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Rachel Shuman, a curriculum coordinator from Silver Spring, Maryland

Jan Rishoi, an analytic software sales executive from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Josh Frumkin, a non-profit assistant director of donor relations from Germantown, Maryland (whose 2-day cash winnings total $43,601)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 6
A giant statue of this logger & Babe the blue ox greet visitors to the Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California
    $200 26
St. Patrick:
This country
    $200 1
1976 Stallone pug
    $200 19
This term can mean a native of any region, but usually it's applied to the indigenous peoples of Down Under
    $200 16
Send not to know for whom this tolls; a knoller tolled it for thee
    $200 11
Adjective for racy humor or life at sea
    $400 7
(Sarah of the Clue Crew holds up a rock in front of an exhibit on Rocks from Space at the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge, MA.) The Harvard Museum has many more impressive meteorites but none more interesting: after an explosion blew it free, it took about 3 million years to make its way to Earth from this planet that orbits about 50 million miles away
    $400 27
St. Thomas Aquinas:
These institutions, like one named for him in Grand Rapids
    $400 2
Bill Maher's 2008 documentary
    $400 20
It's a culture-specific prohibition of certain behavior, like...well, things we don't talk about
    $400 17
Hey, Don! Even mad men know a clerk who sold clothing & dry goods did this 6-letter job
    $400 12
One of the 4 basic tastes, it's also a noun for a basic type of cocktail
    $600 8
Visiting Philly? Take a tour of 239 Arch Street, the house where it's said this woman lived from 1773 to 1785
    $600 28
St. Francis of Assisi:
This "saintly" U.S. state capital
    $600 3
Brad Pitt spy spoof "Burn After ____"
    $600 23
This term for a basic social unit of parents & their offspring sounds like they are radioactive
    $600 18
Like their brethren in West Virginia, colliers went down, down, down to work in this place
    $600 13
This 10-letter word that means "sugary" is one letter longer than the name of a sugar substitute
    $800 9
One of the largest public displays of these dwarfed trees outside of Japan is at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
    DD: $800 29
St. Andrew:
This profession he practiced for a living
    $800 4
For bike messengers it's "premium"
    $800 24
This type of social group, from the Greek for "nation", is linked by language, culture, origin or religion
    $800 21
There were wax & tallow subspecialties of this, a word meaning candlemaker
    $800 14
Everyone wants quesadillas to be this adjective; you don't want your screenplay described that way
    $1000 10
Natural Bridge, Virginia is home to an exact foam replica of this circular landmark on an English plain
    $1000 5
Suave Snape portrayer Alan
    $1000 25
The Taung baby, discovered in 1924, was the first fossil ever found of this "southern" genus, species africanus
    $1000 22
In the British army, a soldier assigned to an officer as a servant had this job, also the name of a comic book hero
    $1000 15
In this word that means "without taste", every other letter spells "bad"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Josh Jan Rachel
$4,200 $1,200 $2,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Josh Jan Rachel
$5,200 $0 $3,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

(White will come up in each correct response.)
(Each correct response will be made up of letters in the word "Dictionary".)
    $400 2
Get a load of the jaws on this predator seen here
    $400 7
One of this circus man's 1st exhibits was Joice Heth, who claimed to be the 161-year-old nurse of George Washington
    $400 1
"Hark" when I tell you its music was adapted from a Mendelssohn cantata commemorating the printing press
    $400 19
Many beat writers such as Gary Snyder were involved in this eastern religion, particularly the Zen form
    $400 12
To invest with the functions of a priest
    $800 3
Architect James Hoban modeled this building after Leinster House in Dublin
    $800 8
In 1848 he sold his song "Oh! Susanna" for $100
    $800 15
In "A Christmas Carol", Scrooge scares a caroler singing this song; so much for "comfort and joy"
    $800 20
Seen here, Neal Cassady never wrote a novel but inspired some including this one that depicts him as Dean Moriarty
    $800 13
To bring a formal charge or accusation against
before trial
    $1200 4
From 1901 to 1931 they were owned by Charles Comiskey
    $1200 28
It's already been sold & moved across the ocean to Arizona; if you've got the "capital", it's yours
    $1200 9
Hailing from New Hampshire, he's the orator & statesman seen here
    DD: $4,000 16
The view of a certain Middle Eastern city inspired Pastor Phillips Brooks to write this carol in 1868
    $1200 21
Beat writer Gregory Corso was born on Bleecker Street in this NYC neighborhood where the beatniks gathered
    $1200 14
Get on "track" & name this adjective describing someone from Scandinavia
    $1600 5
Bechamel, for example
    $1600 27
Named for the unhappy sounds prisoners made when crossing it, this Venice bridge is 400 years old & priced to move
    DD: $3,000 10
An 1877 cartoon showed 12 widows crying in bed, mourning the death of this man
    $1600 17
This carol uses "Greensleeves" as its melody & 3 verses of the William Dix poem "The Manger Throne" for lyrics
    $1600 22
In 1953 this grandson of an adding machine company founder published "Junkie", his first novel
    $1600 25
A close pal or buddy; a political one often gets a plum job
    $2000 6
In a 1906 novel Weedon Scott rescues & tames this wild wolf-dog
    $2000 26
Relax, it's only a little torsional oscillation here, in 1940, at Tacoma Narrows Bridge over this body of water
    $2000 11
Last of the Whigs was a nickname of this president
    $2000 18
Meaning to sing heartily, it's what we do to "the ancient yuletide carol" in "Deck The Halls"
    $2000 23
"A Supermarket in California", an ode to Walt Whitman, was one of the other poems included in this 1956 Ginsberg work
    $2000 24
Macbeth says life is "a tale told by" this type of person

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Josh Jan Rachel
$12,000 $9,600 $11,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Thomas Watson Jr. appeared on the March 28, 1955 cover of Time with the caption "Clink, Clank," this

Final scores:

Josh Jan Rachel
$799 $4,200 $19,600
3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $19,600

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Josh Jan Rachel
$12,000 $7,600 $14,600
19 R,
0 W
12 R
(including 1 DD),
5 W
(including 1 DD)
13 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $34,200

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Game tape date: 2012-09-04
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