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Danielle Sexton, a law student from Englewood, Colorado

Peter Pinnow, a high school English teacher from Oxford, Mississippi

Nathaniel Barnes, a composer and bartender from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (whose 3-day cash winnings total $57,300)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Kelly: Where you can get up close with the giants of the gridiron.)
    $200 13
This capital is Turkey's second-most populous city, with about 3.5 million people
    $200 15
In 1956 Al Oerter tossed one of these 184' 11"
    $200 11
Laura Bush had good reason to root for this Arizonan in 2008; he's her sixth cousin
    $200 1
Some believe this epic poet was born in Ionia in the 9th century B.C.
    $200 22
    $200 6
(Jon of the Clue Crew walks near a larger-than-life statue.) This statue brings to life one of the greatest athletes the world has known; he won gold in the 1912 Olympics & played football & baseball for New York Giants teams
    $400 27
The majority of the country belongs to this branch of Islam
    $400 16
It means to declare ineligible or unfit
    $400 12
Talk about powerful women; Hillary Clinton is a ninth cousin of this "Lara Croft" star
    $400 2
Keats wrote this kind of serious poem "On Melancholy"
    $400 23
    $400 7
(Kelly of the Clue Crew indicates a photo of a Dallas Cowboys player.) At the Pro Football Hall of Fame, you can try to catch 22, but this Cowboy was so explosive, he danced his way to the NFL's all-time rushing record
    $600 28
Banned by Ataturk for political reasons, this hat with a 3-letter name was once the national hat of Turkish men
    $600 18
The "federal" one in Mexico contains the country's capital
    $600 14
George W. Bush is related to Marilyn Monroe, Princess Di & this senator, Bush's 2004 opponent
    $600 3
He wrote, "An echo murmured back the word, 'Lenore!' --merely this and nothing more"
    $600 24
    $600 8
(Jon holds a football while delivering the clue.) Standing in the end zone, his feet almost out of bounds, the Chargers' Antonio Cromartie returned this ball an NFL-record this many yards in 2007
    $800 29
Turkey's longest land border is with this Arab neighbor to its south
    $800 19
This adjective means "tactful"; spelled -ete instead of -eet, it means "separate"
    $800 17
Jesse Helms was Jimmy Carter's kin, as was this sixth cousin & icon; thank you, thank you very much
    $800 4
This Pulitzer Prize winner read poetry at JFK's presidential inauguration
    $800 25
    $800 9
(Jon sits in a section of red stadium seats.) These chairs are from this team's Ralph Wilson Stadium--you can almost see Jim Kelly throw & Thurman Thomas run
    $1000 30
This Turkish peak is said to be where Noah's Ark came to rest
    $1000 20
It was the Roman name for the troublesome Greek goddess Eris, whose shenanigans led to the Trojan War
    $1000 21
About being a distant cousin of this politician from Wyoming, Barack Obama said, "That's a heartbreak"
    $1000 5
4-word German first line of the August Heinrich Hoffmann verse that became Germany's national anthem
    DD: $2,400 26
The Seychelles,
a literary "Gulag",
the Aleutians
    $1000 10
(Kelly stands in front of a bust.) The only player to make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame here in Canton, Ohio & the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in Hamilton, Ontario is this man whose name sounds like a heavenly body

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Nathaniel Peter Danielle
$1,400 $3,400 $600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Nathaniel Peter Danielle
$5,400 $8,200 $600

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: For example, if I said, "Leo", you'd say, "What is the lion?")
(Alex: "U-N-C" will come up in each correct response.)
    $400 7
Paul's Epistle to the Romans declares, "The just shall live by" this word for deep belief
    $400 13
He escaped the 'N Sync-erator to earn Male Artist & Quadruple Threat of the Year at the 2007 MTV VMAs
    $400 1
    $400 30
The world's largest carry-out pizza chain, it was founded in 1959 in Garden City, Michigan
    $400 20
He surrendered New Amsterdam to the British in 1664 without a fight
    $400 25
A small hole made by a sharp object; perhaps in your bicycle tire
    $800 6
It's a verb meaning "to choose for office" & a noun meaning those chosen to enter heaven
    $800 14
The Saturn Awards honor Sci Fi, Fantasy & Horror & in 2003 they recognized this hobbit portrayer
    $800 2
    $800 11
They recorded "Baby Don't Go" as Caesar & Cleo; it was reissued under their own names when "I Got You Babe" hit No. 1
    $800 21
After suffering 150,000 casualties, German General Paulus surrendered in this city on the Volga in Jan. 1943
    $800 26
Say this 9-letter adjective to mean "of or behaving like an uncle"
    $1200 8
"Hasidic Derashot" is a course at JTS, this "theological seminary"
    $1200 15
His TV wife Patricia Heaton had 2 Emmys for her role when he won his first in 2002
    DD: $3,000 3
    $1200 12
In the "Blondie" comic strip, Julius Caesar Dithers is the tyrannical boss of this man
    $1200 22
Japan surrendered to the Allies on the deck of this battleship in September 1945
    $1200 27
Redness & itching are symptoms of this eye condition
    $1600 9
"Totus Ubique", or the whole of God everywhere, was a doctrine of this saint & "Confessions" author
    DD: $3,000 16
Voters lent him their ears & he won Song of the Year at the first Latin Grammys in 2000
    $1600 4
    $1600 18
Irving Caesar, who died in 1996 aged 101, wrote "Me For You And You For Me" & the rest of the lyrics to this 1924 song
    $1600 23
Napoleon III personally surrendered at Sedan in 1870 during this war
    $1600 28
A legal order to specifically prohibit a certain activity
    $2000 10
This "theology" from Latin America that calls for social justice is the title of a book by Rosemary Ruether
    $2000 17
Doing some bad things in "Michael Clayton" won her an Oscar
    $2000 5
    $2000 19
A signer of the Declaration of Independence, he served as President of Delaware during the Revolution
    $2000 24
On July 4, 1754 George Washington surrendered to the French at this encampment
    $2000 29
To make shorter by cutting a piece off

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Nathaniel Peter Danielle
$14,200 $20,800 $10,800

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Final Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: I hope you're all having a marvelous time celebrating this national holiday of Thanksgiving...)
The only public state holiday in the U.S. honoring a monarch is one honoring this ruler

Final scores:

Nathaniel Peter Danielle
$6,700 $12,800 $5
2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $12,800 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Nathaniel Peter Danielle
$14,200 $17,600 $9,400
18 R,
3 W
25 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W
11 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $41,200

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Game tape date: 2008-09-26
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