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Paul Nelson game 6.


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Amanda Lanyon-Lesage, a blogger from Madison, Wisconsin

Jake Ayres, a law student from San Diego, California

Paul Nelson, a Senate staff aide originally from Iowa City, Iowa (whose 5-day cash winnings total $54,900)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 8
In 2001 Giants defensive player Michael Strahan did this to opposing quarterbacks a record 22.5 times
    $200 23
Her name precedes "Living" & "Weddings" in the titles of 2 of her media empire's magazines
    $200 1
Now lying in 400' of Mediterranean water, the mighty Britannic was the largest ship sunk during this 20th century war
    $200 4
Jet or raven
    $200 13
This process for sterilizing food & beverages by heating & rapid cooling is named for the chemist who created it
    $200 24
(Sarah's voice reads the clue in a monotone fashion.) You have arrived at 6925 Hollywood Bl. at this theater; now go see if your hands are bigger than that dreamy Denzel's
    $400 18
This ex-player was in the booth for ABC's "Monday Night Football" from 1971 to 1997
    $400 9
A magazine for active women says, "Be fit. Be fabulous. Be in" this, its 5-letter title
    $400 2
Higher bulkheads for flotation were one lesson the Britannic took from this doomed sister ship; didn't help
    $400 5
Charcoal or battleship
    $400 14
This addictive substance in tobacco was named for a French ambassador who sent leaves back home
    $400 25
(Sarah's voice reads the clue in a monotone fashion.) Turn right... you have arrived at 400 Broad St., this Seattle landmark; hit its 848 steps, if you think you can
    $600 22
In 2011 this NFC North team won more games (10) than in the prior 3 seasons combined (0, 2, 6)
    $600 19
The name of this men's magazine is a synonym for "adage"
    $600 3
Some survivors & war propaganda said the ship was sunk by a torpedo, but a German field of these was the real culprit
    $600 12
Cobalt or Prussian
    $600 16
These shadow portraits are named for a French finance minister known for his frugal economics
    $600 28
(Sarah's voice reads the clue in a monotone fashion.) You have arrived at 50 West North Temple St. in Salt Lake City, home to this 3-word singing group
    $800 29
In 33 seasons he won 347 games coaching the Colts & then the Dolphins, an average of 10.5 wins a season
    $800 20
The Bark magazine, about canine culture, uses the slogan this "is my co-pilot"
    $800 10
The ship sank in 55 minutes partly due to an ill-fated dash to try to make Kea, an island of this country
    $800 7
Eggplant or lavender
    $800 15
Mississippians say merci to the French botanist whose name is on this, their state tree
    $800 27
(Sarah's voice reads the clue in a monotone fashion.) From Boylston St., turn right; you have arrived at 4 Yawkey Way at this site; say hi to Big Papi & have a wicked good time
    $1000 30
Billy Johnson, a great kick returner of the 1970s & 1980s, was known by this footwear nickname
    $1000 21
"Project Runway" judge Nina Garcia is fashion director of this magazine, MC for short
    $1000 11
This Frenchman found the wreck in 1975
    $1000 6
Myrtle or absinthe
    DD: $1,500 17
In 1839 this Frenchman showed a way to create an image on a copper plate coated with silver; the process is named for him
    $1000 26
(Sarah's voice reads the clue in a monotone fashion.) You have arrived at 89 E. 42nd St., this NYC landmark viewed by 150,000 at its 1913 opening; why are you here? You have a car!

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Paul Jake Amanda
$3,400 $2,800 $400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Paul Jake Amanda
$3,200 $7,300 $1,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Each correct response will begin with those two letters.)
    $400 12
A cliché says this "will get you nowhere"
    $400 7
In the King James version, the Lord tells Adam, this "thou art and unto" this "shalt thou return"
    $400 20
In 2012 there was controversy Bruin when Justin Combs, son of Diddy, got a fat scholarship to this school
    $400 1
I'm a cackapo--cackapo! I'm this type of bird even though I can't talk or even fly
    $400 26
Spanish superstar,
cultivated cubism
glorious "guitar"
    $400 27
"Still crazy after ____ ____ ____"
    $800 11
They're the fashionable women of the Roaring '20s seen here--& don't say "floozies"
    $800 6
This man sent men from Jericho to Ai, which is beside Bethaven
    $800 21
Ordained in 1943, Theodore M. Hesburgh was president of this university from 1952 to 1987
    $800 3
On a swine called the Babirusa, these grow up & back, almost touching the forehead
    $800 25
Dublin dude,
nifty novelist,
famous Finnigans
    $800 22
"What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson? ____ ____ has left and gone away"
    $1200 9
While it has pinkish plumage, the Andean species of this bird is the only one with yellow legs & feet
    $1200 4
The weight of his "coat of Maal... was five thousand shekels of brass", not that it did him much good in the end
    $1200 13
In 1865 geologist William Barton Rogers founded this Bay State school specializing in the sciences
    $1200 16
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reads the clue underwater at Maui Ocean Center.) The hammerhead's unique look gives it room for more sense organs that detect biopotentials, tiny changes in this type of field given off by other organisms
    $1200 23
Austrian Archduke,
awful assassination,
didn't duck
    $1600 8
The official flag of New Orleans features one red & one blue stripe & 3 of these floral symbols on a white field
    $1600 2
He "put forth his hand and caught" a serpent, which "became a rod in his hand"
    $1600 14
Southern Adventist University is in Tennessee; Southern this University is in Dallas
    $1600 17
A fact often noted about the jerboa, a rodent, is that despite its desert habitat it doesn't do this in the wild
    DD: $1,000 19
Missouri miscreant,
bank bandit,
Ford finished
    $2000 10
This word that means perplex also ends in "x"
    DD: $3,500 5
This woman is promised "eleven hundred pieces of silver" if she can uncover the secret of a certain gentleman
    $2000 15
The sports teams of ECU, this school, inspire the saying "You can't spell parties without pirates"
    $2000 18
The nudibranch is also called the sea type of this, basically, a shell-less snail
    $2000 24
Magnificent mime,
silent sort,
"Bip" bopped

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Paul Jake Amanda
$14,100 $18,900 $600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Chapters in a biography on this author include "Declaring His Genius" and "A Late Victorian Love Affair"

Final scores:

Paul Jake Amanda
$14,100 $28,201 $0
2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $28,201 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

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Coryat scores:

Paul Jake Amanda
$13,600 $18,400 $600
22 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
(including 1 DD)
19 R
(including 1 DD),
0 W
4 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $32,600

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Game tape date: 2012-08-22
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