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David Gard game 3.


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Ben Parks-Stamm, an apple farmer from Winthrop, Maine

Laura Whittle, a retired high school English teacher from Sacramento, California

David Gard, a retail horticulturist from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts (whose 2-day cash winnings total $38,600)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 4
A founder of Tenochtitlán saw an eagle and snake, the scene depicted in the center of this country's current flag
    $200 26
Best female pop vocal performance for "Halo"
    $200 1
With almost as much protein as a cow's, milk from these beans sells about $1 billion worth a year in the United States
    $200 7
The 1936 bestseller "Vom Winde Verweht"
    $200 16
The epicenter of an atomic explosion
    $200 21
A 39-year-old widower in 1886, he married 20-year-old Mina Miller & built a mansion for her where he improved the phonograph
    $400 10
This constellation appears on the flags of Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea
    $400 27
Best rock & roll recording for "Downtown"
    $400 2
(I'm Dr. Oz.) Using sports drinks to rehydrate during exercise replaces not only fluid, but chemicals that are lost through perspiration like potassium & this one, symbol Na
    $400 8
A novel you can't refuse, "Der Pate"
    $400 17
It's a rhyming term for hamburger meat
    $400 22
Thomas Bruce, Earl of this, got Turkish permission to remove Greek sculptures, or "marbles"
    $600 13
The words on this South American country's flag are "Ordem e Progresso", "Order and Progress"
    $600 28
Best female pop vocal performance for "I Will Remember You"
    $600 3
Holy this fish! The Spanish & king types have rebounded from depletion, but may have lots of PCBs or mercury
    $600 9
John Steinbeck's "Von Mausen und Menschen"
    $600 18
Scientifically, it's Marmota monax
    $600 23
During the Amer. revolution, General Thomas Conway actively advocated that Horatio Gates replace this man
    $800 14
The sun, the land & the people of this Caribbean country are represented in the three colors of its flag, seen here
    $800 29
Best female R&B vocal performance for "No One"
    $800 5
Unlike other nuts, chestnuts have a significant amount of this, aka ascorbic acid
    $800 11
The Russian classic "Krieg und Frieden"
    $800 19
The ceremonial beginning of a construction project
    DD: $1,200 24
Born in 1854, he assisted Alexander Graham Bell with his telephone experiments
    $1000 15
Germany today uses the same flag it did under the 1919-1933 government called this
    $1000 30
Best country performance by a duo or group with vocal for "Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days)"
    $1000 6
Like all dried fruit, raisins are very nourishing, containing lots of magnesium & this element that can keep anemia at bay
    $1000 12
The island tale "Herr der Fliegen"
    $1000 20
An arena for testing new ideas, or an army testing facility like Utah's Dugway one
    $1000 25
Called "The Angelic Doctor", this 13th century theologian listed the 7 Deadly Sins for us

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

David Laura Ben
$4,200 $2,800 $1,200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

David Laura Ben
$7,000 $7,600 $2,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 6
Marx & Engels wrote that "the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of" these "struggles"
    $400 1
3 of the 6 most populous U.S. counties, including Orange, are in this state
    $400 2
Cloudless during the day &
one piece of stock
    $400 13
The love theme from "Footloose" is "Almost" this
    $400 26
This slit in a sperm whale's head is sigmoid, or s-shaped
    $400 21
4 years before "Field of Dreams", he gave a memorable performance as Gardner Barnes in "Fandango"
    $800 10
Sexy completion of Henry Kissinger's "Power is the great..."
    $800 7
This Illinois county of more than 5 million people is named for a pioneer lawyer, not a sea captain
    $800 3
The head of a monastery & the last name of the guy who sang "Alison"
    $800 14
The name of this abode of Adam & Eve is Hebrew for "pleasure" or "delight"
    $800 27
The sea type of these, family Cheloniidae, pull their necks into their shells using a sigmoid curvature of the vertebrae
    $800 22
Owen Wilson co-wrote the quirky "Rushmore", starring this "Ghostbuster" as Mr. Blume
    $1200 11
"America is my country", wrote Gertrude Stein, "and" this "is my home town"
    $1200 8
Don't mess with the city of Kirby or the rest of this state's Bexar county
    $1200 4
Tiny computer components & a short swim
    $1200 15
The name of this "ground", a paleface name for a Native American heaven, implies that game is plentiful
    $1200 28
Long & sinuous & up to 600 pounds, the oarfish may be the source of the legends of the "sea" type of this snaky beast
    $1200 23
Paul Giamatti wrestles with life affer taking a teen grappler into his home in this double-talk 2011 film
    DD: $1,000 12
Completes Gloria Steinem's line "Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to..."
    $1600 9
This large New York county shares its name with the capital of the Bahamas
    $1600 5
A "Sesame Street" grouch & a "wonderful" cartoon cat with a bag of tricks
    $1600 18
Camp David once had this name, after the idyllic Tibetan place in a James Hilton novel
    $1600 29
This small, curved, equine-named creature favors estuaries & shallow coastal waters
    $1600 24
Dennis Christopher takes on the Italian bicycle team in this 1979 sleeper that won a best screenplay Oscar
    $2000 16
Bismarck wanted Germany to be "an honest" this "who really intends to do business"
    $2000 17
Wayne County has more people than any other in this state but lost 12% of them from 2000 to 2010
    $2000 20
A speedy messenger & singer Burl
    DD: $4,400 19
To Homer, these fields were a land of perfect happiness on the banks of the Oceanus river
    $2000 30
Like many animals, fish have these slithery creatures as parasites; the cod type is S-shaped as an adult
    $2000 25
"The Hammer" is a knockout film with this ex-"Loveline" & "Man Show" host

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

David Laura Ben
$16,800 $15,600 $7,200

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Final Jeopardy! Round

A fellow author called him "a very unique cat--a French Canadian Hinayana Buddhist beat Catholic savant"

Final scores:

David Laura Ben
$31,300 $25,000 $6,485
3-day champion: $69,900 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

David Laura Ben
$15,000 $15,600 $7,200
20 R
(including 2 DDs),
2 W
(including 1 DD)
17 R,
0 W
10 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $37,800

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Game tape date: 2011-11-29
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