Show #5749 - Thursday, September 17, 2009

2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational quarterfinal game 1.
Andy Richter sets a new single-day winnings record for Celebrity Jeopardy! games of $68,000.


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Andy Richter, an actor/comedian from The Tonight Show

Dana Delany, an actress from Desperate Housewives

Wolf Blitzer, a journalist from The Situation Room

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Surprise me, Wolf, where do we start?) (Wolf: Uh, I won't surprise you.)
    $200 2
In 1275 Marco Polo visited this city, today China's capital, & praised its beauty
    $200 1
Archie Bunker's armchair was an integral part of the living room on this classic sitcom
    $200 7
In the longest match in Wimbledon history, he lost to Roger Federer in 2009
    $200 24
This astronomer hosted only 13 episodes of the PBS series "Cosmos" (not billions & billions)
    $200 13
Twisted Sister sang, "We're not gonna take" this
    $200 18
If you order a pullet surprise in a restaurant, they'll serve you this type of meat
    $400 9
As a verb, it means to enroll a sailor for a crew by force; as a city in China, it has a 101-story World Financial Center
    $400 3
Hawkeye & Trapper John shared a tent called the swamp on this show
    $400 8
Marilyn Monroe & Brillo boxes were 2 of this artist's subjects
    $400 25
The press dubbed him "The Wizard of Menlo Park", the site of his New Jersey workshop
    $400 14
To spell this animal, just use a hug & a kiss from the bottom of a letter
    $400 19
On April 1, 1996 newspaper readers were surprised to learn that Taco Bell had bought this historic bell; April Fool's!
    $600 23
In 1935 this man led the Communists to the end of their 6,000-mile "Long March"
    $600 4
Every room of Charlie's Malibu bachelor pad has been invaded by his brother Alan & Alan's son Jake on this sitcom
    $600 10
This actor from "Godfather III" & "Jennifer Eight" was born in Havana in 1956
    DD: $3,000 26
Time magazine's "Person of the Century", this scientist first appeared on its cover in 1929
    $600 15
For Freud it was an unconscious, instinctual force
    $600 20
This Washington Irving short story character is surprised to learn he's been asleep for 20 years
    $800 5
Ted sets up Mosbius Designs, his own architecture firm, in the apartment he shares with Robin on this sitcom
    $800 11
That nifty guitar work on "Synchronicity"? Courtesy of this musician
    $800 27
"The Undersea World of" this marine explorer was a television fixture from 1968 to 1976
    $800 16
Meaning "to" in Latin, it can precede "hoc" or "infinitum"
    $800 21
Launched in 1916, the HMS Surprise was a ship in this European country's navy
    $1000 6
In the opening credits of some episodes of this show, Rob Petrie trips over the ottoman in his living room
    $1000 12
Starting with 1937's "A Family Affair", Mickey Rooney played this movie character in 16 films
    $1000 17
It preceded "MTV Raps" in the title of a TV show
    $1000 22
On March 31, 1968 this man surprised many by declaring he would not run for reelection

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Wolf Dana Andy
$400 $2,200 $3,200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Wolf Dana Andy
$1,400 $3,600 $11,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Each correct response will have the letter E three times in it.)
(Alex: And finally, in honor of Andy...)
    $400 14
"If you can read, you can cook", she wrote in the introduction to her classic "Mastering the Art of French Cooking"
    $400 19
King David & Jesus both hailed from this town
    $400 1
It was the decade when the first Baby Boomers were born
    $400 3
This exclusive grade of beef comes from cattle raised in a Japanese seaport of the same name
    $400 9
He won in 1995 & 2000, & he'll probably win next year 'cause he's cute as a "Button"
    $800 15
She's the funny woman behind the book, "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea"
    $800 20
An accused person in court, along with his counsel
    $800 2
Between 1816 & 1819 westward expansion brought 4 new states, including this Hoosier homeland
    $800 5
A frankfurter on a stick that's dipped in batter & fried, it's a kissing cousin to pigs in a blanket
    $800 10
He took the 1997 & 2006 titles, proving once again that the life of this "Michael Clayton" guy isn't that bad
    $1200 16
At 1,424 pages, the Penguin Classics Deluxe version of his "War and Peace" is hardly a quick read
    $1200 21
A flooding embankment; Led Zeppelin had a song about one
    $1200 4
2 of the 4 men who were president in the 1920s; they each must have said "vo dee oh do" at least once
    $1200 26
In 2009 a housewife who practiced file-sharing was found to have infringed these on 24 songs & hit with a $2 mil. judgment
    $1200 6
This Mexican dish is meat & veggies coated with masa dough & wrapped in a corn husk
    $1200 11
This movie "Pirate" plundered the 2003 crown
    $1600 17
Perhaps you'd like to pick up his "Collected Plays: 1944-1961", which includes "The Crucible" & "Death of a Salesman"
    $1600 22
Knee-length trousers
    $1600 24
The 1850s saw a bad one of this 5-letter word that refers to an economic crash & the fear-driven rush to sell
    $1600 7
The name of this pasta, similar to penne, means "little mustaches"--doesn't sound so tasty now
    $1600 12
It was no "Mission: Impossible" for him to be 1990's chosen one
    DD: $10,000 18
He wrote books on fishing & hunting, & you might also enjoy his classic "A Farewell to Arms"
    $2000 23
Selected some material from a larger work
    $2000 25
An 1870s novel about greed & corruption gave us the name of this Age, meaning "gold-covered"
    $2000 8
Try some of the chicken cooked in this charcoal-fired oven that's used throughout India
    $2000 13
"You gave an aging suburban dad the ego-boost of a lifetime", said this man, "Bourne" to be chosen in 2007

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Wolf Dana Andy
-$4,600 $4,800 $39,000
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Ironically, he lost the leading role in the 1960 play "The Best Man" because he didn't look presidential

Final scores:

Wolf Dana Andy
$2,000 $9,300 $68,000
3rd place: $25,000 to the American Cancer Society 2nd place: $25,000 to the Scleroderma Research Foundation Winner: $68,000 to St. Jude Children's Hospital + an advance to the semifinals

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Wolf Dana Andy
-$4,600 $4,800 $28,600
5 R,
6 W
11 R,
2 W
32 R
(including 2 DDs),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $28,800

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Game tape date: 2009-08-05
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