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Joshua Brakhage game 5.


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Robert Chodola, a graduate student of education from Fallbrook, California

Allison Swanberg, a pet store operations manager from Falls Church, Virginia

Joshua Brakhage, a TV news producer originally from South Coffeyville, Oklahoma (whose 4-day cash winnings total $69,611)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Each correct response has three "G"s in it.)
    $200 16
"S" is for this city where giants dwell
    $200 25
In this man's bio: "The enterprise he started in his parents' garage became the world's most valuable company"
    $200 26
This evangelist was knighted in 2001 by the British ambassador on behalf of the queen
    $200 1
Held at Churchill Downs, it's popularly known as the "Run for the Roses"
    $200 7
Sharks can have as many as 5 rows of these, which fall out & grow back
    $200 6
Many airlines now charge a fee to check any amount of this
    $400 17
"P" is for this city, brother
    $400 18
You must remember Eric van Lustbader's "The Bourne Imperative" is based on a character created by this man
    $400 27
In 2001 the queen's list of new knights included this director of "Schindler's List"
    $400 2
It's held over a 3-week period in July & covers more than 2,000 miles before ending in Paris
    $400 8
These large North American snakes get their name from their habit of feeding on other snake species; long live the...
    $400 9
Mary, Mary why you doing this to a room by putting in a hidden microphone?
    $600 22
"CC" is for this state capital
    $600 19
From this novel: "'I've killed him,' 'More will come,' Abe had already begun to walk away, 'Then I shall need more stakes"'
    $600 28
In 2009, 6 months before his death, this giant of Massachusetts politics got a knighthood
    $600 3
Held annually in Florida, it was the first NASCAR race to be televised nationally from start to finish
    $600 13
The world's largest flower, the Rafflesia, which has no stems or leaves, is this type of plant that lives off a host
    $600 10
Large spectacles with protective rims used to prevent eye injuries
    $800 23
"W" is for this home of cadets
    $800 20
In 2012 these 2 words preceded "Darker" & "Freed" on The New York Times bestseller list
    DD: $1,000 29
For his "outstanding contribution to global economic stability", he was honored in 2002
    $800 4
This "All-American" competition was inspired by 3 boys in the 1930s racing homemade engineless cars down an incline
    $800 14
Growing up to two feet long, this desert dweller is the largest lizard native to the United States
    $800 11
2-word term for a woman who weds chiefly for financial gain; now I ain't sayin' she's one
    $1000 24
A "C" on gold coins stands for this city named for George III's queen
    $1000 21
In addition to "A Feast of Crows", this novelist penned the short story collection "Songs the Dead Men Sing"
    $1000 30
This American who helped find the double helix of DNA was double tapped
    $1000 5
A world famous yacht race takes place annually from Sydney to this capital of Tasmania
    $1000 15
In trees such as pines & firs, the seeds form in these
    $1000 12
Alton Brown's recipe for this Christmastime beverage includes Bourbon

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Joshua Allison Robert
$5,400 $1,600 $1,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Joshua Allison Robert
$11,000 $4,000 $1,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

THE 1940s
(Each correct response will begin with the letter "E".)
    $400 24
The tins that house these mints are repurposed to hold all sorts of curious things
    $400 1
The influence of Toulouse-Lautrec & Gauguin can be seen in this Norwegian's "The Scream"
    $400 6
This Jewish drinking toast means "to life"
    $400 11
In 1949 Moscow set up a council for economic mutual assistance to rival this "plan" of U.S. aid to Europe
    $400 19
To this "actor, director, producer, creator of Sundance"
    $400 16
A country in South America
    $800 27
Looking at its logo you can almost hear the name of the Swiss minty cough drops echo through the Alps
    $800 2
His 1883-84 "Une Baignade, Asnières" is seen here. Get the pointillism?
    $800 7
This Latin motto of the U.S. Marine Corps means "always faithful"
    $800 12
Seems odd, but in the 1940s this man's act with Charlie McCarthy was a smash on radio
    $800 22
"To Warner Bros. for producing" this movie, "the pioneer outstanding talking picture"
    $800 17
The bard called it "this scepter'd isle"
    $1200 28
These alliterative breath fresheners are "less than 2 calories per mint"
    $1200 3
Artist Jan Brueghel was the son & the brother of artists with this first name
    $1200 8
ABBA can thank the Italians for this phrase used to express surprise, sorrow, happiness, you name it
    $1200 13
Created in 1942, this "project" was commanded by general Leslie Groves
    DD: $4,000 23
To Yakima Canutt "for achievements as" one of these & "for developing safety devices to protect" them
    $1200 18
Uganda city of commando raid fame
    $1600 29
It's always time for one of these British mint chocolates
    $1600 4
Some of his paintings include "Jew in Green" & "The Praying Jew" (also called "The Rabbi of Vitebsk")
    $1600 9
In Japanese konbanwa means "good evening"; this means "good afternoon"
    DD: $600 14
In 1948 Ilona Elek retained her Olympic fencing title--pretty impressive as the previous title was in this year
    $1600 25
Give a hand & a foot to this iconic theater owner "who raised the standard of exhibition of motion pictures"
    $1600 20
Cape Columbia on this island is Canada's northernmost point
    $2000 30
These mints have round containers; talk to her about that if you can't think of anything to say
    $2000 5
This impressionist's "Le Moulin de la Galette" shows ordinary people in an open-air dance hall
    $2000 10
German word for a political union, like the one that joined Germany & Austria in 1938
    $2000 15
He subbed in conducting the New York Philharmonic in November of 1943 and shot to fame
    $2000 26
To this Asian director who has "influenced filmmakers throughout the world"
    $2000 21
Title Kentucky city of an Orlando Bloom movie

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Joshua Allison Robert
$16,800 $20,800 $8,000

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In the 1940s an anemometer aided Antarctic experiments that 1st determined this measurement heard in weather reports

Final scores:

Joshua Allison Robert
$33,594 $17,300 $500
5-day champion: $103,205 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Joshua Allison Robert
$17,600 $18,000 $8,000
25 R
(including 2 DDs),
0 W
20 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
10 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $43,600

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Game tape date: 2012-10-24
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