Show #4160 - Friday, October 4, 2002

Mark Brown game 2.


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Cathy Royal, a librarian from Chattanooga, Tennessee

Rikardo Ayala, a writer from Los Angeles, California

Mark Brown, an administrative assistant and father from Peoria, Arizona (whose 1-day cash winnings total $19,999)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: We want you to give us the title of the work.)
THAT'S SO '90s
(Alex: Each correct response will end with these 3 letters of the alphabet in that order.)
    $200 1
"Dorothy lived in the midst of the great Kansas prairies..."
    $200 2
There are this many houses in the astrological subdivision
    $200 21
Joe Brown, Greg Mathis & Mills Lane joined the ranks of these on TV
    $200 12
The Maker's Mark bourbon distillery in Loretto in this state is a national historic landmark
    $200 23
She was Wanda in "A Fish Called Wanda" & Willa in the sort-of follow-up "Fierce Creatures"
    $200 10
In math, it means raised to the third power
    $400 3
"Marley was dead: to begin with"
    $400 4
The only moon in our solar system that astrologists say has an influence circles this planet
    $400 22
In 1994 a flaw found in this company's new Pentium processor cost it $475 million in a recall
    $400 13
Whiskey is usually about 40% alcohol, which is equal to this number in proof
    $400 24
Thaddaeus in the 1965 film "The Greatest Story Ever Told", he got his greatest role ever in 1972 as Max Klinger
    $400 11
Native Americans called this fence material the "Devil's rope"
    $600 5
"When I wrote the following pages, or rather the bulk of them, I lived alone in the woods..."
    $600 8
Chinese astrology has 5 classical elements, each associated with a planet; knock this when you think Jupiter
    $600 28
His 1997 meeting with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams was the first for a British P.M. & an IRA leader in 76 years
    $600 14
The world's most popular whiskey is this color Johnnie Walker
    $600 25
This comic was Bundini Brown in "Ali" & Steamin' Beamen in "Any Given Sunday"
    $600 17
Kidded & teased (like Adam did to Eve, perhaps?)
    $800 6
"In our family there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing"
    $800 9
The masculine signs are the air signs, including Gemini, & these signs, which include Leo
    $800 29
Hello! In May 1999 scientists found this famous sheep might be susceptible to premature aging
    $800 15
In the 1880s Ontario-brewed Club whiskey got this new national name
    $800 26
In a 2002 WB show people got to view his "experiments" with his hidden camera practical jokes
    $800 18
If you've been clubbed, you've been made unconscious; if you've been this, you've been made a knight
    $1000 7
"There were 117 psychoanalysts on the Pan Am flight to Vienna and I'd been treated by at least six of them"
    DD: $1,600 20
This planet spends an average of 20 years in each sign of the Zodiac
    $1000 30
Born Louis Eugene Walcott, he led a million man march in Washington, D.C. in 1995
    $1000 16
This "Regal" brand assures us it's "Without Question the Best of the Scottish Blends"
    $1000 27
Jamie in this family that includes N.C. & Andrew said, "Everybody in my family paints -- excluding possibly the dogs"
    $1000 19
In the Bible she was mom to Moses & Aaron

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 16):

Mark Rikardo Cathy
$3,600 -$200 $4,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mark Rikardo Cathy
$5,600 $2,600 $9,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 2
In 1985 Sukarno-Hatta Int'l Airport was opened at Cengkareng just west of this city's center
    $400 1
Milt Jackson, heard here, was one of the masters of this instrument
    $400 19
This scientist & author of "2001" wrote, "Any... advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
    $400 7
The snap-brim style of this accessory tuns up in the back & down in the front & has a dented crown
    $400 13
This king died in 1760, leaving it to his grandson & successor to lose the American colonies
    $400 18
Wan, or a bucket
    $800 3
Indonesia's Molucca Islands were once called this because they were famous for growing cloves, nutmeg & mace
    $800 9
We think jazzman Ron Carter is this kind of "guy"; we know he plays the same kind of bass
    $800 24
(Sofia of the Clue Crew reports from the Field Museum in Chicago.) Snail shells are in a pattern usually called this; they add new coils as the snail ages
    $800 8
Along with Snap, they've been appearing on boxes of Rice Krispies since the 1930s
    $800 14
A yearly football game is played near the NC/SC border to "settle" the issue of this president's birthplace in 1767
    $800 20
Sugary, or a group of hotel rooms
    $1200 4
Most of the world's supply of this medicine comes from Indonesia's cinchona trees
    $1200 10
Saxophonist Sonny Rollins was one of the leaders of the "hard" type of this style that began in the '40s
    $1200 26
His 1947 oceanic expedition began in Callao, Peru & ended 10 days later in Polynesia
    $1200 25
This TV series that debuted September 18, 1964 featured finger-snapping in its theme
    $1200 15
This 1909 Nobel Prize winner once failed the entrance exams at the Univ. of Bologna, Italy
    $1200 21
A negative vote, or a horse's whinny
    DD: $3,000 5
On Dec. 27, 1949, after 3 years of fighting, Indonesia was granted its independence from this country
    $1600 11
At the 2000 Grammys the Best Boxed Recording Package was this late trumpeter's "Complete Bitches Brew Sessions"
    $1600 27
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Field Museum in Chicago.) This spider, named for a mammal, doesn't wait patiently for prey, but hunts it down
    $1600 29
A snap fastener is simply a ball-and-this, like your hip joint
    DD: $4,000 16
In 1961 scared villagers thought he was a downed U2 pilot until he removed his helmet & spoke Russian to them
    $1600 22
Lies in the sun, or people who live in the Pyrenees
    $2000 6
An economic downturn in 1998 forced this president to resign & vice president Habibie succeeded him
    $2000 12
This Thelonious Monk composition provided the title for a 1986 jazz film starring Dexter Gordon
    $2000 28
Light energy can be studied as these massless quantum units
    $2000 30
Common name of the reptile Chelydra serpentina
    $2000 17
AP's chief Mideast correspondent, he got a firsthand look as a Beirut hostage for nearly 7 years
    $2000 23
Quote an authority, or catch a glimpse of something

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Mark Rikardo Cathy
$18,000 $10,200 $17,200

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Final Jeopardy! Round

A Civil War general, he was the last man to go directly from the House of Representatives to the presidency

Final scores:

Mark Rikardo Cathy
$1,500 $200 $0
2-day champion: $21,499 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Mark Rikardo Cathy
$15,600 $10,200 $15,200
21 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
13 R,
3 W
23 R
(including 2 DDs),
4 W

Combined Coryat: $41,000

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Game tape date: 2002-06-18
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