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Kinu Panda, a test prep teacher and tutor from San Antonio, Texas

David Enslee, a baseball card proofreader from Avenel, New Jersey

Larry Krajewski, a postal worker from Safety Harbor, Florida (whose 1-day cash winnings total $21,600)

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Jeopardy! Round

3 "T"s
    $200 16
A big rush for a hot, spicy dish of India
    $200 1
Mark Twain:
"Der Arme Prinz und der Reiche Bettler"
    $200 6
In her first post here in 2009, Oprah said, "Thank you for a warm welcome. Feeling really 21st century"
    $200 26
You can "bury" this small, short-handled axe to symbolize peace, or "take up" one to resume hostilities
    $200 11
After 2 weeks of unofficial wedded bliss, this "Beverly Hills Cop" & Tracey Edmonds arrested their
    $200 21
In 1912 Alfred Wegener got it right when he proposed what's now called the Theory of Continental this
    $400 17
Song for a dried plum
    $400 2
John Grisham:
"Der Regenmacher"
    $400 7
While not an M.D. this professional is trained to give eye exams & prescribe glasses
    $400 27
Dress uniforms of engineers in this French army branch include a leather apron & an axe; wanna run off & join?
    $400 12
About 1,728 hours after the 2011 wedding, Kris Humphries decided not to "Keep Up" with this reality star
    $400 22
His theorem says the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle equals the sum of the squares of the other 2 sides
    $600 18
An ornamental recess in a wall for a savory egg dish, perhaps the Lorraine kind
    $600 3
Edith Wharton:
"Zeit der Unschuld"
    $600 8
I like to think of myself as this, someone who popularizes a new style or fashion
    $600 28
An ice climber may carry an axe whose head consists of a broad adze & this pointy part often found before "axe"
    $600 13
His name is Kiiiiiid... Kid Rock! & his sub-1-year marriage to this "Baywatch" star could not be saved
    DD: $1,000 23
Ponying up $15 million to buy 828,000 square miles from this country was pretty shrewd of Jefferson
    $800 19
A nervous, agitated dessert like flan
    $800 4
William Faulkner:
"Als ich im Sterben lag"
    $800 9
Harness racing involves two kinds of horses--pacers & these, which are seen here
    $800 29
In the Stone Age, this stone was the main one flaked to produce arrowheads & axes; it can also be used to strike fire
    $800 14
Known to wear a wedding dress of his own, this ex-NBA rebounding machine took a brief plunge with Carmen Electra
    $800 24
Steve Jobs saying to this other Steve that the 2 go into the computer business together? Good idea
    $1000 20
A birthday celebration for a mild Danish cheese
    $1000 5
Charles Dickens:
"Eine Weihnachts-Geschichte"
    $1000 10
The "Joy of Cooking" recipe for this flavor pudding includes dark brown sugar & heavy cream but not liquor
    $1000 30
Before the axe fell in 1618, this Brit said, "So the heart be right, it is no matter which way the head lies"
    $1000 15
In 2005 Kenny Chesney & this Oscar-winning actress had a May-December romance--literally
    $1000 25
This 17th century Italian stated that pendulums of equal length swing at the same rate whether their arcs are large or small

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Larry David Kinu
$1,600 $3,800 $1,800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Larry David Kinu
$3,000 $5,000 $2,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: You have to name the province in which these [*] are published.)
(Connecting the people and plants of Asia for more than 150 years.)
    $400 20
The Stratford Gazette &
The Globe & Mail
    $400 1
"Eden on the Charles" shows how the 19th century growth of this city influences us today
    $400 26
This British university's colleges include Magdalene, King's & its most recent addition, Homerton
    $400 27
I pray Carrie & Brody can somehow end up together on this drama... & that he finally turns out to be a good guy
    $400 11
Webster's, 1828:
"A premeditated combat between two persons, for the purpose of deciding some private difference"
    $400 6
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows us a large tree at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.) When ripe, fruit capsules of this latex producing tree explode, dispersing 3 seeds up to 50 feet to propagate the species
    $800 18
The Banff Crag & Canyon &
The Medicine Hat News
    $800 2
It took Edward Gibbon 1.5 million words over 6 volumes to pen the "History of the Decline and Fall of" this
    $800 24
The Gammage Performing Arts Center at this school's main campus in Tempe was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
    $800 12
Blount's, 1656:
"A kind of drink among the Turks & Persians...which is black, thick & bitter"
    $800 7
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows us some plants outdoors at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.) Roman scientist Pliny the Elder wrote that the ancients made paper from the stem of this reed
    $1200 17
The Winnipeg Sun
    $1200 3
The subtitle to this book, a 2012 movie, is "How the CIA and Hollywood pulled off the most audacious rescue in history"
    $1200 23
The Karolinska Institute just outside this capital awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
    $1200 13
Johnson's, 1755:
"A dog of a particular form, remarkable for his courage, he is used in baiting"
    $1200 8
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew gives us the clue outdoors at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.) A popular attraction here at Singapore's National Orchid garden are the VIP hybrids; the one here is named for this current emperor of Japan
    $1600 16
The Victoria News
    $1600 4
This Watergate reporter examined how our leaders dealt with the recent economic woes in "The Price of Politics"
    DD: $3,000 22
This Ivy League university was founded by the most successful printer of his day
    $1600 14
Cawdrey's, 1604:
"A pair of scales, or other thing"
    $1600 9
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows us fields of lemongrass at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.) While lemongrass is commonly used in Asian cooking, one species is a source of this oil, used as an insect repellent in sprays & candles
    DD: $4,000 19
The Inverness Oran
    $2000 5
"The ten-year search for Bin Laden from 9/11 to" this Pakistani city is detailed in "Manhunt"
    $2000 21
On Nov. 18, 1920 Syrian Protestant College became the American University of this capital--be careful here
    $2000 25
I must confess--this Danny DeVito show on FX has certainly changed my perspective on the city of brotherly love
    $2000 15
American Heritage, 1985:
"Under the control of a central computer" or "in progress; ongoing"
    $2000 10
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows us a very tall tree at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.) Because of its buoyancy & water resistance, the cotton-like fiber within the seedpods of this towering rainforest tree was once a popular stuffing for life jackets

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Larry David Kinu
$18,600 $8,200 $2,000
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In 1962 Chatham County, Georgia gave this name to a body of water flowing past Johnny Mercer's childhood home

Final scores:

Larry David Kinu
$16,600 $8,173 $2,006
2-day champion: $38,200 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

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Coryat scores:

Larry David Kinu
$16,200 $8,200 $5,000
19 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W
16 R,
4 W
12 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $29,400

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Game tape date: 2013-01-08
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