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Michael Gerardi, an attorney from Menifee, California

Judy Mermelstein, a Census field representative from Queens, New York

Peter Pinnow, a high school English teacher from Oxford, Mississippi (whose 2-day cash winnings total $39,200)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
In January 1935 Krueger's Brewery of Newark , N.J. became the first to sell beer in these
    $200 3
This duo's "59th Street Bridge Song" is subtitled "Feelin' Groovy"
    $200 14
Arriving at the hospital on March 30, 1981, he told one of his doctors, "I hope you're a Republican"
    $200 20
2 porpoises or as many as 100 traveling together make up this, just like "two peas"
    $200 26
In Sept. 2007 shares of this brokerage house were a bullish $75; in Sept. 2008 it got bought for $29 a share
    $200 8
Long-tailed marsupial
    $400 2
Surfers & slackers rejoice! Reef Sportswear's "Dram" line holds secret shots in the heels of these beach items
    $400 4
A show tune says, "Come and meet those dancing feet, on the avenue I'm taking you to"--this title one
    $400 15
In 1953 he told visitors, "There is one thing about being president--nobody can tell you when to sit down"
    $400 21
As seen in the photograph, the finless porpoise is so named because it lacks this fin on its back
    $400 27
On Sept. 7, 2008 the government announced a takeover of these 2 mortgage-backing companies
    $400 9
Buzzing, uh, musical instrument?
    $600 7
Cansha hear me now, shweetie? Franmara, Inc. has a 3-oz. flask shaped like this ...$24.99 & no roaming charges!
    $600 5
This title line precedes "Remember me to Herald Square!"
    $600 16
In a January 6, 1947 diary entry, he called the White House the "great white jail"
    $600 23
In contrast to sharks, porpoises have a poor sense of taste & lack this sense altogether
    $600 28
Sept. 16 brought an $85 billion government loan to this insurance organization operating in 130 countries
    $600 10
Israeli agricultural collective
    $800 12
In your cups, indeed! The "Winerack" holds 25 oz. of your favorite potable in one of these
    $800 6
Christopher Cross sang, "If you get caught between" this & NYC, "the best that you can do is fall in love"
    $800 17
This 16th pres. said about a lawyer, "He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met"
    $800 24
The smallest porpoise is the critically endangered vaquita of this gulf just w. of Mexico's mainland
    $800 29
On Sept. 19 this treasury secy. proposed a several-hundred-billion-dollar "Troubled Asset Relief Program"
    $800 11
DuPont's bulletproof fiber
    $1000 22
You can carry 80 oz. of suds under your shirt with the removable spare tire sold under this descriptive name
    $1000 19
(Kelly of the Clue Crew stands in a park.) In the song "Danke Schoen", you'll find the lyric "I recall" this 4-word phrase, & that's what I'm experiencing now
    $1000 18
He said he made his brother attorney general "to give him...experience before he goes out to practice law"
    DD: $1,600 25
Like whales, porpoises belong to this order of mammals
    $1000 30
1 of the last 2 major high-flying investment banks that became regular old banks on Sept. 21
    $1000 13
An arch's wedge-shaped summit piece

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Peter Judy Michael
$3,200 $2,000 $1,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Peter Judy Michael
$4,200 $4,400 $6,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 16
The Vikings used human blood to christen their ships; thank Odin this potent potable is traditional today
    $400 6
Philly fighter fed by fierce fisticuffs
    $400 1
In this play the Duke of Albany is Goneril's husband
    $400 21
In 1999 Abdullah II succeeded his late father, King Hussein, as this country's monarch
    $400 11
Denver's windmill has been restored, so take the A10 in Norfolk County to visit it in this country
    $400 26
Game maker Milton Bradley also invented this one-armed office slicing device
    $800 17
New Orleans' mayor warned a post-Katrina Mardi Gras crowd that it's bad luck to drink a toast with this stuff
    $800 7
Acrimony accompanies aberrant Austrian amateur's ascent
    $800 2
In "The Merchant of Venice", Jessica is his daughter
    $800 22
In 1870 a Spanish queen of this famous name abdicated
    $800 12
If you're on the Mosquito Coast, don't forget to visit Atlanta in this country
    DD: $10,800 27
Title 7 of California's this covers "crimes against public justice"
    $1200 18
A traditional Irish toast runs, "may the Lord keep you in his hand and never close" this "too 'tight on you"
    $1200 8
Suicidal soldier sees Sioux, sights stampede
    $1200 3
In this play Guildenstern says, "O, there has been much throwing about of brains"
    DD: $3,000 23
On Feb. 19, 1960 he became the first child born to a reigning British monarch in 103 years
    $1200 13
Ski on Antuco Volcano close to Los Angeles near the Argentine border of this country
    $1200 28
Total income divided by population gets you this figure
    $1600 19
In Scots lore a single person who gets the last "lucky" glass in a New Year's bottle will soon do this (Lucky? Och!)
    $1600 9
Taking trip, Tom transports toothpick tallier
    $1600 4
The title of this comedy refers to Mistress Ford & Mistress Page
    $1600 24
This country was still involved in the 30 Years' War when Queen Christina came to power in 1644
    $1600 14
Orlando in this country does not have Disney World, but nearby Soweto is becoming a tourist destination
    $1600 29
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew points out an animated traffic diagram.) Because of their triangular shape, traffic islands that separate right-turning vehicles are named for this meat item
    $2000 20
The royal navy has a traditional toast for each day of the week; Saturday's is to these, may they never meet
    $2000 10
Card-cheating con men create Chicago chaos
    $2000 5
He says, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings"
    $2000 25
On paper the name of this first king of Poland looks a lot like coleslaw; try some!
    $2000 15
In Victoria, the town of Portland is an ideal spot to visit the southern coast of this country
    $2000 30
This body once advised the British sovereign on matters of state

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Peter Judy Michael
$19,200 $21,600 $10,000

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Final Jeopardy! Round

A sequence of 3 vowels creates this common French word, a homophone of a different vowel altogether

Final scores:

Peter Judy Michael
$0 $38,401 $19,997
3rd place: $1,000 New champion: $38,401 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Peter Judy Michael
$22,200 $11,600 $9,400
25 R,
4 W
(including 1 DD)
15 R
(including 1 DD),
0 W
14 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $43,200

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Game tape date: 2008-10-14
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