lends its name to a bready pudding
    $1000 10
In 1839 this Kentuckian told the Senate, "I'd rather be right than be president"
    $1000 25
Starring Patti Stanger:
"The Millionaire ____"
    $1000 15
"Naked Spaces: Architecture in Art from the Kinsey Institute Collection" was at this Midwestern school in 2013
    $1000 30
The 30 pieces of silver given to Judas are thought to be these, which you can use in Israel today
    $1000 20
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Soweto, South Africa.) This house on Vilakazi Street belongs to this South African--the first black dean of St. Mary's Cathedral in Johannesburg is just one of his distinctions

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Nishanth Jim Julia
$1,600 $5,600 $1,200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Nishanth Jim Julia
$5,000 $9,600 $2,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Each correct response will contain [*] of the alphabet.)
    $400 19
His novella "The Body" centers on 4 Maine youths who deal with death in the woods
    $400 26
In 2004 he "unliked" Harvard; he was worth $19 billion in 2012
    $400 1
Judging from its nicknames, it's full of lakes & gophers
    $400 6
To see the Lopez family wire-walk blindfolded, go to the Ringling Bros. one of these
    $400 11
The very first Nobel Prize for Physics went to Wilhelm Roentgen for his discovery of these, used in radiology
    $400 12
Numero uno, ordinally
    $800 20
Harlan Ellison won a Best Novella Nebula Award for his story about "a boy" & his intelligence-enhanced this
    $800 27
Kevin Rose dropped out of UNLV, this school, & took a gamble when he founded Digg
    $800 2
This original 13er is the largest state in land area east of the Mississippi River
    $800 7
Barclays Center in this New York City borough opened in 2012 with eight straight sellout shows by borough native Jay-Z
    $800 15
He wrote that in 1666, "I began to think of gravity extending to the orb of the moon"
    $800 13
Measuring yourself on a scale
    $1200 21
Kafka depicts a warped & brutal version of justice with "In" this type of colony
    $1200 28
There was no apple for the teacher after he left Reed College & went to design video games for Atari in 1974
    $1200 3
This Rhode Island city is home to the U.S. Naval War College & the Tennis Hall of Fame
    $1200 8
This city's philharmonic loads up on Strauss waltzes in its New Year's concert dating back to 1941
    $1200 23
From 1988 to 1992 this collaborator of Francis Crick directed the Human Genome Project
    $1200 14
The lord "maketh me to lie down in green" these
    DD: $9,800 18
A prototype of the form, this Boccaccio work deals with 10 people who each tell a story a day
    $1600 29
Never mind college--David Karp, founder of this "acrobatic" blogging site, didn't finish high school
    DD: $7,200 4
Of the 4 states officially called commonwealths, it's alphabetically last
    $1600 9
With shows around the globe, this group came a long way from 1987, when 3 bald guys began painting their faces
    $1600 24
This originator of the quantum theory had the middle names Karl Ernst Ludwig
    $1600 16
An '80s arcade space game, or a football player such as a linebacker or safety
    $2000 22
This German left "Venice" behind with his novella "Mario and the Magician"
    $2000 30
This Stanford dropout & RSS pioneer died in 2013 while fighting government charges
    $2000 5
Its national monuments include the Real Rainbow Bridge, Natural Bridges & Timpanogos Cave
    $2000 10
From the Spanish for "shell", this California valley lent its name to a festival where you could hear Franz Ferdinand in 2013
    $2000 25
This surgeon to Queen Victoria founded antiseptic surgery
    $2000 17

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Nishanth Jim Julia
$15,800 $32,600 $9,000
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

After moving to Argentina in 1949, this industrialist was named a righteous gentile by Yad Vashem

Final scores:

Nishanth Jim Julia
$31,600 $32,604 $1,000
2nd place: $10,000 Finalist 3rd place: $10,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Nishanth Jim Julia
$15,800 $18,400 $9,000
20 R,
3 W
23 R
(including 3 DDs),
1 W
13 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $43,200

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Game tape date: 2013-04-09
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