Show #1630 - Friday, October 4, 1991


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Cecile Myers, a research biologist from Ambler, Pennsylvania

Henry Zanetti, a U.S. Customs manager from Little Neck, New York

Aaron Gershowitz, a refugee resettlement coordinator from New York City, New York (whose 1-day cash winnings total $23,500)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
Alaska's most populous city; it was founded in 1914 as a construction base for the Alaska Railroad
    $100 16
The edible portions of the cabbage palm tree are called these "of palm"
    $100 7
In 1941 this heavyweight boxing champ successfully defended his title a record 7 times
    $100 4
Anne Edwards' biography of this former child star is called "American Princess"
    $100 26
In 1636 St. Philip of Moscow was canonized by this church, not the Roman Catholic Church
    $100 21
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is disputed by the proverb, "Out of sight, out of" this
    $200 2
The husbands of Ann Allen & Ann Rumsey named this Michigan city for their wives
    $200 17
Vegetables a la greque are usually cooked in lemon juice & this oil & served cold
    $200 8
The only NHL team from the U.S. to win the Stanley Cup in the 1980s was this Uniondale, NY based team
    $200 12
A biography subtitled "Patriot and Traitor" tells why he turned to the British cause
    $200 27
Thomism is a theological school that follows the teachings of this 13th century saint
    $200 22
About 500 B.C., this Chinese said, "What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others"
    $300 3
12 miles NW of downtown Miami, this Florida city is famous for its thoroughbred racetrack
    $300 18
The sections of a garlic bulb are called these, not to be confused with the spice of the same name
    $300 9
Star, Flying Dutchman & Tornado are classes in this Olympic sport
    $300 13
"Mr. Lincoln's Cameraman" is a biography of this photographer
    $300 28
She gave the head of St. John the Baptist to her mother, Herodias
    DD: $500 23
Proverb in the title of the following:

"When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother 'What will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich?'..."
    $400 5
You'll find W.C. Handy Park & Elvis Presley Plaza near Beale Street in this city
    $400 19
The Devonshire type of this is clotted, and can be served with berries
    $400 10
In the 1960s & 1970s he was professional golf's leading money winner 8 times
    $400 14
William Wright delves into the life & death of this Greek heiress in "All The Pain That Money Can Buy"
    $400 29
This "Venerable" British saint who died in 735 wasn't canonized until 1899
    $400 24
John Wilkes Booth called out this motto of Virginia after assassinating Lincoln
    $500 6
White granite from quarries near this New England capital was used in the Library of Congress
    $500 20
In France this sausage is called "fromage de tete"
    $500 11
On June 16, 1987, for the first time in a single meet, 3 men cleared 28' in this field event
    $500 15
This network anchorwoman who died in 1983 is the subject of a biography called "Golden Girl"
    $500 30
At his 1535 execution on Tower Hill, he called himself "The king's good servant, but God's first"
    $500 25
The Romans first said, "De gustibus non est disputandum" meaning "There is no disputing about" this

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Aaron Henry Cecile
$900 $2,300 $800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Aaron Henry Cecile
$3,100 $3,300 $1,100

Double Jeopardy! Round

THE 1830s
    $200 14
Richard Lovelace wrote, "Stone walls do not a prison make, nor"
these "a cage"
    $200 2
This man's expeditionary flag bore the initials "F & Y" for Ferdinand & Ysabel
    $200 1
These are made up of a racus, barbules, barbs & a quill
    $200 11
She became a queen in 1837 after her uncle, King William IV, died
    $200 15
Father Louis L'Enfant, who accompanied LaSalle, was the first white man to view these falls in 1678
    $200 22
This "Saturday Night Live" star made his movie debut in "48 HRS"
    $400 27
In this poem, there are two out, two on base, and the score is: Opponents, 4
Mudville, 2
    $400 5
San Antonio's flag features this landmark pictured on a lone star
    $400 3
Houseflies & tsetse flies are true flies & have this many wings
    $400 12
In 1839, 35 years after Alexander Hamilton died, Congress made this illegal in the District of Columbia
    $400 16
This Canadian bay has the longest shoreline of any bay
    $400 23
This actor debuted in "Taps" before going on to marry Madonna
    $600 28
One of his sonnets begins, "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun"
    $600 6
Though the French flag no longer features these flower designs, the flag of the province of Quebec does
    $600 4
Hemolysis is the release of this protein pigment from blood cells
    $600 13
In 1837 in Machunk, Pennsylvania, this kind of coal was used to smelt iron for the first time
    $600 17
The island of Corregidor guards the entrance to this Phillippine bay
    $600 24
His voice debuted in "Wizards", but his face was first seen as Luke Skywalker in "Star Wars"
    DD: $1,000 29
Edwin Arlington Robinson character who "one calm summer night, went home and put a bullet through his head"
    $800 7
Iraq's flag consists of stripes of red, white & black & three stars of this color
    DD: $1,300 9
Coral, horse, oyster & parasol are types of this fungus
    $800 20
This Boston abolitionist began publication of "The Liberator" in 1831
    $800 18
This largest tributary of the Columbia River rises in Yellowstone National Park
    $800 25
Her debut performance in "Orca" , in which a killer whale chomped off her leg, didn't rate a "10"
    $1000 30
This Englishman published his translation of "The Rubyyat" anonymously in 1859
    $1000 8
Oddly enough, the cross in the corner of this Mediterranean island's flag is not the one named for it
    $1000 10
This jelling agent prepared from seaweed is often used to grow microorganisms
    $1000 21
In 1832 an expedition led by Henry Schoolcraft discovered the source of the Mississippi at this Minnesota lake
    $1000 19
The Gulf of Aden separates Somalia and this country on the Arabian Peninsula
    $1000 26
Meryl Streep debuted in this 1977 adaptation of Lillian Hellmann's "Pentimento"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Aaron Henry Cecile
$7,500 $9,600 $3,700

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This future foreign prime minister attended Milwaukee Teachers Training College in 1916 & '17

Final scores:

Aaron Henry Cecile
$9,500 $4,199 $700
2-day champion: $33,000 2nd place: a trip to Cancun 3rd place: Yashica 35 mm camera

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Aaron Henry Cecile
$7,300 $8,900 $3,700
21 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
24 R
(including 2 DDs),
4 W
12 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $19,900

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Game tape date: 1991-08-19
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