Show #4618 - Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Ken Jennings game 51.


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Bill Carter, a personal fitness trainer from New York, New York

Kathryn Dorminey, an evaluations analyst from Arlington, Virginia

Ken Jennings, a software engineer from Salt Lake City, Utah (whose 50-day cash winnings total $1,699,700)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Each correct response will begin with that letter of the alphabet.)
    $200 11
The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge links this borough & Staten Island
    $200 21
On "Star Trek" the Bat'leth is a traditional combat sword used by these aliens
    $200 6
It's the Japanese version of horseradish
    $200 16
The family Rosaceae includes roses & these fruits, such as Jonathans
    $200 1
Major General Lorraine Potter was the Air Force's first female one of these religious counselors
    $200 30
A multi-unit structure in which the whole building is jointly owned by all the residents
    $400 12
This Missouri city is "the live music show capital of the world"
    $400 22
Agents of this criminal group would laugh at Agent 86 whenever he pulled out his gun shaped like a finger
    $400 7
Gichin Funakoshi, an Okinawan master, popularized this martial art in Japan early in the 20th century
    $400 17
It's the scientific name of the only extant species of the primate family Hominidae
    $400 2
The Gnostic Gospels depict this woman as a companion of Jesus & a leader of his disciples
    $400 29
A set of buildings housing soldiers in a garrison
    $600 13
Zugspitze is the highest point in this mountain range
    $600 23
Because his boss wouldn't let him carry a loaded gun, this bumbling '60s deputy kept one bullet in his shirt pocket
    $600 8
Japanese warriors believed this, the hara, was the locus of life & character, hence harakiri
    $600 18
If you're looking at a marimba, you probably can figure out it's in this family of musical instruments
    $600 3
Seen here, this minister & entertainer helped build the three largest Christian TV networks in the world
    $600 26
A single residence divided into 3 units
    $800 14
The Rhodope Mountains & the city of Sofia are in this country
    $800 24
One of the large metal-ringed Chakrams that this title female used could kill a god
    $800 9
On December 7, 1941 the Japanese also attacked this Marianas island that Spain ceded to the U.S. in 1898
    $800 19
Portuguese & Catalan are part of this Indo-European language family
    $800 4
Known as Sister Aimee, this female evangelist founded L.A.'s Angelus Temple in 1923
    DD: $3,600 27
Especially in the form of a tower with several stories, it's a Buddhist temple with upwardly curving roofs
    $1000 15
This sea off the coast of North America is named for Rear Admiral Francis
    $1000 25
Yancy Butler as Sara Pezzini wielded this title sword that's a mystical, shape-shifting talisman of power
    $1000 10
Japan's top honor is to be awarded "The Order of" this flower
    $1000 20
Safer antibiotics & penicillin have largely replaced this family of drugs first used in the 1930s
    $1000 5
Judges 4 & 5 tell us that this woman was the chief preacher, evangelist & leader of Israel for 40 years
    $1000 28
Literally French for "house", it often goes into the name of a restaurant

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Ken Kathryn Bill
$4,800 -$200 $1,600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Ken Kathryn Bill
$14,200 -$200 $1,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 1
In the first Punic War, Rome conquered Corsica, Sardinia & this largest island of the Mediterranean
    $400 5
"Cheer up Sleepy Jean, oh what can it mean to a daydream believer and..." this
    $400 11
They "dined on mince and slices of quince which they ate with a runcible spoon"
    $400 26
When it opened in 1965, it was the world's first completely enclosed sports stadium
    $400 16
In the 1970s this frizzy-haired singer appeared in the Mike Nichols films "Catch-22" & "Carnal Knowledge"
    $400 21
Join the club, the cricket club, where you swing one of these
    $800 2
At a 1943 meeting in this N. African city, FDR & Churchill agreed to an invasion of "the soft underbelly of the Axis"
    $800 6
A hit from 1964 suggests that "If you want to know if he loves you so" it's here
    $800 12
Introduced by 18th century poet John Byrom, this pair was popularized by Lewis Carroll
    $800 27
It's an amusing yarn or reminiscence; in fact, did I ever tell you about the time...
    $800 17
Some of his famous science-fiction novels include "Rendezvous with Rama" & "Childhood's End"
    $800 22
You can't beat this 9-tailed whip, or maybe you can
    DD: $4,600 3
On August 1, 1798 Admiral Nelson delivered a fatal blow to the French fleet near the Rosetta mouth of this river
    $1200 7
This classic from 1969 says, "I feel that ice is slowly melting"
    $1200 13
Absurdly enough, Tom Stoppard re-dramatized this Shakespearean duo, old school chums of Hamlet turned spies
    $1200 28
Then there was this time I had to take one of these remedies to counteract a poison
    $1200 18
In 1953 he had 3 TV shows on air with his name in the titles & in 2001 he was inducted into the Ukulele Hall of Fame
    $1200 23
Some find this nut on a violin bow--ribbeting
    $1600 4
In 1961 this Asian country invaded the small colonies of Daman, Diu & Goa, & defeated the Portuguese
    $1600 8
This Alice Cooper tune cheers, "No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks"
    DD: $12,000 14
The film title "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" comes from a poem about these ill-fated medieval lovers
    $1600 29
Like the opening in a camera, the main opening in the shell of a mollusk is called this
    $1600 19
This French poet's stormy friendship with Paul Verlaine almost cost him his life as Verlaine took a shot at him
    $1600 24
Fasten securely to prevent leaking
    $2000 10
In 1530 a statement of faith, or "confession", was issued from this German city named for a Roman Emperor
    $2000 9
Who could forget this Duran Duran song that begins, "Telegram force and ready, I knew this was a big mistake"
    $2000 15
These 2 "Royal" characters from "Huck Finn" end up tarred & feathered after their cons go awry
    $2000 30
Krazy Glue advises if fingers get stuck together soak them in this solvent, or a nail polish remover that contains it
    $2000 20
In 1917 this man sent a telegram to the German minister in Mexico, with a means for Mexico to reclaim lost Texas lands
    $2000 25
A hit with the fist or one swallow of liquor

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Ken Kathryn Bill
$49,200 $3,400 $4,600
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Narrows it down. We're not finished with the year.)
On Monday, December 13, 3 people designated these will meet in Cheyenne, Wyoming to help decide the world's future

Final scores:

Ken Kathryn Bill
$38,400 $6,799 $2,220
51-day champion: $1,738,100 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Ken Kathryn Bill
$32,600 $3,400 $4,600
41 R
(including 3 DDs),
2 W
4 R,
1 W
8 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $40,600

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Game tape date: 2004-08-09
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