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Paul Salcido, an insurance examiner from Woodland Hills, California

Kit Salisbury, a furniture salesman from Lake Worth, Florida

Kathy Grogman, an attorney originally from Mascoutah, Illinois (whose 1-day cash winnings total $6,800)

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Jeopardy! Round

THE '60s
(Alex: The 1960s, of course.)
(Alex: Hey!)
(Alex: We stretched things just a little on that one!)
    $100 2
This American went into space before Kennedy made his "Let's Put A Man on the Moon" speech
    $100 8
Ex-placekicker Rolf Benirschke hosted the daytime version of this show after Pat Sajak left it
    $100 7
Puttanesca is a zesty sauce featuring capers & these pizza fishies
    $100 22
Warner Bros.' Foghorn was of this breed whose hens are prolific layers
    $100 1
Before he was the lead singer of the Police, he was a teacher named Gordon Sumner
    $100 15
for example
    $200 3
Lack of public demand led the U.S. Treasury to officially discontinue these bills August 10, 1966
    $200 9
"Who Do You Trust?" was hosted by this man who left it to host "The Tonight Show"
    $200 10
The Reggiano type of this hard, dry cheese is one of the best for grating over pasta
    $200 23
A human grooming item, or the prominent feature seen here
    $200 20
This brawny fictional space hero was a Yale graduate & a world-class polo player
    $200 16
It's an annual flower of the pea family, or a brand of margarine
    DD: $500 4
Sworn in March 17, 1969, she said she'd push for face-to-face talks with the Arabs
    $300 11
One of her 5 Emmys was for hosting a game show, "Just Men"
    $300 14
Orecchiette are shaped like these human organs, but people eat them anyway
    $300 24
"Directional" name for the short, fluffy plumage of newly hatched chicks
    $300 21
DJ Venus Flytrap was the alter ego of Gordon Sims on this sitcom
    $300 17
Preschool viewers help host Steve & his animated dog solve problems on this Nickelodeon TV show
    $400 5
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Freedom Walk in 1965 spanned the 50 miles between these 2 Alabama cities
    $400 12
This "Talk Soup" host & "Sabrina" co-star emceed the game show "College Mad House"
    $400 25
Aglio e olio, one of the simplest sauces, mainly consists of heated olive oil & this
    $400 27
European country that produced the Barnevelder breed
    $400 29
His hit songs include "Sundown" & "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"
    $400 18
Accessible only by boat, it's a natural limestone cavern in the Bay of Naples
    $500 6
In February 1960 this brewer was kidnapped in Colorado
    $500 13
His 1950s shows "Guess Again", "The Big Surprise" & "Who Pays?" were 30, not 60 minutes
    $500 26
This pasta looks kind of squiggly -- appropriately, since its name means "little worms"
    $500 28
A major meat-producing chicken breed shares its name with this New England landmark
    $500 30
In April 1977 Jimmy Carter commuted his sentence to 8 years, allowing him to be paroled later that year
    $500 19
This hard rock group had a 1976 hit with "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Kathy Kit Paul
$2,000 $100 $1,300

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Kathy Kit Paul
$2,100 $2,900 $1,300

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
This country's longest fjord, Sogne Fjord, extends 127 miles inland
    $200 6
"Not Excused"
    $200 11
Legendary Confederate general seen here
    $200 16
This event, which happened minutes before the start of game 3 in 1989, postponed the World Series for 10 days
    $200 25
Jane Austen said Elizabeth Bennet, the hero of this novel, was "as delightful a creature as ever appeared in print"
    $200 21
Japan's currency is called this,meaning "round", as opposed to earlier coins which were often square
    $400 2
Cape Baba, the westernmost point of this continent, juts into the Aegean Sea
    $400 7
"Courageous Organ"
    $400 12
He led a gang that robbed banks & trains for 15 years
    $400 17
Since 1924 this Red Sox player has had the highest major league batting average for a season, .406
    $400 26
After her unsuccessful & meddlesome matchmaking, this title character realizes she loves Mr. Knightley
    $400 22
"Arigato" is Japanese for this & "Domo arigato gozaimashta" is Japanese for this "very much"
    $600 3
The Seine River rises on the Plateau of Langres near this mustard capital
    $600 8
"Ancient Vehicles Ablaze"
    $600 13
At its peak, this Standard Oiler's personal fortune was estimated at over $1 billion dollars
    DD: $700 18
(Hi, I'm Reggie Jackson) I hit 100 or more homers for 3 different teams: the Athletics, Yankees & this west coast club
    $600 27
This author of "Orlando" said, "Of all the great writers" Jane "is the most difficult to catch in the act of greatness"
    $600 23
Of the beverages seen here, it's the one called agari, "finished"
    $800 4
In 1610 the Dutch East India Company built a trading post in this city; 9 years later they named it Batavia
    $800 9
"Commonplace Populace"
    $800 14
This Minnesota senator ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1968
    $800 19
Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente spent his entire 18-year major league career with this team
    DD: $1,000 28
While prince regent during his father's madness, this king had a set of Austen's novels in each of his residences
    $800 24
These female entertainers are found in the Karyukai, "Flower & Willow World"
    $1000 5
This country's Deccan Plateau lies between the eastern & western Ghats ranges
    $1000 10
"A Ruminant Pursuer"
    $1000 15
The USA's highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, was awarded posthumously to this man in 1994
    $1000 20
This Cincinnati Reds player appeared in 3,562 games, the most by any player in major league history
    $1000 29
This title abbey is the home of clergyman Henry Tilney
    $1000 30
When you try to catch these cultivated carp, you'd expect them to play hard to get

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Kathy Kit Paul
$6,100 $9,600 $3,500

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Final Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Good subject!)
Chartered in 1781, it's the only state capital named for a French city

Final scores:

Kathy Kit Paul
$2,600 $12,200 $1
2nd place: Trip to St. James's Club, Antigua New champion: $12,200 3rd place: Pair of Nobel Watches

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Kathy Kit Paul
$5,900 $10,300 $3,300
18 R
(including 1 DD),
5 W
24 R,
2 W
(including 1 DD)
13 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W

Combined Coryat: $19,500

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