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2011 Teen Tournament final game 1.


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Raya Elias-Pushett, a junior from Aventura, Florida

Kailyn LaPorte, a sophomore from Decatur, Georgia

Raynell Cooper, a senior from Rockville, Maryland

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 26
If ever a whiz of a wiz there was, it's this Tolkien wise guy who gets promoted from "the Grey" to "the White"
    $200 20
Schweinknochel, a German favorite, are this animal's knuckles
    $200 1
In 2010 this Lakers guard became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 25,000 points
    $200 6
Don't do a spit take & say, "Tuition's $37,380 at" this school? "Nearby Palo Alto is great, but that's a cardinal sin"
    $200 11
Trademark name for a plastic concave throwing disk; "plastic concave throwing disk", not as catchy a name
    $200 22
J.T. outwitted, outplayed & outlasted Stephen & all the rest to win $1 mil. on the Tocantins edition of this show
    $400 27
Gildor & Glorfindel are 2 of these immortal creatures, but they don't work for Keebler
    $400 19
Ocean Spray makes Cran-Cherry, Cran-Grape & Cran-this variety of orange
    DD: $1,000 2
On Forbes' 2008 list of the World's Most Powerful Women, this then Secretary of State ranked seventh
    $400 7
Don't bust into Urban Meyer's office at this school & scream, "I wanna start at quarterback like Tim Tebow!"
    $400 13
A popular 1960s hairdo, or habitation for an insect
    $400 12
In 2010 siblings Dan & Jordan hit the finish line in San Francisco to win this CBS show's $1 million prize
    $600 28
Tolkien's name for the "Black Land", the home of the bad guys
    $600 16
Crudites are generally served with this 3-letter item, like baba ganoush or aioli
    $600 3
Of that bus incident in 1955, she once said, "All I was doing was trying to get home from work"
    $600 8
Make sure to put "the" before the rest of the name of this Big 10 university in Columbus
    $600 14
This paging device was invented around 1950 with doctors in mind
    $600 23
Captain Sig Hansen led the crew of the Northwestern on this Discovery Channel show; my fishing's a lot less risky
    $800 29
Tolkien insisted on spelling this plural with a "ves", not an "fs" as in a 1937 Disney fairy tale title
    $800 17
In 2010 Wendy's introduced natural-cut these with the skins on, sprinkled with sea salt
    $800 4
The first African American to win a Pulitzer Prize, Gwendolyn Brooks won in this category in 1950
    $800 9
Don't ask why this state university would "volunteer" to change its name from Blount College
    $800 15
Someone no longer popular or useful; it's better than a never-was
    $800 24
In 2010 Bravo's "Real Housewives of" this California city included Kim Richards, from 1975's "Escape to Witch Mountain"
    $1000 30
Tolkien used this Old English word for "monster" as a synonym for "goblin"
    $1000 18
Meaning "fresh" in Spanish, this grapefruit soda was introduced in the 1960s
    $1000 5
This astronomer & mathematician helped survey the land that became Washington, D.C.
    $1000 10
If you're a guy, be prepared for odd looks when you visit this Mass. school where Gloria Steinem went
    $1000 21
It's the 700-square-mile lake highlighted here
    $1000 25
In 2009 this TLC couple was "Plus 8" & plus a few domestic issues

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Raynell Kailyn Raya
$3,800 $2,000 $400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Raynell Kailyn Raya
$7,800 $2,400 $4,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 1
John XII was only about 18 when he was elected to this office in 955--that's a big step up from altar boy
    $400 18
A trombone provided the "mwa-mwa-mwa" adult voices in the animated versions of this Charles Schulz comic strip
    $400 6
This African capital's environs include Gezira & Roda, 2 islands in the Nile
    $400 30
I work as one of these, carrying clubs around the Shinnecock Hills Golf Course
    $400 29
Hg, its chemical symbol, is derived from the Latin hydrargyrum, "liquid silver"
    $400 28
You use this letter to delete something, or to sign a document in place of your name
    $800 8
In 2005 CT scans confirmed that this "boy king" was about 19 when he was mummified
    $800 19
Hannah Montana's grandmother (Vicki Lawrence) is always feudin' with Hannah's godmother (her)
    $800 2
In 1857 this city was chosen to be the capital of what was then the United Provinces of Canada
    $800 9
I dream up flavors like "Imagine Whirled Peace" for this "Vermont's Finest" ice cream company
    $800 7
This element, atomic No. 8, is responsible for the respiration of living things & the combustion of fuels
    $800 25
A big one of these letters appears next to the words "under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian"
    $1200 10
She was around 16 when she led the French troops that raised the Siege of Orleans
    $1200 20
Steve Zahn plays Frank Heffley, the dad in this 2010 film
    $1200 3
Montparnasse is one of this capital city's Left Bank districts
    $1200 13
I'm the lifeguard at the Arlington, Texas Hurricane Harbor water park run by this "numerical" theme park chain
    $1200 23
More than 1/4 of the Earth's crust is this element, symbol Si
    $1200 24
The cardinal points on a compass are designated by these 4 letters
    DD: $2,000 11
At 14, this future "Old Hickory" was captured & wounded by the British during the Revolution
    $1600 27
In 2007, soon after his mother's death, this rapper struggled to get through "Hey Mama" on stage
    $1600 4
The Ginza is this Asian capital's shopping & entertainment center
    $1600 14
I bus tables at Twin City Grill, one of the 50 restaurants in this Twin Cities shopping destination
    $1600 22
The name of this element, atomic number 27, can precede "blue" & "green"
    $1600 21
Speakers of Cockney are known for dropping this letter from the beginning of words
    $2000 12
Mary Shelley was just 19 when she wrote this horror classic
    $2000 26
Lauren Graham had a mouthy teen daughter on "Gilmore Girls"; she has another (Mae Whitman) on this current show
    $2000 5
This port city became the capital of Jamaica in 1872, succeeding Port Royal
    $2000 15
I deliver this "All the News That's Fit to Print" newspaper on my Greenwich Village route
    DD: $5,000 16
Alkali metals include sodium & this one, the least dense of all metals
    $2000 17
It was the middle initial of James Garfield & his successor, Chester Arthur

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Raynell Kailyn Raya
$16,600 $14,800 $15,400

Final Jeopardy! Round

A novel set during the Depression earned this author a 1940 Pulitzer Prize & contributed to him winning a Nobel Prize in 1962

Final scores:

Raynell Kailyn Raya
$23,600 $23,800 $15,851

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Raynell Kailyn Raya
$16,000 $14,400 $12,400
20 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
17 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
19 R
(including 1 DD),
5 W

Combined Coryat: $42,800

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Game tape date: 2010-12-07
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