Show #478 - Wednesday, October 8, 1986


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Janet DeLand, a research editor from Marina Del Rey, California

Bob Menaker, a journalist from Alexandria, Virginia

Carl Brady, a U.S. Navy flight officer originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (whose 4-day cash winnings total $24,900)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 26
Team that won U.S.-Chinese ping-pong match in Peking
    $100 4
Though it's a key crop in Asia & the Balkans, our U.S.D.A. doesn't even keep statistics on this purple vegetable
    $100 13
For over 17 years, Ernie's been pulling the "old loose nose joke" on this roommate
    $100 19
An 1805 Danish forestry law required that every time a tree is cut down, this must be done
    $100 7
During this mania of 1849, eggs cost $10/dozen & rooms rented for $1000/month
    $100 1
Liquid oxygen, or what goes well with the Sunday paper, cream cheese & a bagel
    DD: $400 27
Singer heard here singing what became second posthumous No. 1 single of the rock era:
    $200 5
French for "lightning", it's a custard-filled chocolate-covered pastry that can strike your waistline
    $200 14
Sesame Street began teaching how to count to 10; today they've expanded to this number
    $200 20
In 1944, this island country officially declared itself independent of Denmark
    $200 8
It was actually John Bidwell, not Ward Bond, who led the first of these to California in 1841
    $200 2
It contains medicine or a machine gun
    $300 28
While on the moon in February, astronaut Alan Shepard took a shot at this sport
    $300 6
Root used as a substitute for coffee, especially in Cajun cuisine
    $300 15
In 1968 Joan Ganz Cooney co-founded this organization which produces Sesame Street
    $300 21
Main farming activity of Danish-owned Greenland is not growing plants but raising these animals
    $300 9
Hollenberg Sta. at Hanover, Kan. is the only 1 left from this short-lived but legendary service
    $300 3
According to Chief Justice John Marshall, the power to do this is the power to destroy
    $400 11
Plant part you're eating when you eat an onion or garlic
    $400 16
The 1982 death of the actor who played this storekeeper was incorporated into the show
    $400 22
While Great Dane dogs originated in Germany, this pianist called "The Great Dane" is from Copenhagen
    $400 10
"The Pathfinder", in 1986 TV miniseries, he followed his "dream west"
    $400 24
Subject of NBC's historic 1st electronic TV transmission in 1930 was this cartoon hero
    $500 12
This European country is largest consumer of cheese w/annual average of 38.1 lbs. per person
    $500 17
It's said the style of Sesame Street was modeled after this fast-paced TV comedy show
    $500 23
Between 1513 & 1972, all Danish kings were alternately name Frederik & this pious name
    $500 18
First "trail mix", it was made with dried buffalo meat, hot fat & cherries, & pressed into small pouches
    $500 25
A dramatic culmination, a '50s TV anthology, or one of Dr. Ruth's favorite subjects

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Carl Bob Janet
-$800 $600 $1,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Carl Bob Janet
$300 $2,000 $2,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 15
The escalator was developed by this elevator company
    $200 3
Term that goes back to draw poker where player had to have jacks or better to "open the pot"
    $200 1
In this war, Israel captured territory more than 3 times its size
    $200 26
King of Scotland at the start of "Macbeth"
    $200 8
Pam & Paula McGee helped lead USC to 2 consecutive NCAA championships in this sport
    $200 21
The idea of Santa Claus came from stories about this 4th c. bishop who lived in what is now Turkey
    $400 17
This company went into the red for 1st time in any quarter after being forced out of instant photography
    $400 4
From ornate figures found on Roman grotto walls comes this word meaning bizarrely ugly
    $400 2
As of March, 1986, there were only 9 living U.S. veterans of this war
    $400 27
This title refers to the evening of January 5th, a week & 5 days after Christmas Eve
    $400 9
Though her big sister is this famous superstar, Rosalind Kind still makes her own kind of music
    $400 22
In Holland, Santa arrives by boat from Spain, & like the Lone Ranger, rides through streets on this
    $600 18
In 1985, this airline which pioneered trans-Pacific flights sold those routes to United
    $600 5
Because ancient peoples burned incense, the word perfume came from Latin "perfumus", meaning "through" this
    $600 13
Syria & Jordan support opposite sides in this ongoing Mideast war
    DD: $200 28
3 of the 6 who left so Hamlet could do his "To be or not to be" speech as a soliloquy
    $600 10
Our advice is to call Esther Pauline Friedman & Pauline Esther Friedman by these pen names
    DD: $1,000 23
Santa's 3 reindeer whose names begin with the letter "D"
    $800 19
In '59 Perry Como signed $25 million sponsorship pact with this food company
    $800 6
From the French for a sorcerer's talisman, for Notre Dame, it's a leprechaun
    $800 14
War in which 83,000 French troops, along with Napoleon III himself, were captured in 1 day
    $800 11
1 of 2 actresses who played sisters & sang "Sisters" in the movie "White Christmas"
    $800 24
In the poem, "A Visit From St. Nicholas", Santa's "droll little mouth was drawn up like" this
    $1000 20
In 1985, both these co-founders of Apple named Steven left to start new companies
    $1000 7
Once a theatrical trick to win applause, today it means pretentious & insincere language
    $1000 16
1905 treaty signed in Portsmouth, N.H. ended this war
    $1000 12
Last seen on the Ed Sullivan show in '68, these 3 are "Sincerely" making a comeback in '86
    $1000 25
The image we have of Santa Claus today was popularized by this political cartoonist in 1863

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Carl Bob Janet
-$1,500 $5,000 $5,000

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Born in 1874 during Grant's administration, this President died in 1964 during Johnson's

Final scores:

Carl Bob Janet
-$1,500 $9,000 $4,900
3rd place: Action recliners by Lane New champion: $9,000 2nd place: Roper grill range + Zenith 9" TV

Game dynamics:

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Coryat scores:

Carl Bob Janet
-$500 $4,800 $5,200
6 R,
7 W
(including 1 DD)
17 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
17 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $9,500

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Game tape date: 1986-08-19
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