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Gary Roberts, a defense consultant from Suffolk, Virginia

Jamey Wiglesworth, a DJ and bar trivia host from Versailles, Kentucky

Lisa Byatt, a technical writer from Amherst, New Hampshire (whose 1-day cash winnings total $26,800)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: You have to name the country that is surrounded by the countries we will give you in the clue.)
    $200 7
In 1620 pilgrims established this colony, the first permanent English settlement in New England
    $200 26
Proverbially, if you're in perfect health, you're "fit as" one of these
    $200 15
In 1896, for the longest Olympic event in this sport the athletes were taken 1,200 meters out to sea by boat & left there
    $200 1
A cruller or old-fashioned
    $200 6
Lei day dance (4)
    $200 20
Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein
    $400 8
At least 50 of the 85 letters making up the "Federalist Papers" were written by this future treasury secretary
    $400 27
It's the instrumental name of the wine glasses seen here
    $400 16
On May 27, 1873 Survivor won the first running of this Triple Crown race in Baltimore by 10 lengths
    $400 2
2-word Chinese term for small, often steamed dishes served as light meals or appetizers
    $400 10
Outdoor bash (4)
    $400 21
India, China
    $600 9
For fiscal 2000, the U.S. had a $236 billion one of these, our largest ever
    $600 28
Sawyer Sawyer, Thumb Thumb or Brokaw Brokaw
    $600 17
In the 1890s strategy in this sport included kicking opponents, & the flying wedge was a popular offensive play
    $600 3
Demonic term for a dark, dense baked chocolate item
    $600 11
Necklace shell (4)
    $600 22
Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia
    DD: $1,200 14
Selling out early, this prospector who gave his name to a mother lode of silver ended up broke & took his own life
    $800 29
Don't be obtuse! okay, be obtuse if you're one of these figures, or even isosceles if you'd like
    $800 18
What's now this tennis tournament began as an event hosted by a Newport, Rhode Island casino in 1881
    $800 4
These British biscuits got their name because the baking soda in them was thought to help the body process food
    $800 12
Honolulu's gem of a landmark (7, 4)
    $800 23
Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi
    $1000 25
"His name is" this & in 1869 this doctor who had set John Wilkes Booth's leg was pardoned & freed from prison
    $1000 30
In "Twelfth Night", she's Sebastian's twin
    $1000 19
Candy Cummings is credited with introducing this pitch in the 1860s; some thought it was an optical illusion
    $1000 5
2-word term for any cow's milk cheese enriched to contain at least 60% butterfat
    $1000 13
A young woman (6)
    $1000 24
France, Germany, Belgium

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Lisa Jamey Gary
$800 -$400 $4,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Lisa Jamey Gary
$2,800 $200 $9,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 16
John's big sister, she recently played William H. Macy's love interest on "Shameless"
    $400 6
A former Navy SEAL chronicled "No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed" him
    $400 2
(Sarah of the Clue Crew presents the clue from the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C..) The amount of blood taken from you is one unit, or about a pint, less than half the amount used in one of these medical procedures where someone else gets your blood
    $400 4
Usually a den with a TV & not a hollow in the earth, it's a place where a guy can get away from it all
    $400 1
Babylonian society had 3 classes: free citizens, partially free dependents & these people who could buy their freedom
    $400 5
The book's title says it all: "It's Not" this science "and Other Irritating Modern Cliches"
    $800 21
She was once dubbed "Queen of the Movies"
    $800 25
In "Dream New Dreams", Jai Pausch carries on after the death of her husband Randy, best known for this "Last" book
    $800 3
Reduction is the medical name for "popping it back in", which tough guys try to do with this displacement of a joint
    $800 7
A mix of batters gives this dessert its characteristic look
    $800 13
This Macedonian wanted to combine Asia & Europe into one country & make Babylon its capital; he died in the city in 323 B.C.
    $800 18
As John McCain lagged in fund-raising in 2007, an ex-supporter said in a Texas paper, "stick" this "in him, he's done"
    $1200 22
This folk singer who once dated Steve Jobs sang "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" at his memorial
    $1200 26
This author who died in 2012 sold over 20 million copies of his "7 Habits" books, not to mention "The 8th Habit"
    $1200 8
Carrie on "Homeland" had ECT, electroconvulsive therapy, on this organ
    DD: $2,600 10
It's "my bad"--in Latin
    $1200 14
26 of his laws concerned regulations for professional men such as physicians & boatbuilders
    $1200 19
Seems impossible, but Victoria Beckham says, "I give" this percent & "I expect that from the people that work with me"
    $1600 23
Her films include "Bonneville", "Pleasantville", and "The Upside of Anger"
    $1600 27
"American Prometheus" was subtitled "The Triumph and Tragedy of" this father of the atomic bomb
    $1600 9
You can plump up those wrinkles by injecting zyderm, a cow type of this protein
    $1600 11
It's the feature of the garment seen here that fits the category
    DD: $1,200 15
This longest river in southwest Asia flowed through the center of ancient Babylon
    $1600 20
Resigning in 2001, Canadian senator Therese Lavoie-Roux, like many politicians, said she wanted to do this "time"ly thing
    $2000 24
"A Prima Donna's Progress" is the autobiography of this Aussie dame
    $2000 28
Cheryl Strayed's "Wild" takes her "From Lost to Found" on this West Coast pathway, the PCT
    $2000 30
"Daddy, you're so handsome", said the 3-year-old daughter of the man who got the USA's 1st full one of these surgeries
    $2000 12
A diamond shaped in this style is an oval, usually with 58 facets
    $2000 17
Processional Way, Babylon's main street, ran through this gate on the north known for its blue glazed brick
    $2000 29
One of Forbes' "89 business cliches that will get any MBA promoted" is "low-hanging" this

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Lisa Jamey Gary
$8,800 $12,800 $20,200

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Final Jeopardy! Round

The winner in 1984, he likes to be called "Arch", a reference to his job

Final scores:

Lisa Jamey Gary
$1 $20,201 $25,601
3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $25,601

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Lisa Jamey Gary
$8,800 $11,400 $20,200
12 R,
2 W
13 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
28 R
(including 2 DDs),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $40,400

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Game tape date: 2012-12-04
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