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Joshua Brakhage game 1.


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Joshua Brakhage, a TV news producer originally from South Coffeyville, Oklahoma

Susie Swithers, a professor of psychological sciences from Zionsville, Indiana

Michelle Souza, a costume designer from San Diego, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $13,999)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 16
This national park has 5 entrances: 3 in Montana & 2 in Wyoming
    $200 21
In the 1930s his "Alice" work was banned in China on the grounds that animals should not use human language
    $200 1
This alumna stars as Leslie Knope on "Parks and Recreation"
    $200 6
This classic made with saffron rice is literally Spanish for "rice with chicken"
    $200 26
In 1471 Tupac became emperor of this South American people
    $200 11
To move from The Frolic Room to The Roost to Casey's Irish Pub
    $400 17
For a fabulous view of Barcelona, take the elevator to the top of Monument a Colom, a landmark built to honor him
    $400 22
One of the first books banned by the Nazis was this 1929 antiwar novel made into a 1930 movie
    $400 2
Always a delight, she showed her competitive side playing for charity in one of our celebrity tournaments
    $400 7
Bake a chicken & rice this in the dish it's named for, from French for "sauce pan"
    $400 27
England lost all of France except Calais as this conflict ended in 1453
    $400 12
A hotel page boy
    $600 18
Shopping in Rome? Visit this designer's "Emporio" at 140 Via del Babuino for discount menswear
    $600 23
In 1792 he was indicted for treason in Britain & his "Rights of Man" was banned
    $600 3
She dedicated her 1989 memoir "It's Always Something" "to my dear husband, Gene Wilder"
    $600 8
This late author's "Nutshell Library" for kids includes "Chicken Soup with Rice"
    $600 28
In 1451 Nicholas of Cusa prescribed concave lenses to remedy this
    $600 13
Insect of the family Locustidae
    $800 19
The Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz might be a good start for your tour of these islands
    DD: $2,000 24
With a large Catholic minority, Lebanon banned this 2003 novel that suggests Jesus was a dad
    $800 4
Rachel Dratch's most famous character was this alliterative party pooper
    $800 9
Emeril's got a recipe for this Creole stew featuring smoked sausage & chicken served over white rice
    $800 29
This 1450s tome changed the course of culture & history
    $800 14
"Meaty" sideburns
    $1000 20
This Hungarian region known for sweet white wine has a "wine labyrinth" made up of 27 cellars
    $1000 25
This 1988 novel with Satan in the title was banned not just in the Muslim world but in Venezuela
    $1000 5
Daughter of singer Minnie Riperton, she made quite an impression as Beyonce & Donatella Versace
    $1000 10
Campbell's recipe for its "One Dish Chicken & Rice Bake" calls for a can of its cream of this soup
    $1000 30
Around 1401 Baghdad fell to this lame conqueror
    $1000 15
"Addictive" term for a compulsive buyer

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Michelle Susie Joshua
$3,600 $1,400 $2,800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Michelle Susie Joshua
$3,000 $800 $5,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 26
Was the first to become president
    $400 12
This archaic pronoun can be used as a plural of "thou", especially preceding "of little faith"
    $400 2
This "Master of Suspense" directed Cary Grant in 4 films beginning with 1941's "Suspicion"
    $400 11
This Nepalese city served as the seat of the ruling Shah family of the Gurkha people from 1768 to 2008
    $400 1
It's twice the radius of a circle
    $400 21
In Mexico, this holiday is May 1; in 2012, people in the U.S. took off Sept. 3 for a holiday of the same name
    $800 27
Was the first female National Security Advisor
    $800 14
The nominative plural of "he" & "she"; in the pop music world it precedes "Might Be Giants"
    $800 3
Cary shows up with some unexpected guests for the wedding of ex-wife Katharine Hepburn in this 1940 comedy
    $800 13
Animal Planet's "Meerkat Manor" is set in this desert
    $800 5
The integral type of this math branch can be used to find the end result of known continuous change
    $800 22
In the Reciprocity Treaty of 1887, Hawaii gave the United States rights to this port just west of Honolulu
    $1200 28
Bought an "icebox" for a cool $7.2 million
    $1200 15
The only thing you have to fear is fear of not knowing this 6-letter word is an emphatic appositive of "which"
    $1200 4
"The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer" starred Cary as a playboy & this former child star as the bobby-soxer
    DD: $3,200 16
This small emirate in nestled between Iraq & Saudi Arabia
    $1200 6
It's a number placed as a superscript after an expression to indicate the power to which it is raised
    $1200 23
In "Taken", this actor warns a kidnapper to let his child go or "I will look for you. I will find you. & I will kill you"
    $1600 29
Only had the gig for one year before becoming Chief Justice in 1801
    DD: $4,000 19
Naval hero Oliver Hazard Perry wrote, "we have met the enemy, and they are" this pronoun
    $1600 7
This film was based on the play "The Front Page"; Hildy Johnson was played by a man in the play, Rosalind Russell in the film
    $1600 17
The Blue Mountains back this Jamaican capital
    $1600 9
Type of triangle seen here; note the lengths of the three sides
    $1600 24
In Luke 23:46 Jesus said, "'Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit': and having said thus, he gave up" this
    $2000 30
Went 1 for 2 running George H.W. Bush's presidential campaigns
    $2000 20
Comic strip character Pogo said, "we have met the enemy and he is" this pronoun
    $2000 8
Cary & Deborah Kerr agree to meet at the Empire State Bldg. in 6 months if they're still in love in this 1957 tearjerker
    $2000 18
Synonymous with coffee, the name of this Hawaiian coast means "leeward"
    $2000 10
In rectangular Cartesian coordinates, the first this is the area to the right of the y-axis & above the x-axis
    $2000 25
To make this drink add 1/2 oz. dry vermouth to 2 1/2 oz. gin, take 3 cocktail onions from the jar & plop them in

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Michelle Susie Joshua
$1,000 $2,400 $19,000
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

The first of Jane Austen's 6 novels to be published in her lifetime, its title is last alphabetically

Final scores:

Michelle Susie Joshua
$1 $2,721 $20,006
3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $20,006

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Michelle Susie Joshua
$5,000 $4,400 $17,000
14 R,
4 W
(including 1 DD)
12 R,
4 W
(including 1 DD)
23 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W

Combined Coryat: $26,400

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Game tape date: 2012-10-23
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